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Season 6

Episode 40

(A Debt I Owed You from Our Past Life (10)

“You look healthier than a healthy person, not at all like someone who hurt his foot.” Huo Mian walked over with his chart and looked at Tang Chuan.

“My mentality has nothing to do with my foot. I’m an optimist, even if I lose a leg, I will still drink and eat if I wish.”

Huo Mian ignored the talkative man in front of her and looked down at his chart.

He twisted his ankle playing basketball. It really wasn’t a big deal – all he needed to do was go see a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and then spend some time recovering at home.

Why make a big deal of it by coming to South Side? Was he here to burn money?

Huo Mian closed his file and looked at Tang Chuan through her black-rimmed glasses. “I took a look at your chart, you don’t need to stay here at South Side, you can recover at home. Are you sure you want to take up a room here?”

“What are you talking about? I’m rich, so I’m going to do what I want. So what if I took up a room? Forget about my ankle, next time when I suffer from a cold, I will come stay at South Side again. I’m rich, bite me.”

A long time ago, Wei Liao mentioned to Tang Chuan that Huo Mian was a really unique woman.

Therefore, he wanted to take this chance to see what she was made of, and to get to the bottom of why the f*ck was Su Yu so head over heels in love with her?

Huo Mian wasn’t angry at what he said. Instead, she turned around and ordered the nurses, “Get ready to draw blood for this patient, I’m scared that the injury on his ankle is causing inflammation elsewhere. We need to be diligent, draw six tubes, and we can give him a comprehensive test.”

“Okay, Head Nurse.”

“Hey, wait, why are you drawing my blood and so much of it too?” Tang Chuan’s expression changed immediately; he put down the apple that he was midway through eating.

“It’s South Side’s policy, we’re doing it for the patients. Giving you a comprehensive examination is mandatory, we’re just trying to be accountable for your health…”

“Huo Mian, you’re using your position to get even with me over a private grudge. I’m going to file a complaint against you.”

“Feel free to do that any time.”

Then, Huo Mian said to the other nurse, “The patient in room 1 is emotionally unstable, I suspect that he might be suffering from early onset mania. Go get a doctor from psych to give him a psychological analysis. If nothing’s wrong with him, he can stay here in ortho. If it’s a psych case, then… he’ll have to transfer elsewhere.”

Then, Huo Mian coolly turned around to leave…

Tang Chuan thought that he would be able to stuff a metaphorical sock in Huo Mian’s mouth after a few minutes of confrontation. But…

Oh my gosh, what did Wei Liao do to him…

Wei Liao said that if he purposely injured his ankle and was admitted to South Side, Su Yu would be able to visit him, which will give him more opportunities to see her.

However, these opportunities were created as a result of his pains and sorrows…

Not only did he have to get his blood drawn, but he also needed to undergo a psych analysis…

He immediately took out his phone and yelled in their group, “I am going to leave this hospital immediately! Right now! That woman Huo Mian is horrifying!”

Wei Liao burst into hysterical laughter upon hearing this…

“Remember, this is all for our Young Master Su’s fight for love. We will forever remember you for your sacrifices, soldier.”

“Don’t do that, why don’t you come and stay here for a few days instead? You’ve really tricked me.” Tang Chuan thought that no matter who Huo Mian was, at the end of the day, she was a woman, how scary could she be? But it’s only his first day and he’s already going crazy. What’s he supposed to do for the remaining days?

Seeing that Su Yu didn’t respond, Tang Chuan shouted, “Mr. Su, please show mercy, why can’t you find another girl to fall in love with? This girl isn’t the one for you. If you marry her, she’s going to kill you!”

Three seconds later, Su Yu typed three words into their group – “That’s my choice”.

Tang Chuan was flabbergasted… he felt like he was being pushed into a corner.

That night, Huo Mian felt bad about taking multiple days off, so she decided to take a week’s worth of night shifts, thus giving the other nurses in her department a few nights off.

As she was sitting at the on-call booth, she suddenly saw a warm cup of milk tea placed before her.

She looked up – the man in front of her had upward inclining eyes, slightly feminine features, and a deviously charming smile on his face.

“Head Nurse, here’s your milk tea.” Su Yu smiled.




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