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Season 6

Episode 36

(A Debt I Owed You from Our Past Life (6)

“Do it my ass… I’m super tired, let’s go to bed.”

Then, Huo Mian didn’t even bother changing out of her clothes; she found a comfortable spot in Qin Chu’s arms and closed her eyes…

“Sounds good. Plus, this place is too small, there would be a few positions that we won’t be able to do.” Qin Chu laughed.

Huo Mian’s eyes were closed, but she still raised her fist and punched Qin Chu lightly…

“Stop being so dirty, Mr. Qin. Let’s go to bed…”

“Honey, just now…” Qin Chu originally wanted to ask her if she got any information from downstairs.

But Huo Mian suddenly opened her eyes and glanced at him…

Qin Chu understood what she meant immediately and changed the subject, “Just now you were downstairs for too long, I missed you.”

“Okay, let’s go to bed. We need to get back on the road tomorrow.”

Then, the two of them slept through the night without even changing out of their clothes.

The truth was, Huo Mian didn’t sleep well. She kept waking up, feeling as though there was a pair of eyes watching her.

In the end, she was so tired that she fell asleep, but she had a really weird dream.

She dreamt that Uncle Yang was sitting outside his old house petting a black cat, before suddenly dropping dead.

A shadow stood outside his old house, but she couldn’t recognize who it was…

Huo Mian ran after the figure, wanting to catch him but not being able to reach. Finally, she woke up…

– 6 AM –

The two of them got up and left the motel in a rush, without even having breakfast.

After retrieving their car at the gas station, Huo Mian bought some bread and milk.

On the car, she and Qin Chu each had some…

“You didn’t tell me last night because you were afraid we were being watched?”

Huo Mian nodded. “I can’t promise that there weren’t any monitors in the room. After all, technology is advancing fast. Even that owner knows how to use a computer.”

“Did you manage to get any information?”

“First, I have to tell you that motel is basically a whore house.”

“What?” Qin Chu almost spat out the milk in his mouth.

“Seriously, I wasn’t kidding…”

“How… did you find out?” Qin Chu needed some time to digest the information he just heard.

“First… Dong Tao Town’s floating population is low, so their motel barely has any business. Second, last night as I was going downstairs, I saw a dark-skinned man. He looked at me really weirdly, and after I went downstairs he came down as well and pulled the owner aside to talk to her. They were whispering really quietly, but… I can read lips.”

“I know that, you don’t have to show that off.” Qin Chu laughed.

Huo Mian knew lip reading as early as seven years ago.

Back then, high-tier Public Security universities even sent people to her high school to scout Huo Mian. They wanted her to join their criminal investigation unit so she could help them crack cases.

This was because she knew sign language, lip reading, as well as a bunch of random languages. Others needed years to reach that level of expertise, but it took her less than two months to learn each of them.

“The man asked the owner if I was new, and how much I cost. The owner said I was a guest.

Then, the man said he didn’t care if I was a guest, he wanted to have his way with me, but the owner told him that I was with someone and that he shouldn’t cause a scene.”

“So that black douchebag wanted to sleep with you?” Qin Chu’s expression immediately darkened; if he had known, he would’ve beaten him up.

“Yeah, but the owner stopped him. I think they know each other well. Do you remember hearing noises last night? I didn’t see a woman, but it was definitely a prostitute the owner sent over.”

“Fine, let’s assume you’re right, but that doesn’t have anything to do with you. You were downstairs for so long, didn’t you get any information?”

“Of course I did. Not only that, I also obtained quite a lot of useful intel.” Huo Mian smiled proudly.

“For example…?” Qin Chu looked at her.

“For example… I suspect that Doctor Lan didn’t move away, but her entire family was murdered.”

“Murdered?” Qin Chu frowned slightly at this information. A family of three, murdered? It sounded crazy.




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