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Season 6

Episode 43

(I’m Your Little Brother As Well (3)

He picked up a black ball pen from her pencil holder and began carefully drawing on Huo Mian’s face…

He drew three lines on each cheek, giving Huo Mian really cute whiskers…

The nurse wanted to laugh but was scared to, so she placed her hands tightly on her mouth.

Afterward, Su Yu still wasn’t satisfied, and therefore topped it off with a “王” shape on her forehead. (TL Note: it’s the Chinese character that resembles the fur pattern on a tiger)

Now, she looked like an adorable little tiger…

Su Yu was happy with his masterpiece. He carefully took out his phone and turned the sound off.

Then, he snapped a photo of Huo Mian like that…

Not including the photo from the charity dinner, this was his second photo of Huo Mian. He was certain that even Qin Chu didn’t have a limited edition photo like this one.

After his prank, Su Yu took out 1,000 yuan and threw it at the nurse. It was either hush money, or a ‘thank you for being an accessory to my crimes’ money.

Then, he drove his black Lamborghini off into the night…

He wasn’t at all sad about losing the Louis XIV on the Gamble God cruise.

Today, all thanks to a single photo, Su Yu laughed like a child with a toy.

Su Yu suddenly noticed that Huo Mian had become an essential part of his life…

“Look at this.” He took out his phone and showed the photo to Wei Liao, who was sitting on the passenger seat.

“Hahaha, that’s really cute, did you do it?”

“Yup,” Su Yu said proudly.

“She’s gonna go crazy waking up to that. Do you think she might hunt you down and pick a bone with you?”

“I want her to pick a bone with me. That way, I’ll have an excuse to see her.” Su Yu was elated.

Suddenly, Wei Liao said,” Oh, hey, I’m so sorry, I accidentally deleted the photo.”

Su Yu immediately stepped on the brakes and parked by the side of the road…

Then, without saying anything else, he reached out and began strangling Wei Liao…

“Hahaha… I was kidding, don’t strangle me, ouch, it hurts…” Wei Liao was sure looking for a beating, pulling Su Yu’s leg like that.

Only God knew how much Su Yu treasured these photos of Huo Mian…

“I heard that Huo Mian’s nickname during high school was Goddess Huo.”

“So what?” Su Yu asked.

“This is what I know about goddesses: they don’t actually exist in this world, but when so many men want to get her into bed, she automatically becomes a goddess.”

Su Yu, “…”

“So… your ultimate goal is to get her into bed, right?”

“Of course, but… I’m going to make sure that she’s in love with me first.”

“What if Huo Mian never falls in love with you?” Wei Liao ruthlessly poured cold water down Su Yu’s face…

“That’s impossible… I’m so good looking, incomparably handsome, and dashing…” Su Yu himself couldn’t even finish that sentence.

“Then I’ll wait for her to fall in love with me. As long as I’m alive, there’s hope, right?”

Wei Liao seldom saw Su Yu so pessimistic. It seemed like at one point, Huo Mian had become his obsession.

“Hey… don’t be so down, I think you have a chance. I’ll be waiting too, waiting for Huo Mian to divorce Qin Chu, waiting for Huo Mian to cheat, or for her to marry you after divorcing him, haha.”

Wei Liao smiled as he consoled Su Yu…

Then, the two of them drove away…

Huo Mian might have been too tired from the day before since she barely got any sleep at the motel in Dong Tao Town. Therefore, she dozed off for about an hour during her shift. Suddenly, she stood up.

“What’s wrong, Head Nurse?”

“Did I oversleep?”

“No, you didn’t, you slept for less than an hour. You seemed exhausted, so I didn’t wake you up,” the nurse said quietly.

Huo Mian stood up again to leave, but the nurse stopped her. “Um, I think you should wash your face first.”

“What’s wrong with my face?” Huo Main was confused.

The nurse didn’t say anything; rather, she held up a mirror in front of Huo Mian. Huo Mian’s eyes almost fell out of her sockets upon seeing herself in the mirror.





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