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Season 6

Episode 66

(Qin Chu’s Retaliation (6)

“Sir, nothing yet from Imperial Star.”

“Ha… he sure is patient.” Qin Chu laughed faintly. That’s good because it meant that Su Yu was a worthy opponent, rather than someone who would become anxious at the slightest sign of disturbance.

“Sir, what should we do now?” Yang still didn’t understand why GK was venturing into the entertainment industry.

GK’s momentum was strong; with its reputation and capital, it would create a hurricane in the entertainment industry.

Su Yu, on the other hand, acted like he wasn’t a part of the crisis. He had breakfast while avoiding the paparazzi.

– At a Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant by the back entrance of Imperial Star –

Su Yu and his assistant quietly enjoyed breakfast, which consisted of shrimp dumplings, crab-roe buns, and tea. He was enjoying himself.

“Sir, do you have a countermeasure to GK’s venture into the entertainment industry?” An, usually a man of little to no words, suddenly asked him.

“Nope.” Su Yu’s answer was brief.

An, “…”

– South Side Recuperation Center –

After Huo Mian got off work, she was blasted with this news on her way home.

The truth was, she was surprised by GK’s sudden venture into the entertainment industry. After all, Qin Chu hadn’t mentioned it to her.

Going into that industry meant that he was declaring an all-out war against Su Yu, and that worried Huo Mian to some extent.

Su Yu could sometimes be really childish, like a toddler, and did things that weren’t according to plan.

But, Qin Chu was usually calm and collected, why would he suddenly do something like this?

Did something happen between them that she wasn’t aware of?

Huo Mian thought about it all the way home. After she got home, she had a quick bite before crawling into bed for a nap.

She slept until a little past noon when Zhu Lingling’s call woke her up.

Then, the two of them made plans for lunch.

There was a Korean restaurant on Qingmang Road; when Huo Mian walked in, Zhu Lingling had already ordered a table full of food.

“Girl, are you crazy? I thought you were on a diet!” Huo Mian exclaimed.

She remembered Zhu Lingling kept declaring how she was on a diet on her WeChat friend circle. She also swore to either become skinnier or die.

But the truth was, not only did she fail to lose weight, but she was also still alive. She sure was an unreliable individual.

“If I don’t eat a lot, where would I get the energy to go on a diet?” Zhu Lingling’s answer seemed to make sense.

Huo Main didn’t know what to say…

“Let me tell you, there are two kinds of people in this world you can’t be friends with. One, someone who has the ability to immediately crawl out of bed on a winter morning, and two, someone who actually becomes skinny when they say that they’re on a diet,” Zhu Lingling slowly said after taking a small bite of sushi.

“Courageous warrior, why do you say that?” Huo Mian laughed.

“Because according to experts, those people are ruthless. If they can be so heartless to themselves, how do you think they’ll treat their friends?”

“Ahem… so you’re telling me that I should be friends with people like you, who announce that they’re on a diet but fail to lose weight, because you’re tenderhearted?” Huo Mian asked.

Zhu Lingling smiled. “That’s right.”

“Okay then, since you’re such a good friend, thanks in advance for lunch today.”

“Sh*t… I can’t believe Mrs. Moneybags would dupe a normal citizen like me out of money! Have a heart!” Zhu Lingling cried.

They chatted and laughed as they enjoyed lunch together…

Although Huo Mian only had one friend, she was never bored when she spent time with Zhu Lingling.

This one friend was more than enough for her…

She didn’t need a lot of friends, she only needed one, who was willing to share with her their happiness and sorrows. When she needed someone to pick her back up, that friend is there with encouragement, and when she’s happy, that friend is there to wish you all the best. That’s already enough.

“Oh right, have you seen the news? Something big happened.” Then, Zhu Lingling mysteriously took out her phone and showed Huo Mian the front page of the local news.





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