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Season 7

Episode 42

(Fame Comes with Trouble (2)

Jiang Xiaowei then asked, “Sorry, I’ve no interest in your family background, financial situation, or your parents’ job. Marriage is between two people, so I’m only concerned about you. I agreed to go on this date with you because you said in your resume that your IQ is 135, is that true?”

“Yes, it is,” the man in glassed nodded and seemed to feel a bit superior.

“Very well, then I’ll ask you three questions. Let’s see if you can answer them.”

“Ah… there are questions…” Huo Mian quietly mumbled upon hearing what Jiang Xiaowei said.

“If I don’t ask him questions, then how would I know if he lied about his high IQ? There are tons of liars around nowadays…”

Upon hearing what Jiang Xiaowei said, Huo Mian actually thought that she was very reasonable….

So she quietly ate her ice cream and waited to see what kind of questions Jiang Xiaowei would ask her date.

After all, it sounded like fun…

“There’s one stick of incense… with uneven diameter from top to bottom. Back then, incense was used to calculate time, for example burning up one incense was equivalent to one hour in time, but if the thickness of the incense is uneven, it would sometimes burn slower, and sometimes faster. Therefore, after half of it burns, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that half an hour had passed. So, what do you think we should do to precisely calculate half an hour on an incense stick that isn’t evenly thick?”

The man in glasses was dumbfounded upon hearing Jiang Xiaowei’s question…

He thought that Jiang Xiaowei would give him a brain twister, like ‘There are seven monkeys on the tree, and one monkey on the ground. How many monkeys are there in total?”

However after Jiang Xiaowei asked her question, he thought long and hard, but still couldn’t come up with an answer…

“Dude, It’s been a minute. Do you know the answer or not?” Jiang Xiaowei looked at her watch impatiently.

“Give me some more time to think about it.” The man in glasses was a bit anxious.

The truth was, this guy really wanted to use his phone to google it, but he was completely helpless since the two women across from him were watching over him.

Just then, Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian. “Tell him, I can’t stand it.”

Huo Mian stopped eating ice cream and then calmly said, “This is actually very simple. Just light up both ends of the incense, and even though the place the two ends will meet might not be the very middle of the incense stick, the time they meet just happens to be half of the incense, which would be half an hour.”

“Did you hear that?” Jiang Xiaowei looked at the man in glasses.

He nodded, “I’ve learned a lesson…”

“Next question then…”

“There are more questions?” The man in glasses was a bit nervous.

“Isn’t your IQ 135? I’ve got someone with an IQ of 130 sitting beside me, and I still have to ask her to test out your intelligence.”

“Uhm…” The man in glasses looked at Huo Mian with guilt.

Jiang Xiaowei continued to say, “This is relatively easier, and I’ll give you ten seconds to answer it. Listen carefully. There are socks of four different colors placed by my bedside, and each time I wear them, I would always randomly pick a few, and then match a pair from those. How many socks do I have to randomly pick up each time to ensure that there is at least a matching pair amongst these socks?”

‘I think, uhm… it should be four socks,” replied the man in glasses.

Huo Mian looked at him sympathetically and interrupted, “She has four pairs of different-colored socks, so what if she’s unlucky, and picks out four different colors?”

“Uhm… right, I didn’t think of that.” The man in glasses clearly only realized then.

Huo Mian added with sympathy, “So she needs to grab at least five individual socks each time, to ensure that there would be a match.”

Jiang Xiaowei coldly looked at the man in glasses. “Is your IQ really 135? How did that happen?”

“I don’t think so… my school gave me this rating, and I answered a lot of questions as well.” The man in glasses felt wronged.

“Fine, then I’ll give you one last chance… if you can’t answer this question, then you better leave, and not waste my time… I can’t stand men with low IQ.”

Jiang Xiaowei then continued to ask, “A bandit has captured a farmer. He said to the farmer, ‘Do you think I’ll kill you? If you guess right then I’ll let you go, if you guess wrong, then I’ll kill you.’ The farmer thought for a moment, and replied, ‘You will kill me’, so the bandit let him go, and the farmer saved himself. So, how did this farmer guess correctly?”

The man in glasses’ face filled with confusion once again upon hearing Jiang Xiaowei’s question…

These questions were all very weird… and he had never heard them before.

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