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Season 6

Episode 82

(She Only Cared About Him (2)

“I don’t need one,” Huo Mian declined immediately.

“Come on, I won’t ask you for a tip,” Qin Chu teased.

Before Huo Mian could reply, he reached into her silky nightgown…

Huo Mian felt all the cells in her body shake… Qin Chu could always thoroughly demonstrate his indecent nature in bed.

They had been married for a while now and had done it multiple times, but…

Faced with Qin Chu’s passion, Huo Mian still felt like she was a shy girl.

I’m shy, I’m shy, I’m shy… Huo Mian thought…

She repeated this important fact three times…

“I don’t want it, even if you don’t ask for a tip.” Huo Mian turned around and removed Qin Chu’s hand.

Although she rejected him, she still replied with a smile…

Qin Chu’s hand was stopped, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he lowered his head and rubbed his lips against Huo Mian’s sensitive nape and ears.

“Are you a wolf? I feel like I can never feed you enough…” Huo Mian lamented.

“No, I’m easily satisfied. I only need it once a day.”

Once a day? Seriously? Before she could speak, she saw Qin Chu push her down with his own body, tightly enveloping Huo Mian’s thin and dainty body with his own…

The night thickened as the two lingered in each other for hours.

At last, Qin Chu carried an exhausted Huo Mian to the bath and back to the bed again. He gently embraced her.

“Honey, I’m so tired…” Huo Mian drowsily spoke with a soft, childlike voice.

“Then go to sleep.” Qin Chu gently caressed her extremely delicate face.

His eyes were still filled with doting love…

Maybe Huo Mian was really exhausted, but she quickly fell asleep.

The hand that Qin Chu rested on her face slid down to her flat stomach.

Before long, it would contain the crystallization of their love, a cute baby.

At this thought, he was filled with happiness…

If it was a boy, Qin Chu would want his son to be like him and become a strong and tough man, so they could protect Huo Mian.

If it was a girl, he would spoil her like a princess, spoil her off the face of the earth and let her dominate the world.

Qin Chu didn’t care about the child’s gender. He would love them deeply, as long as they were Huo Mian’s and his child.

– Inside the VIP room of some nightclub in downtown –

“Annie, did you think about what I told you?” Jiang Linyue was wearing a black, tight-fitting short dress, completely different from her professional outfit. Her style was full of unruliness.

Through the introduction by her close friend, she finally met with Annie Liang. Judging by the few calls they had before, Annie Liang seemed to be quite hesitant.

This private rendezvous was at a small nightclub, because they didn’t dare to go to Seductive Fox.

They were scared to see Su Yu and other acquaintances there, as they were discussing matters involving job-hopping.

“I’ve considered it. Triple the price is high indeed, but I heard that your company tripled the salaries for other people too. Miss Jiang, you should know that I’m the ace in the A-listers, and I’ve won best actress awards before. When I came to Imperial Star from another company, I was quite wealthy too. Now, you’ve given me the same treatment as the others, it’s quite distressing for me. It seems like you’re looking down on me, doesn’t it? Don’t compare me to schemers like Zhao Qingya and Jian Tong. Although Jian Tong is more famous and popular now, I became famous earlier than she did and I have a better reputation. Am I right?” Annie Liang was wearing a bright red, low-cut gown with a small black bonnet. She shamelessly boasted while playing with her nails.

Her attitude was extremely arrogant… It left a sour taste in Jiang Linyue’s mouth, as she didn’t think that Annie Liang would show such arrogance at their first negotiation.



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