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Season 7

Episode 2

(A Fight for Talents (2)

“I promised you a relaxing weekend at the South Hill Manor. You have been working so hard, and I wanted to enjoy the weekend with you, but now…” Qin Chu stopped at this.

Huo Mian let out a sigh of relief upon realizing what Qin Chu was apologizing for…

“Don’t be silly, company matters are more important. Something as big as this needs to be handled correctly. We have a lot of opportunities to spend time together, why not wait until you’re finished with this hot potato situation?” Huo Mian consoled him.  

“Sounds good. After this, let’s go abroad. I haven’t even taken you on a real honeymoon yet.”

Qin Chu said, feeling a bit guilty…

“Who said? You took me to Yunding Mountain last time.” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Yunding Mountain doesn’t count. When this passes, let’s go to the Maldives.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.”

Huo Mian felt much better after she hung up…

Qin Chu would never throw negative emotions at people around him, especially Huo Mian, the woman he loved most.

After hanging up, she obediently went downstairs for dinner…

The chef that Qin Chu especially hired seemed to know what Huo Mian liked to eat, and he made her a bunch of seafood dishes.

Boston lobster, steamed crabs, steamed garlic-vermicelli scallops, and salt-water shrimp.

Huo Mian still didn’t feel like eating, but since she promised Mr. Qin, she still had a few bites of food.

In T City, Qin Chu was as busy as a bee…

As soon as he got off the plane, he called Huo Mian while listening to Yang report to him the newest updates at the scene of the incident.

After he hung up and left the airport, dozens of reporters swarmed up to him, blocking his way.

“Mr. Qin, how do you plan to deal with the aftermath of this incident?”

“Mr. Qin, how much does GK plan to compensate those who died or was injured?”

“Mr. Qin, how do you feel as GK’s newly-appointed president, faced with an incident like this?”


“Mr. Qin, 4 people have reportedly died from this accident, and the government is investigating whether GK skimped on construction. Do you have any comments about that?”

“Mr. Qin, after this accident was exposed, GK’s stocks fell 5 points. Do you think it will continue to fall tomorrow?”

“Mr. Qin, I heard that GK’s new film and television company is opening the day after tomorrow. Will you be postponing it due to this accident?”

Never in his life had Yang seen so many reporters. Oh my Buddha, there were rows and rows of people around them.

Plus, the questions they asked were all curveballs designed to stump the president…

Even Yang’s head was about to explode, let alone his boss’s…

He originally thought that, with his boss’s arrogant personality, he would’ve ignored everyone, gotten straight into his car, and left.

However, to his surprise, the president stopped in his tracks.

Then, he calmly opened his mouth. “Thank you all for paying such close attention to this accident. I don’t have a lot of time and you have asked a lot of questions, so I would like to clarify three things. One, my company and I would like to express our sincere regrets and apologies to those who died and were injured in this accident. We will make sure that the victims are satisfied with our compensation. Two, we still don’t know the cause of this incident, so I can’t tell you as for now. I can only say that if our company is at fault, we will bear all responsibility. If our partner is at fault, we will not forgive them and get to the bottom of this. Three, the initiation of GK Film and Television the day after tomorrow will happen as planned. Thank you all.”

Upon hearing Qin Chu’s statement, some reporters began taking photos and jotting notes like crazy while others recorded and videotaped what he said.

Some people even began clapping after Qin Chu got onto his car…

They’ve all been in this business for years, but they’ve never met such a young President, especially one who worked for a conglomerate like GK.

In the beginning, they all thought since GK was a family-owned business, it was normal for the chairman’s son to take over, even if he wasn’t good at his job or didn’t have any actual abilities.

However, from Qin Chu’s reaction just now and the words he said, they all knew that he was someone special.

– Inside a private social club –

Then men inside the private room drank wine and smiled as they watched the live broadcast on TV.

“Qin Chu is young, but he was able to control the crowd. Not bad, not bad,” Tang Chuan exclaimed.

“I can’t believe he’s not postponing their new company initiation after something of this magnitude happened. He’s obviously provoking our Young Master Su. Su Yu, what do you think on this whole thing?” Wei Liao looked at Su Yu with a big smile on his face.





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