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Season 7

Episode 3

(A Fight for Talents (3)  

Su Yu lazily leaned on the sofa in a white Versace t-shirt with a unique drawing of a lady printed on it.

He held a glass of red wine in his right hand, lightly swirling it around…

Then he smiled, “He’s confident because he thought he successfully poached my people.”

“But the truth is?” asked Wei Liao.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out the morning after tomorrow.”

“Damn… I can’t believe you won’t even tell us, it’s not like we would sell you out,” cursed Tang Chuan.

Su Yu hadn’t disclosed his plans to anyone, not even to Wei Liao or Tang Chuan.

“It’s no fun if I tell you now, just wait to see the big show the day after tomorrow,” Su Yu said mysteriously.

“Fine, we’ll wait for the show.” Wei Liao smiled.

Tang Chuan also laughed. “Then I’ll sell beer, soda, water, and popcorn in the front row…”

These two young masters sure didn’t care how serious things might get, as long as they got to have their fun…

However, upon seeing Su Yu’s confidence, they knew that he would definitely win, since he was at a great advantage.

“Ahem… I want to ask a daring question, did you have something to do with what happened in T City?” Tang Chuan looked at Su Yu and suddenly asked.

Su Yu opened his eyes, gestured with his finger, and said, “Come here, I promise that I’ll leave you with a full corpse.”

Wei Liao patted Tang Chuan’s shoulder. “Why would you bring up that topic? It’s like you are asking for an ass-spanking!”

“Hey, this idea just popped into my mind all of a sudden.” Tang Chuan looked like he had been wrongly accused.

“Mr. Su isn’t the kind of person who would do something like that, plus… This accident was a matter of life and death, Mr. Su wouldn’t do it. If you ask a question like this again, Mr. Su wouldn’t even have to move, and I’ll make sure to whip you with a belt dipped in sriracha sauce.” Wei Liao smiled.

What happened at T City really had nothing to do with Su Yu, so he definitely wasn’t going to take the blame for it.

All he could say was, the gods were on his side…

– That night –

Huo Mian lied on her wide bed, rolling around back and forth as she couldn’t sleep, her mind filled with Mr. Qin.

However, she knew that he was busy, so she didn’t dare to send him a WeChat…

Suddenly, she received a WeChat message…

She immediately held her phone up and looked at it. It was from Ni Yang.

“Have you slept, Sister Mian?”

“Not yet.”

“The anime you recommended is very good.” Ni Yang then sent a smiling emoji.

“Do you like Naruto Uzumaki as well? He’s very optimistic.”

“No, I like Gaara. I think that he looks a lot like me, and we’re both abandoned kids.”

Huo Mian felt speechless for a moment, and she then replied, “How many episodes have you seen?”

“A hundred fifty or so.”

“Uh… didn’t I tell you to only watch two or three episodes a day?” Huo Mian was at a loss for words.

“But it’s so good, I couldn’t stop after three episodes.”

It sounded like Ni Yang was in a good mood…

“You have to manage your time wisely and sleep early. Don’t let watching TV get in the way of your sleep.”

“I know, I followed your plan and just went after I finished working out. Then, I took a shower and got into bed with a glass of milk. I plan to go to sleep after two more episodes.”


“Huo Mian… it’s so nice to meet you, it would be great if you could be my actual big sister.”

“If you want, you can treat me like your real sister. I don’t mind having a big celebrity brother. Then, I’d be able to show you off to others.”

“Haha… okay, then I’ll let you rest, and I’ll watch a bit more.”

After they talked, Huo Mian placed down her phone and slightly sighed…

Ni Yang was as innocent as a child…

Not even Zhixin would still be able to say something as immature as that.

Speaking of Zhixin, he was a guy who forgot about his family once he got a girlfriend. Ever since he publically announced his relationship with Huang Yue, he basically forgot about his sister.

In the past, he would call her every two or three days, but now, aside from liking her posts in WeChat friend circle, she didn’t see this kid around anymore.

Just as she was about to send Zhixin a WeChat message, she saw him post something new…

It was a picture of Huang Yue paired with a sentence – ‘the best thing that happened in my life was meeting you.’

Damn… he even used the lyrics of a cheesy love song. Why didn’t Huo Mian notice earlier how good this kid was at picking up girls?

She sent a finger gesture emoji to Zhixin, gesturing him to come over…

He immediately shot her a message, “What’s up, sis?”





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