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Season 7

Episode 33

(High-Key Announcing the Relationship (3)

“It’s a secret, I can’t show it to you guys. But I can say with confidence that… Little Sister Mian’s present is my favorite,” Huo Siqian said mysteriously.

Upon hearing this, Shen Jiani’s expression changed… then, she looked at Huo Zhenghai, and the two of them exchanged glances.

After dinner…

Huo Mian was eating fruit on the couch…

“I’ll ask the driver to take you home later,” Huo Zhenghai said; he didn’t know that Huo Mian was staying.

“It’s fine, Dad, Mian is staying here tonight,” Huo Siqian quickly interjected.


Everyone was surprised…

Huo Mian never even wanted to come here, let alone stay overnight. So why was she staying?

“Yeah, I’m a little tired today after work, so I thought I’d stay here,” Huo Mian explained calmly.

“You’re not going home? Is Qin Chu okay with that?” Huo Zhenghai was still in disbelief.

“Dad… my brother-in-law isn’t at home. You heard about the accident at GK’s branch company, right?” Huo Siqian reminded him.

Huo Zhenghai slapped his forehead upon hearing that, “Oh, right, I remember now. The older I get, the more confused I become… Mian, how’s the situation over there?”

“There’s still some aftermath to take care of, and Qin Chu’s still working on it.”

“Oh, okay, don’t worry about it. We’re family, so just tell me or your brother if you need anything. We’ll help you to the best of our abilities.”

Huo Zhenghai’s remarks were so fake that Huo Mian felt like puking…

She thought back at how he attempted to demolish the old house and threaten her mother; Huo Mian felt like slapping this old man across the face.

He was such a hypocrite and petty man…

But still, she couldn’t show her disdain…

In the end, Huo Mian chose to obediently nod her head. “I got it.”

After dinner, they chit chatted for a little while longer before each going their own way…

Huo Zhenghai enjoyed reading and practicing calligraphy in his study…

Jiang Hong was a Buddhist, so she spent most of her time reading scriptures in the mansion’s temple.

Shen Jiani, on the other hand, was a health nut, so she enjoyed walking around in the garden and trimming the greeneries around their establishment.

As for Huo Siyi, he frequented nightclubs. After dinner, he immediately left, unwilling to stay another minute.

Before leaving, he told the others that his friend’s birthday was today, and he wasn’t coming home until later, so they didn’t have to wait for him.

Huo Mian sneered in her head, how were they going to help someone like him stand on his own two feet?

Even if he had three top-level aids with great wisdom and resource, he was still no match for Huo Siqian.

Huo Siqian could play someone like Huo Siyi dead any time he wanted. If they lived in one of those dynasty kingdom dramas, Huo Siyi wouldn’t make it past episode 2.

Huo Mian wondered how someone like Huo Zhenghai and Shen Jiani could give birth to an idiot like him that caused their family nothing but trouble.

“Young Master, Miss Mian’s room is ready.” A maid walked up to them.

“Okay then, Mian, come up with me.” Huo Siqian put one hand in his pocket and went upstairs.

Huo Mian quietly followed behind him…

She was worried about Qin Chu but couldn’t call him in front of everyone else. She was distracted and didn’t even notice when Huo Siqian stopped in his tracks…

With a ‘bang’, her entire body crashed into Huo Siqian’s…

Then, it bounced back…

They were still on the stairs, so her body arched back…

Huo Mian was terrified…

“Be careful.” Thank goodness Huo Siqian pulled on her arm just in time.

“That was close.” Huo Mian was still recovering from the scare after she stood up.

“What were you thinking about? Didn’t you hear what I said?” Huo Siqian looked at her and laughed.

Huo Mian remained silent…

“Are you thinking about how to make up for my birthday present?”

“You can’t blame me, you never told me it was your birthday,” Huo Mian said righteously.

“What if I said that I wanted one now, is it too late?” Huo Siqian put away his laughter and looked at Huo Mian in all seriousness.

“Do you want me to go out and buy you a present?” Huo Mian was confused.

“No… you already have something I want,” Huo Siqian stared at her and said, word for word.



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