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 Season 6

Episode 87

(She Only Cared About Him (7)

Qin Chu looked at Yang and explained with a seldom-found patience, “Annie Liang has a horrible public reputation within the entertainment industry. Her private life is a mess and she has too much negative news surrounding her. If we overly promote her, it may lead to more gossip. Then, she’ll be put in the spotlight, drowning out the news surrounding the opening of our new company. Do you think this is acceptable?”

“Uh… sir, you really thought of everything. I was too brash, but… I didn’t think that you would pay attention to tabloids and know about how Miss Annie Liang’s messy private life is and the amount of negative news she has, haha.”

Yang happily laughed…

He thought that with his boss’ pride, he might not know any female stars.
Other than the Young Madam…
“I’ll always win if I know my enemy. How could I fight against Su Yu if I don’t know the situation?”

“Sir, what you said was extremely correct.”

“Stop kissing my ass and get to work. We have two days until the grand opening, I don’t want to see any mistakes.”

“Yes, sir.”

Qin Chu was busy working on the grand opening of the new company and matters surrounding GK’s thirtieth anniversary.

His head was close to bursting; as soon as he entered the company, he could be sure that there would be a ton of things for him to do.

– At South Side Recuperation Center –

The psychologist, Jiang Xiaowei, came twice already.
However, she was not successful, as there were too many things bothering Ni Yang. She found it hard to achieve breakthroughs.
Seeing Ni Yang’s treatment reach a bottleneck, Huo Mian made a bold decision and decided to try her luck.
So, she planned a private meeting with Ni Yang in the VIP hypnosis room.

Before seeing Ni Yang, she opened her hand and swallowed two pink pills.
“Uh… I’m counting on you in a bit.”

After speaking to herself, a knocking sound was heard at the door…
“Come in.”

Ni Yang walked in, wearing an all-black tracksuit with a black baseball hat, white mask, and black sunglasses covering his face. It was the standard getup for stars.

As for Huo Mian, she was wearing her white lab coat, with her shoulder-length hair framing her delicate face and her clear, bright eyes.

Maybe it was because of their previous contact, but Ni Yang thought of Huo Mian as a trustworthy person.

Therefore, he cooperated and came to the treatment…

“Are we doing another hypnosis today?” Ni Yang removed his mask, his eyes filled with melancholy.
Even his tone was quite blue…

“We’re not doing hypnosis today, we have something more important planned,” Huo Mian said in all seriousness.

“Are we switching to sedatives? I can’t do that right now, I have a busy schedule. I have to film a music video tomorrow.” Ni Yang thought that since hypnosis failed, Huo Mian was switching him to a stronger medication to control his depression.

However, to his surprise, Huo Mian shook her head again…

Then, she waved her hand and gently said, “Come and sit here.”
Ni Yang was a little stunned, he looked behind Huo Mian and saw a wide French window by the wall of the room.

He didn’t know when Huo Mian decorated the area with tatami.
It had two straw mats facing each other, with a circular wooden table in the center. Everything fit perfectly.

Ni Yang slowly walked over, sat down, and leaned over to look out the window. He then saw the hospital’s garden outside the window.
It was very beautiful from this angle…

“Are we looking at scenery today?” Ni Yang asked faintly.
“No, I’m treating you to a drink today.”

After speaking, Huo Mian took out a few bottles of red wine out of nowhere and put it on the wooden table.
Blueberry flavor, orange flavor, and even vanilla flavor; they were all weird-looking wine.

Of course, she didn’t tell him that she stole it from Mr. Qin’s wine cellar at the South Hill manor.
Since Ni Yang was a superstar, he couldn’t drink anything that contained too much alcohol. Therefore, Huo Mian chose fruit-flavored wine.

“A drink?” Bewildered, Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian.
He thought that his assistant physician, Huo Mian, had gone crazy.



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