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Season 6

Episode 83

(She Only Cared About Him (3)

Annie Liang was always an important figure in the entertainment industry… She had won the best actress award before, so she did have the qualifications.

She enjoyed a smooth ride after signing with Imperial Star, but it was a shame that she never really became the number one female celebrity under that flag.

This was because Zhao Qingya had always pushed her down, and Jian Tong took her place after she disappeared.

She always felt bitter about that. She didn’t have great relationships with people, as she was always accused of being pretentious and changing agents and assistants frequently. Her private life was muddled; she had relationships with countless male stars and businessmen, which was why Imperial Star didn’t want to fully promote her.

“You’re right, but please have faith in our sincerity. As an executive of GK, I can directly speak with our president. The president was thinking, as long as you’re willing to switch over, anything is up for negotiation.” Jiang Lingyue had a great attitude and kept a smile on her face.

Jiang Linyue wasn’t the general manager of GK Film and Television, but she still worked hard to rope in Annie Liang.

All in all, she wanted Qin Chu to credit her and finally see her in a new light…

Otherwise, with an arrogant temper like hers, she would never go through something like this with Annie Liang, would she?

“Anything? That sounds great, but it’s an empty promise after all. It’s not a statement, Miss Jiang. Just tell me one thing, is GK really sincere about signing me? If not, I don’t want to waste time here with you, I have a lot of scripts at home waiting for me to memorize.”

After speaking, Annie Liang got up to leave…

Jiang Linyue hastily stopped her…

“No, no, we can negotiate. Really. Why don’t you tell me your conditions and I’ll see if I can accept it?”

Jiang Linyue was going all out in order to be of service…

Hearing Jiang Linyue’s words made Annie Liang turn around and sit down with her five fingers extended.

“Five times.”

“Five times? That’s too much.” Jiang Linyue heard that Annie Liang’s annual salary at Imperial Star was thirty million yuan.

Now, she opened her mouth wide like a lion and asked for five times her previous salary, which would be a hundred and fifty million yuan…

Even if she was coated in gold, she wouldn’t be worth that much, right? She was setting her price sky high.

It was gracious enough for GK to triple her previous salary and pay her ninety million, but now she was the one playing the big boss role.

Jiang Linyue was angry, but she appeared as if she was willing to keep negotiating.

“Is that a lot to ask for? I heard a newbie like Mian Mian had her salary tripled too. As an award-winning actress who had been in this industry for years, am I not worth it?” Liang Annie’s tone was sour.

Whether it was with Jian Tong or Mian Mian, it was clear that she didn’t have a good relationship with the other female actresses and treated them as enemies.

Jiang Linyue smiled and explained, “The key is that Mian Mian’s contract wasn’t high to begin with. Triple of her salary would still be less than thirty million. As for you, you’re worth so much that tripling your current salary is already a gigantic amount. If it was five times, it would exceed our budget.”

“If that’s the case… then I think we have no need to continue negotiating.”

After speaking, Annie Liang got up again to leave…

Jiang Linyue immediately pulled her phone out and said, “Annie, wait, don’t worry. I’ll call our boss and ask to see if he’s okay with it. Okay? After all, it’s too much money and I can’t decide for the company. If the boss agrees, I obviously want you to make more. After all, you’re Huanhuan’s cousin, and we’re close, right?”

After hearing that, Annie Liang turned around and sat back down on the sofa without speaking another word, seemingly approved of Jiang Linyue’s statement.

She waited for her to call her boss…

Jiang Linyue held up her phone and stood up. Walking to the center of the room, she called Qin Chu’s number while Annie Liang watched her.





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