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Season 6

Episode 70

(Qin Chu’s Retaliation (10)

“I think I would. Sometimes you don’t get to choose your future, and God doesn’t give you enough mercy to let you pick. Sometimes, aside from working hard, you don’t have any other choice in life…” Ni Yang said in a melancholic manner.

“You don’t have to live such an exhausting life. There’s a Buddhist scripture that says, ‘If your heart is at ease, then lotus flowers will bloom’.”

“‘If your heart is at ease, then lotus flowers will bloom’?” Ni Yang repeated her words.

“Yeah, you can mull it over when you have time. Don’t overthink things. The more you think about it, the more tired you’ll become. I like a life that’s simple – if you’re sleepy, go to bed. If you’re hungry, eat. If you like someone, love. That might make your life easier.”

Ni Yang was touched upon hearing her words; he batted his long eyelashes…

Under the hypnosis light, Huo Mian saw an incredibly quiet young man.

He was young, handsome, and had everything that everyone envied. However, he lived such an unhappy life.

She felt heartbroken for him…

“You like playing internet games?”

“How did you know?” Ni Yang cautiously looked up at Huo Mian.

“I saw someone mention it on your fan site. Your fans said that you like a game called ‘Land of Idyllic Beauty’. This game isn’t like any other game where people are constantly killing each other’s characters; there’s no killing in this game, everything is peaceful, and people live happy lives.”

“Yeah, these thoughts can only come true in games.” Ni Yang smiled bitterly.


Huo Mian handed him something… she was holding it in her hand, so he couldn’t tell what it was.

“What is it?” Ni Yang was curious.

Huo Mian slowly opened her palm; it was a White Rabbit Candy.

“Candy?” Ni Yang frowned, not sure what Huo Mian was getting at.

“If you think life is bitter, have a candy. I promise it works.”

“I’m not a kid, why would you give me candy?” Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian funnily but didn’t take the candy.

“Who said that candies are only for children? Sometimes, grown-ups need it more, because we lead much harder lives. Children don’t have any complicated thoughts, their world is really innocent.”

“You’re absolutely right.” Ni Yang realized that Huo Mian’s words made a lot of sense.

He slowly took the candy from Huo Mian’s palm, peeled it open, and put it in his mouth.

“Is it still bitter?” Huo Main asked quietly.

Ni Yang shook his head…

“Go back and have a good night’s sleep, don’t think too much. We’ll reschedule for next time.”


It was already 10 PM when she finished with Ni Yang…

She had already missed dinner, and when she returned to the ortho department, she noticed that a bunch of documents was still waiting for her to look through.

Huo Mian was a workaholic Virgo. Therefore, she sat down before her desk and began to work.

An hour or so passed by without her noticing…

Then, her stomach suddenly began to churn in pain…

She hadn’t eaten in a while, and to stay awake, she drank a lot of coffee on an empty stomach, so she felt her stomach ache.

She had been suffering from gastritis since she was a little girl; it wasn’t a serious disease, but it was gut-wrenching.

When it relapses, she felt like her organs were being shredded apart…

Huo Mian covered her stomach and leaned on her desk. Then, enduring the pain, she reached out into her bag and looked for the medicine she usually carried with her.

However, because she recently switched bags, she forgot to bring them…

In the end, she decided to force herself up and out, so she could get some medicine from the hospital pharmacy…

However, she accidentally bumped into Huo Siqian by the door…

“What’s wrong?”

He didn’t tease her and call her little sister like always; instead, he noticed that Huo Mian’s face was pale, and therefore immediately rushed up to her.

“I’m fine.” Huo Mian coldly rejected his attempt to get near her.

“You sure don’t look okay.”

“Go away, it’s none of your business.” Huo Mian tried to push him away.

However, Huo Siqian grabbed her wrist and refused to let go…

“Huo Siqian, let me go.” Huo Mian was furious.





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