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Season 6

Episode 42

(I’m Your Little Brother As Well (2)

Su Yu immediately took the hint; he felt a surge of loneliness as he turned around to leave…

Huo Mian accepted his video call. Qin Chu was still at work, so the scene behind him was his office…

“Honey, are you hungry?”


“I just ordered some midnight snacks for you, it’ll be there in 30 minutes. Remember to eat it,” Qin Chu gently reminded her.

“I’ve gotten so fat recently, why do you keep feeding me? Do you want me to turn into a pig?”

“That, I’m not afraid of, I just don’t want you to lose weight…” Just them, Qin Chu saw a cup of milk tea on Huo Mian’s on-call booth.

It was a high-end milk tea brand in the city. Huo Mian would never buy anything as expensive as this to drink, even if she were rich.

However, Qin Chu didn’t directly confront her. Instead, he asked, “Did Zhu Lingling visit you at the hospital?”

“No, she’s been flying all over recently.”



“Nothing. Take care of yourself. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning and we’ll have breakfast together.”

“Sounds good, you too, don’t overwork yourself.” Huo Mian smiled happily at him before hanging up the phone.

After Qin Chu hung up, his expression became eerie…

After having lost to him, that person still hadn’t given up…


“Sir, how can I help you?” Assistant Yang immediately ran into his office.

“Does Imperial Star only invest in film and television? Anything else?”

“Nope, but from what I know, Imperial Star is the mogul in the domestic film and television industry. They’re really good at bringing up famous celebrities. The company produces dozens of films and more than a hundred TV shows each year, and Imperial Star’s president, Su Yu, comes from a rich family. His family owns Su Financial Bank. You’ve heard of it, right sir?”

“Yes.” Qin Chu nodded.

“That bank is the Su Family’s personal business, and they have assets all over the world. You can say that the Imperial Star is backed up by the Su Family. As long as there’s money, any business would flourish and strive. You probably know this better than anyone else.”


“Sir, are you thinking about getting GK to invest in film and television?” Yang suddenly realized.

“It’s a possibility,” Qin Chu replied vaguely as if he wasn’t too sure.

He had thousands of ways to make money and didn’t have to go into film and television. However, if Su Yu continued to bother Huo Mian like an unappreciative brat, then he would need to think of a way to curb that. After all, Su Yu shouldn’t have this much free time.

– Inside Room 1 –

Wei Liao and Su Yu sat on the couch drinking red wine, while Tang Chuan sipped water on his bed.

His face was filled with grief. “Hey, when can I leave?”

“Just enjoy your time here, plus, we’re here visiting you every day, and there are nurses coming in and out constantly. You’re living the life.”

“Living the life my ass, why don’t you stay here for a couple of days?” Tang Chuan snorted angrily.

“You saw Huo Mian? Did you give her the milk tea…?” Wei Liao ignored Tang Chuan’s objections and asked Su Yu.


“Women are all the same, you need to slowly persuade her and touch her heart… that’s how you get a chance with them.”

Su Yu didn’t say anything; he just played with his phone… neither of them knew what he was thinking.

After what happened on the Gamble God cruise, he became much more grounded and lowkey when it came to things surrounding Huo Mian. However, little did they know that he was even more in love with her than he used to be.

Huo Mian’s actions of protecting Qin Chu made him envious, jealous, and filled with hate…

He would have no regrets in life if a woman loved him like she did Qin Chu, not because of money, looks, and status…

He kind of regretted joining the military back then. If he had attended 2nd High, then… maybe the legend of Qin Chu and Huo Mian wouldn’t have existed.

– 1 AM –

Sleepy, Huo Mian accidentally fell asleep at the on-call booth.

Su Yu slowly walked up; the nurse beside Huo Mian saw him and opened her mouth, “Young Mast…”

But after Su Yu made a “shush” gesture, she immediately shut her mouth.

Then, the nurse saw with her own eyes, the… unspeakable thing that Su Yu did to Huo Mian.





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