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Season 6

Episode 39

(A Debt I Owed You from Our Past Life (9)

“Don’t be absurd, do you know who she is? Don’t think about doing anything to her.”

“Isn’t she just an illegitimate daughter of the Huo Family? I heard that her relationship with them isn’t even that good, why would Huo Siqian make her the chairwoman of the Huo Foundation? Gosh.”

“Not only is she the illegitimate daughter of the Huo Family, Wu Zhongxing also values her. I believe that old fox will never hone anyone for no reason, she must have someone behind her that no one knows about.”

“What person? Is she Wu Zhongxing’s mistress?” Chief Qi said in disdain.

“That’s none of your business. Anyways, don’t act rashly…”

“You don’t have to be so careful! She’s only in her twenties, what’s she capable of? She recently upgraded from a Volkswagen to an Audi R8, it’s obvious that she’s dating some rich guy. Nurses at South Side have all dated rich men or are sugar babies. Otherwise, with their salaries, none of them will be able to drive Mercedes or BMWs. Huo Mian may look all high and mighty, but I bet she’s no more than a gold digger. Where else do you think her sports car came from? I heard that while Su Yu was here, there were rumors going on about them.”

“Su Yu?” Deputy Director Guo’s expression froze.

“Yeah, but I bet Su Yu’s already sick of her. After all, she’s not the prettiest woman alive. He was probably just looking for some fresh blood. Men are all like that, they like women they can’t get. Young Master Su probably fell for her arrogance, but I didn’t think that anything else happened between them, it was probably no more than a brief encounter… If it were up to me, I would first try to get her into bed; after that, she’s yours to command.”

“All you know is your damn bed. You seriously need to control yourself these days, don’t let anyone set you up, and stop fooling around with those nurses… they might be the death of you.”

“Okay, I got it, geez.” Chief Guo was obviously impatient.

They fantasized about taking the Huo Foundation’s money but failed, since Huo Mian was not an accommodating woman.

Department Director Qi once hinted to Huo Mian that if she was willing to help them, they would give her 30% in return, but Huo Mian immediately declined.

Huo Siqian wasn’t a good nut, but since he handed over the foundation for her to manage, she was going to try her best.

After all, it was all life-saving money…

After Deputy Director Guo gave her a good talking to, Huo Mian went back to her office to organize documents.

“Head Nurse, it’s time for rounds.”


“Head Nurse, last night a new patient was admitted into room 1. He wounded his ankle playing basketball, it’s not serious, but apparently, he’s really rich. He kept saying that we need to come up with the best treatment plan and even brought with him two 24-hour on-call orthopedic experts.”

“People like that exist?” Huo Mian was a little speechless.

“If he’s rich enough to hire experts to tend to him, then why come here?” Huo Mian didn’t understand rich people logic.

“We thought it was weird too, but no one dared to ask. That patient has a hot temper.”

“Hot temper? Don’t tell me Su Yu’s back.” Huo Mian had a bad feeling.

“It’s not Young Master Su…” The nurse’s face turned red upon hearing Su Yu’s name and said shyly.

“That’s good.”

She was happy to hear that it wasn’t Su Yu. With the patient’s chart in hand, she, along with two other nurses, head towards room 1.

She looked at the name on his chart and felt like she’s heard of this person before. But she didn’t remember where.

“Tang Chuan… I think… I’ve heard of this name,” Huo Mian mumbled.

Then, the nurses knocked and opened the door…

When Huo Mian saw who it was, she suddenly remembered that this person was Su Yu’s friend, and they always hung out with that Wei Liao guy as well.

“Head Nurse, perfect timing… my foot hurts, come and see what’s wrong with it.” Tang Chuan was munching on an apple and watching EXO’s concert on TV. He seemed to be in a good mood and didn’t look like his foot was in pain at all…



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