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Season 6

Episode 49

(I’m Your Little Brother As Well (9)

“In the future, don’t offend women again, especially those who know how to plant poison.” After Huo Mian spoke, she gracefully walked out of the room.

Tang Chuan, “Oof… was that a threat?”

Wei Liao, “It counts as one, she meant that she only gave him laxatives this time, but who’s to say what kind of poison will come next time?”

Wei Liao gave the antidote to Su Yu when he returned from the washroom, followed with what Huo Mian said.

Su Yu didn’t say anything…

“Young Master Su, how does that saying go again? Women have the most poisonous hearts… think about the black widow spider…” Tang Chuang displayed typical schadenfreude.

“Get lost, think before you speak!” cursed Su Yu.

Wei Liao stared at Tang Chuan. “Exactly, you really don’t know what to say. Our Mr. Su is so tall and fierce, so wealthy and handsome, how could he be a tiny spider? He’s at least a tarantula.”

Su Yu, “… Come here, both of you. Let me take good care of you guys.”

Su Yu gestured with his finger, and Wei Liao was so scared that he ran onto Tang Chuan’s bed.

“Don’t, Mr. Su, don’t vent your anger on us. You have to vent it on the person who caused you damage. Go find Huo Mian instead.” Tang Chuang giggled.

Su Yu tightly squeezed the pack of antidote; his emotions were a combination of fury and amusement…

“Don’t worry, she won’t get away. That little girl dares to trick me, I definitely won’t let her off the hook.”

After punishing Su Yu, Huo Mian let of a breath of satisfaction…

She unconsciously opened Weibo, which she hasn’t logged onto for a while, and even received a private message.

The first was a photo of her face painted as a tiger. It looked very dumb and embarrassing.

Then Su Yu sent, “I’m raising a Bengal tiger at home. It’s pretty, but it has a hot temper and is very ferocious. Please give me some advice, how should I tame it?”

Su Yu was totally teasing her…

No one else but him would use a photo someone and ask them how he should tame them.

Huo Mian thought for a few seconds, and then replied with one sentence, “Was the sushi good tonight?”

As soon as the word ‘sushi’ crossed Su Yu’s mind, he suddenly ran to the washroom; it already became a reflex…

Huo Mian logged off of Weibo without any more patience to chat with Su Yu, and then she went onto WeChat.

She saw that Zhixin and Huang Yue had posted a picture together at the same time, with only one word, “Us.”

Then a photo followed beneath of the two smiling happily and sweetly…

They were imitating the relationship announcement of those A-list stars last year.

This method truly couldn’t be more out of fashion…

In the end, Huo Mian reluctantly agreed for them to be together. Actually, reluctant wouldn’t be the right word; it was more like a failed attempt to convince them not to date.

So, she couldn’t do much else. Huang Yue and Jing Zhixin no longer dated in the dark, because his sister already found out about them, so they might as well flaunt their love.

Jing Zhixin had Zhu Lingling on his WeChat, so Zhu Lingling saw the photo immediately after she got off the plane.

She then immediately sent a WeChat message to Huo Mian.

“That brat, Zhixin, is in love?”


“Damn, how are we supposed to live now, he was born after 1995, and isn’t even 20 yet, what’s his rush?” Zhu Lingling called out.

“What does age have to do with anything? Didn’t you see that joke from a while ago?”

“What joke?” Zhu Lingling was confused.

“A boy said to a girl outside a kindergarten, ‘I’ve got a lollipop, do you want a bite?’ the little girl said, ‘I don’t want it, I’m afraid I’ll become pregnant.’ The little boy then said, ‘If you become pregnant, just give birth. If anything, we can all attend kindergarten together.'”

“Hahahaha… that’s hilarious,” Zhu Lingling broke into laughter.

However, Huo Mian spoke in all seriousness, “That’s the most responsible thing I’ve heard. Even kids know what relationships are, what are you waiting for as an adult? I think you have feelings for Gao Ran, why don’t you two just get together?”



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