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Season 6

Episode 35

(A Debt I Owed You from Our Past Life (5)

“Why is that, did Doctor Lan retire?” Huo Mian asked on purpose.

“No, she moved away. Her entire family did.”

“Really? They moved away? To where?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s one of the three unsolved mysteries in our town. I don’t understand, if you want to move, just move, right? Why be so sneaky about it? They left their house, their furniture, all their clothes, and her entire family disappeared, just like that. I don’t know what happened, but it sure was weird.”

“You’re saying that… when Doctor Lan’s family left, they didn’t even sell their house or furniture, and left all their clothes behind, and disappeared, just like that?”

“Yeah… it’s really weird. No one knows where they went, their house is still empty and there are weeds growing everywhere in their yard.”

“Oh, I see… what about the other unsolved mysteries in your town? Ha, I’m a curious person and am always looking to hear interesting gossip.”

“The other one was that mysterious fire at the health center years ago…”

“Was there something weird about the fire?”

“Of course, it happened in the middle of the night, the health center was just suddenly set on fire. They couldn’t even extinguish it no matter what they tried. The fire was weird, and the most curious thing was that everywhere else was fine except for the archives room. All the documents inside were destroyed, and the center had to recreate them. The good thing was, no one died. That fire was really scary, my husband and I witnessed it that night as well.”

“You just said that… they couldn’t put out the fire no matter what? How’s that possible?” Huo Mian smiled.

“Seriously… you might not even believe it, but they couldn’t extinguish the fire with water. It just kept burning and burning, and then, it stopped. The seniors in our village said that there was a monster in that room, some kind of spider demon. They said that it was a fire sent from the Gods to kill evil forces and all those monsters.”

“Haha… that’s an interesting legend. What about the last mystery?” Huo Mian probed.

“The last one is…” The owner was just about to tell her when a man walked in from outside.

He was a little over 40 years old, skinny, and wearing a black shirt.

“What are you bullshitting about?”

“You’re home,” the owner greeted intimately.

Huo Mian guessed that this man was her husband…

“Ha, this girl’s staying at our motel and she’s really curious, so I was telling her some stuff about our town.”

“What’s there to say about our town? Shut your big mouth.” The man was unhappy.

“We were just chit-chatting, don’t be like that.”

“Go to bed, I’ll stand on guard for the rest of the evening.” Then, the man walked up to the counter impolitely and turned off his wife’s computer.

The owner seemed to be scared of her husband; smiling awkwardly, she said to Huo Mian, “You should go to bed too.”

“Bye, ma’am!”

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance to find out what the third mystery was, but she had a feeling that it also had something to do with the health center.

Everything seemed to tie in with that incident all those years ago…

An inextinguishable fire? Haha, how interesting, their trip here was well worth it…

After she returned to her room, Huo Mian, exhausted, crawled into bed and fell straight into Qin Chu’s arms.

Just as she opened her mouth, she heard loud noises coming from their neighboring room…

“Oh… ah… yes… yes…”

Then, she heard the sound of bodies rubbing together. It was really obvious that the sound was coming from the next room.

Huo Mian suddenly remembered that dark-skinned truck driver…

Then, she began imagining all sorts of scenes that might be going on over there…

“Ahem… the soundproofing here… isn’t too good, is it?” Embarrassed, Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu laughed as he pinched Huo Mian’s cheek and teased, “Should we do it once too?”





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