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Season 7

Episode 1

(A Fight for Talents (1)  

It turned out that something of this magnitude happened, no wonder Mr. Qin left for T City in such a hurry.

They originally planned to spend the weekend at the castle, and Huo Mian even bought some seeds when she passed by a market on her way here. She wanted to plant some vegetables in the garden with Qin Chu.

It was okay that her plans went down the drain, but people dying was a big deal.

Huo Mian no longer felt like enjoying her weekend; she opened the windows to breathe in some fresh air.

She put her hands together and prayed in her mind that no one else would die and that those who did would rest in peace.

She also wished that Mr. Qin would successfully manage this incident…

– Headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment –

Su Yu was just about to get off work when he saw An knock on the door and enter in a hurry.

“Sir, good news.”

“What is it?” Su Yu stood up, grabbed his jacket, and headed out the door…

“Something happened at the branch company under GK. Apparently, on the possession date of their new building, it collapsed, injuring a few decorating tenants and construction workers. Reportedly, 3 have died and 9 have been injured. The provincial government has directed their attention at it, and everyone’s making a really big deal. Qin Chu flew to T City himself and won’t be back for a few days. Their new company is opening the day after tomorrow, so…” Then, An stopped talking.

He didn’t need to, because S

“Oh? Is that right?” Su Yu was a little shocked.

“Yeah, the gods are helping us. If we follow through with our plan, by the day after tomorrow, GK’s film and television company will not be able to open for business. Once that goes down the drain, its reputation within the industry will falter, along with its stocks. Everything will be affected, so this is a great opportunity for us.”

An laughed and said…

“Haha… Qin Chu is really unlucky this time, it looks like I’ve won the competition…”

That was no fun; Su Yu had originally wanted to see how Qin Chu was going to handle the situation if he went through with his plans. After all, Qin Chu was a smart man.

But now, since people died in T City, even if he worked wonders, he would still need three days to deal with the accident.

If Qin Chu didn’t come back to initiate the opening of his new company, everything that he had done so far would lay in waste.

Su Yu didn’t display schadenfreude; instead, he felt like everything was fate…

“Tell the others that they can go home early today,” Su Yu ordered.

“Okay, I’ll do that right now.”

Su Yu left his company, got on his Lamborghini, and drove off…

He was going to go eat and drink like he usually did, but… if Qin Chu wasn’t home, then what was Huo Mian doing?

Su Yu missed her, but he did only that.

He wasn’t about to take advantage of an ‘opportunity’ like this; his plan was to steal Huo Mian, fair and square.

He wasn’t going to harass Qin Chu’s wife when the husband was trying to put out a fire in his backyard.

That would be too shameful, and it was not something that he, the Young Master Su, would do…

Huo Mian was restless that entire evening…

She was distracted even when replying to Lingling’s WeChat messages.

“Young Madam, dinner’s ready. Would you like to eat downstairs or in your room?” the butler, Uncle Li, asked politely.

“It’s fine, Uncle Li. I’m not hungry.”

Of course, she wasn’t in the mood to eat right now.

“Okay, I’ll ask them to put the food away for now. Just let us know when you’re hungry.”


Huo Mian nodded; then, she anxiously walked up to the window. At that moment, she really wanted to do something for Qin Chu.

But, there was nothing she could do…

Then, her phone suddenly began ringing…

It was from Qin Chu; it’s been three hours since his phone was powered off, so he had probably gotten off the plane.

“Honey… I arrived.”

“Honey… I saw the news, T City…” Huo Mian anxiously asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m on it.” Qin Chu’s voice was calm, just like always.

He would never vent his anger on Huo Mian or anyone else just because he was having a bad day.

“Don’t work so hard, and take care of yourself.”

“Okay, I will. Have you eaten?” Qin Chu asked.

“No, I’m not in the mood to eat. I’m really worried for you.”

“Good girl… have some dinner, I’ll be done in a blink of an eye. I’ll be more worried if you don’t eat.”

“But I don’t have an appetite,” Huo Mian replied quietly.

“Still, have some, even just a little. Aren’t we planning to have a baby? Your health is the most important thing right now.” Qin Chu laughed lightly.

“Fine… I’ll have some.” In the end, Huo Mian decided to compromise.



“I’m sorry…” Qin Chu said gently.

“Why in the world would you… apologize to me?” Huo Mian was immediately dumbfounded.





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