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Season 7

Episode 44

(Fame Comes with Trouble (4)

Jiang Xiaowei didn’t even turn around; she walked away gracefully after finishing her sentence…

Then, she got into that low-key Lexus…

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan only saw her profile…

“Uhm… what a stunning profile…” Wei Liao was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to see the front of her face.

“A yuppie that drives a Lexus, I bet she’s really pretty, but the stuff she said was a bit off-putting.” Tang Chuan felt a bit speechless; not only did his flirting fail, that woman even teased him.

“How could you blame her for saying off-putting things? You basically asked to be mocked for what you said,” laughed Wei Liao.

“Hurry up and take a picture of her license plate, I have to look into this girl at the Traffic Department…” Tang Chuan proposed.

“Let’s not… you still haven’t wiped your butt clean yet over here. There’s a risk to picking up girls, and you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself,” Wei Liao kindly reminded him.

“It’s all about money, and I have plenty of that.”

“The problem is that you’ll be doomed once you meet someone who doesn’t want money, and if you don’t end up marrying her, she’ll make your life hell.”

“Uhm… would that really happen? I can’t be that unlucky,” Tang Chuan believed that he could get away with luck.

“Who doesn’t wet their shoes if they frequently walk on the beach?” Wei Liao smiled and then patted Tang Chuan’s shoulder.

This was the first time that Huo Mian saw a date like Jiang Xiaowei’s, and she couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. That man in the glasses was definitely overwhelmed with pressure and stress.

Given Jiang Xiaowei’s personality, she could easily deal with him in a matter of minutes…

She probably picked up Huo Mian at South Side because eating alone was a terrible bore.

When Huo Mian returned in the afternoon, Department Director Li just happened to be in the office.

“Huo Mian.”

“Director Li,” Huo Mian stood up quickly.

“How is Ni Yang? Any progress?” Director Li recently returned from studying abroad and was concerned about Ni Yang’s case.

“Yes, there is. Ni Yang can sleep normally now. We need to take our time with the other stuff. After all… depression isn’t cured immediately,” explained Huo Mian.

“Very good work. I hear that you used a very strange treatment method.” After Director Li returned, she also noticed the changes in the hospital. The long-time pests, Hospital Deputy Director Guo and his brother-in-law, were fired from their duties ever so quietly.

It was truly satisfying…

The nurses at South Side all talked about how Huo Mian saved that little nurse the other day and praised her in private.

Director Li heard about this and also spoke with Ni Yang after she came back, so she highly appreciated Huo Mian.

“Ha… I was only trying things out, I never expected that it would actually work”

“Here, fill out this form.” Department Director Li passed her a blank form.

“This is…?” Confused, Huo Mian looked at the form.

“This is a census our Neurology Department came out with, just fill it out however you like.”

“Uhm… really?” Huo Mian had a bad feeling about this.

“I’m over fifty-years-old, why would I lie to you…” Chief Li kindly laughed.

“Ha, okay, then I’ll fill it out in a bit and then give it to you.”

Department Director Li nodded…

“I’ve learned quite a lot this time going abroad, so I’ll organize those documents later and send it to your email. Remember to look at them when you’re free, it will help you.”

“Sure.” Huo Mian felt like Director Li liked her quite a lot, as she would even share these somewhat secretive lessons and teachings with her.

After Director Li left, Huo Mian went back to work, and after rounds, she returned to the on-call booth and gave out a few orders to the nurses.

Then, she saw a nurse walk over with a small basket in her hand…

“Hi… Head Nurse,” she timidly said.

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