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Season 3

Episode 80

(The proposal)

Emily crumpled the newspaper into a ball due to confusion and frustration. Her heart was beating fast. She felt her breath quickening. She decided to sit down on a bench for a while to regain her composure.    

The feeling of having people disgusted at her made her feel so down and ashamed.    

Despite the strange looks being thrown at her, she mustered all her strength to go to Jacob's office. When she finally reached the door, suddenly all that courage faded away.   

She only put her hand on the doorknob, feeling anxious.    

How could she face Jacob now?    

She stood in front of the office door until her legs went numb. Then she raised her head as the door was opened from the inside.  

"Emily? What brings you here?" Jacob asked. He became concerned when he saw how pale she looked. He knew something was wrong.    

"Jacob..." Emily spoke hoarsely, trying to stop her tears. But she couldn't help it. 

She let out a loud sob and tears rained down on her face. "I-I'm sorry..."    

Jacob felt his heart clutch as he saw her tears. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. "Emily, you silly girl. 

You don't need to apologize,"  he said, pulling her inside his office.    

"I-I'm so sorry. I already found out about it. N-Now all of Jingshi City knows I-I am pregnant and y-you're not the father... I-I'm so sorry. I dragged you into this,"  Emily sobbed guiltily, looking like a broken doll.    

"Shh...It's not your fault,"  Jacob comforted her, caressing her back. "It's all the reporter's fault. They chose the wrong man to mess with. Don't think of it anymore. I'll take care of it, alright?"  

Emily buried her face in his chest, and apologized again, "I'm sorry, Jacob. I'm really sorry..."    

She knew that Jacob felt even worse.  

  "Shh... Trust me. I will find a way." Jacob kept comforting her, holding her tighter. His mind was racing with so many questions.    

He couldn't help but wonder. Who were the journalists that decide to have this rumor released to the public? Reports wouldn't be able to write a detailed article about it unless they got a tip from a reliable source or probably paid a hefty sum of money to do so.    

Who could be the root cause of this?    

Jacob smirked as he thought of a plan. Maybe there was a way he could fix this, and probably trap the journalist who wrote the article. "Don't worry. I know what to do,"  he said confidently.  

Emily looked at Jacob questioningly as he took out his cellphone, "Sam, tell the press that we're going to hold a press conference tomorrow. 2PM."   

"Yes, sir,"  Sam replied and wasted no time contacting media outlets regarding the press conference.    

The next day, the city's major journalists hurried to get their way in the office building. The press conference piqued their interest and they were determined to get details and clarification regarding the rumors involving Emily.  

One question after one question. There was so much noise as the journalists murmured and whispered amongst themselves.    

"Mr. Gu, are those reports true?" "Are you aware about Ms. Bai's pregnancy before it was released in public?"  

"Mr. Gu, do you know why Ms. Bai is absent today?"    

"Mr. Gu, what's the next step in your relationship with Ms. Bai?"    

The journalists scrambled to ask questions, hoping Jacob could give them all answers.    

Jacob sat on the platform with a serious expression. He was getting annoyed of the flashing lights and the noise. He banged his hand on the platform. "Shut up! All of you!"    

The room went dead silent. Some of them turned pale. Some of them had their jaw dropped. Meanwhile photographers had to put down their large cameras. But TV crews still remained to have their video cameras focused on him.    

Jacob was fierce and his words were firm. "Listen up, all of you. Write it down! Start rolling your films! I will only say this once! If I hear any single word from any of you, I will immediately call the guards to throw you out!"  

Everyone remained silent but they were all ears. They couldn't wait for Jacob's next words.    

"I am here to announce that I have been in a steady long-time relationship with Ms. Emily Bai and we are also planning to get married. I can confirm to you that child she is carrying is mine. If there is still anyone spreading such rumors after this, I will hunt him and I will make sure they will face severe consequences. Am I clear on that?"    

He spoke firmly, holding the podium with both hands.    

Journalists could only look in awe and tremble in fear. He was a man with no-nonsense attitude and wouldn't take shit from anybody. Hell, he wasn't some entertainment star they could write false rumors about.  

He was considered an emperor of the business circle in Jingshi City. If he lost his temper, they would lose their jobs, be driven out of the city, or worse; they could have their corpses floating on the river the next day.    

Most journalist were uneasy riding onto the matter as if it was some trend. They felt that it would be too dangerous for them to involve themselves any further.    However, there were still some journalists who were brave enough to ask him more. One of them raised his hand and stood up to ask, "It was rumored that Ms. Bai had an inappropriate relationship with your nephew, Mr. Jack. Do you know anything about this?"    

Jacob replied, a vein was almost popping from his temple, "That's purely fiction."    

"There were also rumors that you and Mr. Jack fought over Ms. Bai! Are they true, Sir?" The journalist spoke in an accusing tone.  

"You mentioned the word 'rumors'. May I ask who spread those rumors?" The corners of Jacob's lips curled up a bit and his tone dropped, as if he was threatening the other man, "Is it you?"  

  The journalist's eyes widened and he felt his heart drop. He felt his skin shiver. He could only look at Jacob's cold smile and stagger, "N-No, sir; it's not me."    

Jacob decided to play innocent and continued, "Then if it's not you, who could it be, I wonder?" Then he looked around the audiences. He raised a hand to point at random people casually. "Is it you?"  

"No, Mr. Gu!"  

"Maybe you?"  

"No, Mr. Gu! It's not me!"  

"You, in a red hat, maybe it is you!"  

"Sir, it wasn't me!"    

They knew that there were a lot of people involved and if Jacob ever found out they were one of those who wrote those articles, it wouldn't turn out good for them!    

Fortunately, Jacob just shrugged and didn't went any further. He looked back at the journalist who had asked him the questions, causing the latter to jump, "So do you still have any more questions?"   

 The journalist was sweating, and his heart was pounding with fear. He shook his head as he took his seat, "None."    

His courage failed him at this moment. He decided not to push any further. It felt like one foot was already the grave. He felt a sense of relief, and was glad that he managed to stop himself from probing deeper.  

Jacob finally showed a slightly satisfied expression, "This concludes our press conference. Once you step out of this building. Do your research before you write and make sure you have concrete evidence. Are we clear on that?"    

The journalists all nodded, "Understood."    
Since Jacob decided to stand up and clarify his position regarding the rumors, what was there to look for? They were not stupid enough to get themselves killed in exchange of a large sum of money.    

Now that the press conference was over, the journalists decided to leave one by one. It was time for them to go back to their offices and publish about today's conference in newspapers and media portals.    

Suddenly Jacob stood up and said, "Wait a minute."    

The journalists stopped at once. Then they found that the place of the press conference was completely blocked. 

Without Jacob's permission, they couldn't get out.  

They got anxious and wondered what Jacob was going to do.    

Was he going to take out his anger on them? No one knew.    

What he said next surprised them.    

"Since all of you came all the way, kindly for a few more minutes. I want to make an announcement,"  Jacob said with a satisfied smile.    

What? What was he going to announce?    
Whispers and murmurs filled the room. All were wondering what was next.    

As they were anxious to hear the announcement, he spoke, "Miss Emily Bai, come out. I know you're there."    

His eyes fell at the woman by the corner of the room. She anxiously walked towards the podium, with armed bodyguards surrounding her.  

Emily Bai was here!    

All the journalists felt surprised, as they had thought that Emily was a cowardly person and dared not come here. They watched her every footstep in awe.    

Emily didn't expect to be recognized. She just wanted to take a peek at what was happening. With Jacob clearing up the rumors about them, she couldn't help but feel touched by his gesture.    

He could have turned her away, cast her out but she was still standing by his side!    

He even admitted that the child was his. How he had sacrificed so many things just for her sake. Why did her heart throb so painfully? Was it because she felt so undeserving of his endless love? Maybe that was true.  She did not deserve him. 



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