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Season 6

Episode 84

(She Only Cared About Him (4)

When Qin Chu slept beside Huo Mian, his phone was almost always set on silent.

He was scared that an incoming call might wake Huo Mian up…

However, Qin Chu was awake himself and was looking at some of the company’s plans with his tablet.

His phone lit up soundlessly; after glancing at it, he saw that it was from Jiang Linyue.

He didn’t plan on picking up because, to be frank, he didn’t like Jiang Linyue. Women who seemed to be obedient on the surface were the scariest.

It was the fact that they could disguise themselves that you would never really know what was hidden in the depths of their hearts.

They wore a terrifying mask, and people like that would never let others see through it and cross into it.

In comparison, Qin Chu loved people like Huo Mian, because people like her showed their real selves at every moment.

It didn’t matter whether Huo Mian was mad, sly, pretentious, or cold, at least she was always presenting her genuine side.

It rang for a while without anyone picking up, but Jiang Linyue didn’t immediately hang up.

She pretended to be conversing, “Hello, President Qin. Sorry for bothering you, but I wanted to discuss whether Miss Annie Liang’s current salary can be increased by five times? What? Oh, okay, I see. Then we’ll cooperate next time.”

After hanging up, Jiang Linyue looked at Annie Liang in a defeated manner and said, “Sorry, Annie, the president didn’t approve. He said that there are already five A-listers from Imperial Star who have signed with us. As for you, we can only triple your salary. You have the highest price out of everyone, and five times the price is too high and is beyond our company’s budget. It looks like we can only cooperate next time.”

After hearing that, Annie Liang’s face turned grim…

To be honest, three times the price was already very high, but she hoped for an even higher price.

So, she pretended to leave over and over again. Now it was really time to leave; Jiang Linyue took the initiative to say it, and Annie Liang was almost out of things to say.

The situation turned suddenly… catching Annie Liang a bit off guard.

“What did President Qin say?” she unwillingly demanded.

Jiang Linyue sat beside Annie Liang, looking into her eyes and saying with a troubled tone, “Annie, our boss is very decisive. He makes decisions as hard as the thunder and as quickly as the wind, and no one can change them. From a friend’s perspective, I hope you cherish this opportunity, really, as there’s not many of them. I heard from Huanhuan that you seem to be having a rough time at Imperial Star. It’s like a star factory; they promote so many new talents each year, and it’s extremely competitive. Why don’t you switch to our company while you’re still young? We’re just starting out and we’ll promote well-known actresses like you with all we have. After all, we spent a huge sum of money on you, right? You’re smart. I don’t have to explain too much for you to get the gist. So think about it when you get home, we don’t have much time. If it’s possible, we can sign you tomorrow. If not, it’s fine. With Huanhuan between us, we’ll always be friends.”

After Annie Liang heard this speech from Jiang Linyue, she sucked in a cold breath…

What was happening? A fight between two schemers. Annie Liang always thought that she had seen all kinds of people since her debut in her teenage years. She had been in the entertainment industry for ten years and had an unfathomable mentality which normal women could not compare to.

However, this professional executive Jiang Linyue had put her in an unfavorable position with just a few sentences. It showed her in a new light.

The most important thing was that Jiang Linyue kept on playing the friendship card and using Huanhuan in her arguments.

She claimed that she was working for Annie Liang’s benefit, that they were friends, that she was working in Annie Liang’s interest and all that.

She knew what Jiang Linyue was doing, but she could only bite her tongue…

Looking Jiang Linyue in the eyes, she softly exclaimed, “Miss Jiang, you have a powerful mouth.”



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