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 Season 7

Episode 39

(High-Key Announcing the Relationship (9)

“What happened?” Shen Jiani slightly frowned…

Huo Zhenghai also looked towards the door. “Tell her to come in.”

Shen Jiani opened the door, and Huo Yanyan was crying so hard that her makeup had melted away, making her face look like a panda…

After Huo Yanyan came in, she told them what happened while she cried… of course she placed more significance on their wrongs and less on her own.

After hearing her story, Huo Zhenghai asked, “Did you curse at Huo Mian again?”

“I… didn’t, we just had a brief conversation,” Huo Yanyan said timidly.

“You don’t need to hide it from us, I know what you’re like. How many times have I told you that Huo Mian is no longer like before? She’s now the wife of President Qin, and the Young Madam of GK. We still need to get her on our side to help you to deal with Huo Siqian. Now this is great, you’ve pushed her to his side. Isn’t it normal for Huo Siqian to help Huo Mian? I knew that he was trying to get Huo Mian on his side when he convinced her to come back for his birthday this time.” Shen Jiani was speechless towards her brainless daughter.

Huo Zhenghai’s expression sunk as well. “Yanyan, you need to control yourself, you can’t fool around like this anymore.”

“Dad… I don’t want to go to India, don’t let me go abroad. Siyi barely made it back from the Philippines after all that time, it’s terrifying.”

It turned out she was worried about being sent off…

“Don’t worry, your dad adores you. It won’t happen.” Shen Jiani pulled onto Huo Yanyan’s hand to console her, as she felt bad for her daughter.

“As long as I live, it wouldn’t be that foster son’s turn to make decisions. I know exactly what to do about it… but you shouldn’t cause any more needless trouble…”

“I know, Dad.” Huo Yanyan relaxed quite a bit when she heard that her father would protect her.

“Don’t run around anymore from now on… we’ll have to start planning for your marriage…”

“Dad… I don’t want to get married so early.”

“That’s not for you to decide… you have to think about the bigger picture,” Huo Zhenghai advised.

“Yanyan… do you still have hope with Su Yu?” Shen Jiani probed.

Huo Yanyan shook her head all dejected…

“I can’t even see him now, Su Yu’s circle is very closed off… only a few people get to hang out with him. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times before, but he wouldn’t acknowledge me at all.”

“Apparently, Su Yu is interested in Huo Mian…” Huo Zhenghai remembered what Huo Siqian told him earlier.

“She’s such a flirtatious vixen… how shameless is she? She’s married, but still won’t settle down… I can’t believe she would seduce Mr. Su, how disgusting is she?”

“Shut up. Listen to your father.” Shen Jiani stared at her daughter.

“If Su Yu really likes Mian, then her words might contain some weight… Why don’t we let Yanyan follow Huo Mian and maybe get her to introduce Yanyan to see Su Yu.”

“But… the Su family isn’t a family we could just marry into if we wanted to…” Shen Jiani was a bit worried.

“That’s fine, as long as Yanyan is pregnant… the Su family wouldn’t deny it. That old man in the Su Family is very conservative and strict,” Huo Zhenghai analyzed.

“Dad… are you asking me to beg Huo Mian? I don’t want to, I hate her to death.”

“You don’t need to show up, given your relationship with her, she won’t help you anyways… I’ll think of something.”

“Okay, dad… as long as I can be with Su Yu, I’ll follow all of your plans.”

Huo Yanyan wiped off her tears and immediately forgot about her sadness before…

Huo Zhenghai was especially skilled at scheming, and now he had laid his plans on Huo Mian…

This was because the latter was just too valuable…

Of course, Huo Mian wasn’t so easy to talk to either, so he had to carefully plan this.

Huo Mian and Huo Siqian left the Huo Mansion one after another and separated at the intersection…

Huo Mian drove straight to South Side…

When she got to the office, a delivery man came up to her. “Are you Miss Huo Mian?”

“I am…”

“This is the breakfast Mr. Huo Siqian ordered for you.” After the delivery man spoke, he pulled out an exquisitely-decorated bento box and placed it on the table.

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