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Season 3

Episode 79

(She'll find out sooner or later)

The atmosphere in the room was friendly and pleasant. But not for Jennifer. She had been throwing disgusted glances at the couple in front of her.    

After the meal, Jacob paid for the bill. "It was great meeting you both!" Emily smiled, shaking hands with them. Finally, Jacob wrapped an arm around her waist and led her away from them.    

Jennifer wanted to go after them but Magee grabbed her shoulder, stopping her tracks.    

"Do you really have to embarrass yourself like that?" His eyes were full of concern for Jennifer.    

Jennifer got shrugged off his hand and spoke in annoyance, "Aw, shut up! Have you ever understood how I feel?"  

Magee sighed deeply in defeat. He couldn't say anything to comfort her.    The rain was pouring down hard while they had dinner. The couple wondered why the rain stopped the moment they went out of the restaurant. The smell of rain was still fresh in their noses.   

 Unfortunately, there was a flood which reached until the ankles.   

 Emily wondered how she would be able to walk through the water. She might be sick and her baby would too. She began taking off her shoes when Jacob suddenly crouched in front of her.   

 "Hop on!" Jacob spoke.   

 Emily gasped at his actions, "But the water reaches until your ankles! Are you sure on what you're going to do?"    

Her words sounded silly to Jacob, so he smiled, "Of course. That's why I am doing this.  

If you step on cold water, you might get sick. And from what I know, pregnant women are more exposed to diseases." 

   Emily was touched at his gesture. She obliged, hopping on his broad back and wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Jacob, You are such a sweet person."    

Jacob managed to stand up with Emily on his back. An amused smile grew on his lips, "You just knew about that now?"

    "Well, I know you are a sweet person but I just feel like saying it out loud right now, you know. Don't be so cocky." She rested her chin on his shoulder. "I feel like I am a princess riding on a white horse."    

"Then I am your noble steed, Princess,"  Jacob chuckled.    

Emily couldn't help but bend down and give his cheek a small peck.    

Jacob felt giddy inside but still managed to hold Emily steadily on his back. He said, "Hey, cut it out or else we'll fall down!" He let out a hearty laugh.  

She was just so charming that he couldn't resist her!    

Emily followed what Jacob said. She quietly lay on his back and looked down at ground.    

The water indeed reached his ankles. The hem of his pants got wet and his expensive shoes got wet. He felt a bit uncomfortable as he felt his socks getting wet also. Oh well, the things he could do for love.    

Emily felt sorry for him, "Your feet are getting wet! Are you sure you're okay with carrying me? You can put me down, you know."    

Jacob shook his head, "Emily, I am not putting you down. It's slippery and something bad might happen to you and the baby if you slip down. And I don't want you catching a cold or something." 

 So he kept threading through the water slowly and carefully.    

Jennifer stood by the restaurant's door as she saw what was happening between them. She clenched her fist and they shook in irritation. 'How dare she treat Jacob like some slave?' Jennifer was green with envy.    

"Hey, hop on,"  Magee offered, crouching beside her. Unfortunately, Jennifer only rolled her eyes in disgust. Now there was a desperate guy trying to get her.    

She immediately refused, "No, thanks!" She sharply turned away and walked into the water, not bothering to lift her skirt up.    

The snowy hemline became dirty and water entered her white high heels the moment she got into the water. She clicked her tongue. Her expensive designer outfit went to waste.  

She shrugged off and walked into the water.    

Magee stood still as he watched her retreating figure. His gentle eyes turned into angry ones.    

He muttered to himself gloomily, "Look at her, Magee, ignoring you again and again.    

She's not worth it, you idiot.    

Stop fighting for her, Magee.    

She will never ever notice you."   

 The world was a cruel place and life was never smooth. At some point, when you felt happiness, life was going to find to turn you from a bright sunshine into a degenerate sobbing piece of trash.    

The next day, the media of Jingshi city released a juicy headline that shocked everyone.  


This headline made it sound like Emily cheated on Jacob and he wasn't the father of the child she was carrying.  

  Jacob was enraged the moment the headline was released. He tried his best to deal with the news from both newspapers and the Internet. Despite his efforts, the news had spread throughout the city like wildfire.    

Now, everyone in the city knew that his girlfriend cheated on him.    

Media was barred from releasing the new. Everyone involved in Jacob's business was forbidden to talk about it.   

Despite their efforts, they couldn't control the opinions of the netizens who heard about it. Many women considered Jacob as a desirable bachelor in the city. That was why the news piqued their Interest.  

"Looks like you can't really have it all. Even for Jacob." "It's unbelievable! You have Mr. Jacob Gu, the CEO of Gu Consortium, as your boyfriend and then you're going to fucking cheat on him?" 

"What's wrong with that Emily? Did she hit her head and went bonkers?" "If I ever see her, I will punch her face and make her wish she was never born!" Different comments from netizens flooded.    

"Hey, wanna know something juicy? The other man is Jack Gu, son of Gu Family.

 He's also hell a rich! I heard they had a relationship before Jacob. How dramatic!" A twitter thread was created.   
 "I feel sorry for Jacob Gu. Yesterday I saw he carried Emily on his back across the small flood yesterday! He must really love her! I wonder if they will break up?" A comment said.    

"Come on! Do you think a man will still stay even after his girlfriend cheated on him? How thick-faced of her then! Emily Bai is a fucking bitch. A shameless whore. The biggest slut in the city. If I ever run into this ugly barnacle somebody, I will break her legs. Go to hell, Emily, and take your little bastard with you!" another one added.  

Jacob was in his office as he looked at the comments in the Internet.    

How dare they say these words to Emily?

 They didn't know anything! "Block these IDs now and track these snot-faced pigs.

 They're only brave in the Internet but pussies in real life,"  Jacob demanded.    Sam executed his order immediately.    

But no matter how many IDs got blocked, the fire had been spread out.    

Jacob became a laughing stock and was turned into a meme in Jingshi City. On the other hand, Emily was labeled in many ways such as "cock sucker", "slut", "mythic bitch".  

There was even a meme like...  "This is Emily.  Emily cheated on Jacob.  Don't be a bitch like Emily"    

The public backlash and humiliation was too extreme for Emily.    

Fortunately, Emily wasn't aware of such words being used to label her. Jacob forbade her from using any electronics. 

Besides, Emily didn't like reading any newspapers. Jacob wanted to hide these slanderous words away from her but sadly, it was already out of his reach.    She was bound to find it out sooner or later.    

Recently, Emily felt eyes were all on her. They would avoid her like some sort of a plague and whisper something to their selves.  

She was curious on what was happening. She wanted to ask what happened. Sadly, other people would quicken their pace so they wouldn't have to talk to her.    


Then she noticed a torn newspaper in the dustbin near the Gu Consortium. It also occurred to her that there weren't any newspaper being sent into the office recently.    

It was none of her business anyways.    When she glanced at the newspaper, Jacob's name in bold print caught her attention. And her name was also there too!    

When she read the whole sentence, her face grew pale and her hands clutched the newspaper tightly, trembling.    

Who could have written this? Who? And why?  

Emily even began to regret that she picked up the newspaper. She felt that the world threw a large burden upon her shoulders.

"Jacob..." she sadly muttered, "He must have known it for a while..."



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