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Season 7

Episode 36

(High-Key Announcing the Relationship (6)

“Ha… don’t joke around… are you in that much of a hurry?”

“Of course I’m in a rush, I can’t wait for a second longer.”

Even though it was through the phone, Huo Mian was still slightly blushing…

Qin Chu wasn’t the kind of person who had great desires, but he had always desired her…

“Honey, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Okay, then I’ll get off work early and wait for you at home with food all cooked up.”


After they hung up, Huo Mian’s heart was still filled with sweetness…

Qin Chu and she had always been in tacit agreement…

They were mutually important in each other’s lives, and they cared about each other dearly…

Even though she still didn’t know what happened over there… Huo Mian believed that Qin Chu would take good care of everything.

She was sure that Mr. Qin’s intelligence and talent would render all difficult problems not so difficult.

– At the Seductive Fox nightclub –

Huo Siqian’s friends booked a luxurious private room here…

There were thirty or so men and women inside, and everyone partied hard.

Su Yu and Wei Liao were there as well… the atmosphere was very lively.

Su Yu and Huo Siqian sat together, as they drank alcohol… and talked.

“You seem to be very nice to Huo Mian, Siqian.” The corners of Su Yu’s lips curled up into a smile.

“She’s my little sister, of course I should take care of her.” Huo Siqian knew that Su Yu was talking about what happened with Mo Xue’er.

He helped Huo Mian and GK, which meant that he indirectly went against Su Yu.

However, luckily Su Yu didn’t care, because Huo Siqian did it for Huo Mian…

“Then why didn’t your little sister come to your birthday party today?” Su Yu had hints of mockery in his tone.

After all, he knew that Huo Siqian wasn’t that close with Huo Mian.

Or, one could simply say that Huo Mian didn’t like this bigger brother of hers at all…

Huo Siqian picked up the dense mockery, but instead, he laughed, “My Little Sister Mian is tired, she went to bed after we had dinner. I just saw her back to the guest room to rest right before I came over here.”

“She’s at your place?” Su Yu was a bit surprised.

“Yea, that little girl came back home with me after work. She had dinner with me and even sent me a WeChat red pocket.” With that, Huo Siqian took out his phone and showed it off to Su Yu.

Then, before Su Yu could say anything, he added, “Even though it’s only 8.88 yuan, from what I know, all these years, hardly anyone received money from her.”

“That’s true…” Su Yu replied sourly.

Why were others lucky enough to have her WeChat? Why couldn’t he get it too?

“How is our President Su doing these days? I hear that Jian Tong girl at Imperial Star is very popular right now.”

“She’s not my type.” Su Yu held up his glass and slowly took a sip.

“Are you still hung up on my little sister? She’s married…”Huo Siqian laughed.

“You don’t need to remind me of this, I know… so what if she’s married? Can she swear that she will be with Qin Chu for the rest of her life? I don’t believe so. I’ll just wait until they get divorced.”

“Haha… that might be a bit hard.”

“I’ve never been scared of difficult things,” Su Yu said confidently.

“Okay… then I hope that your dream will come true soon.”

“How about… you help me convince that little sister of yours? She should ditch Qin Chu sooner than later; I really don’t see what’s so great about that guy. He always has that frigid face on and never looks happy. He’s incredibly conservative and stuck up like a little old man. What a bore…” Su Yu acted like a little kid, trash-talking Qin Chu in front of Huo Siqian.

Huo Siqian only laughed. “If my words meant anything to her, things wouldn’t have ended up like this… you know how capricious that little sister of mine is.”

The two laughed and talked, and it was soon late into the night…

Huo Siqian always welcomed pretty woman with open arms, and he was known to be an infamous playboy in their circle.

Tonight, plenty of beautiful women wanted to leave with him. After all, he was handsome, gentle, and apparently incredibly skilled in bed as well…

So no one could contain themselves around him…

Just as those women fought around desperately, the private room door was suddenly pushed open…

“Whoa, the big star is here,” shouted someone in the private room.

Mo Xue’er walked in gracefully. She wore a golden dress, and her wavy long hair dropped down her shoulders.

Then, she directly sat down beside Huo Siqian…

“I just finished recording a new song, sorry I’m late,” Mo Xue’er said.

“It’s fine, I’m glad that you came.” Huo Siqian gently smiled.

“Mr. Su is here as well,” Mo Xue’er nodded and greeted Su Yu upon seeing him.

“If I knew that you weren’t going to the States, then I would’ve asked you to sign with Imperial Star,” Su Yu looked at Mo Xue’er and said half-jokingly.



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