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Season 6

Episode 52

(Who’s Secretly Taking Photos (2)

“My little lord… how many years have you been in the entertainment industry, haven’t you seen through the darkness of it all? Do you still need me to remind you? You have to be always cautious of others. Your trip to South Side is top secret, and if someone writes about it, it might end your career as a superstar…”

“I know.”

After Huo Mian drove Ni Yang back, she headed home, and it was already 9:30 AM when she got back.

Qin Chu had to work at his office, so he didn’t come back this whole time. She hadn’t seen Mr. Qin for two days now, and she obviously missed him quite a lot.

Just as she picked up the phone to call him, her phone began to ring; Qin Chu was requesting a video chat with her.

Huo Mian took the call and sweetly smiled. “Hello, Mr. Qin.”

“You’re off work?”

“Yes, I just got back.”

“Why did you get back so late today?”

“Uhm… something happened at work and I had to take care of it.”

“Look, you’ve got dark circles around your eyes. Don’t take any more night shifts for the time being after these shifts end,” Qin Chu urged with concern.

“Yes, after this night shift, I’ll have day shifts for the next month. Have you eaten yet?”

“Are you asking about breakfast or lunch?” Qin Chu laughed.

“Of course breakfast… it’s only a bit past nine…”

“I ate already…”

“Are you coming back today?”

“You still have a night shift, and I’ll be bored if I go back, so I might as well take care of work at the office.”

“Okay then… don’t tire yourself out.”

After Huo Mian spoke with Qin Chu for a bit, she felt overwhelmingly tired…

She lied on the sofa and fell asleep…

She didn’t know how long she slept; suddenly her phone began to ring, waking her up…

She looked at the caller ID; it was the number from this morning.


“I left my wallet in your car, and my IDs are all inside, could you bring it to me?”

“Wait, I’ll check downstairs.”

Huo Mian held her phone and ran downstairs. She opened her car and saw a male Gucci wallet on the mat of the passenger seat. It was a dark brown wallet that looked very exquisite.

“I see it, where should I take it to?”

“South Side Recuperation Center.”

“South Side again… It’s pretty far, can I give it to you when I go to work tonight?”

“Bring it over here right now, I won’t make you run around for nothing,” the person on the other end spoke in an icy tone.

“I didn’t mean that…” Huo Mian wanted to explain that she wasn’t looking to benefit from this, but the person on the other end didn’t let her finish.

He immediately hung up the phone…

Huo Mian helplessly sighed; she held up the wallet and flipped through it.

There were bank cards, a resident ID, and plenty of cash, about twenty thousand or so…

Huo Mian put the wallet in a paper bag, and then after getting ready upstairs, she drove the car back to South Side once again.

It was two in the afternoon when she arrived, but Huo Mian’s night shifts started at six.

Everyone was quite surprised to see her at the hospital so early…

“Head Nurse, you’re here early today.”

“Yeah,” Huo Mian nodded.

Then, she returned to her office, took out her phone, and dialed the number once again…

However, the line was busy, and so she sent him a text message…

“Pick up your wallet at the head nurse’s office in the Orthopedics Department.”

Fifteen minutes after the message was sent, a woman knocked on the door and walked in…

“Hi, I’m here for the wallet.”

“But the wallet isn’t yours,” Huo Mian said alarmingly.

“I’m his agent. It’s not convenient for him to show up here, you can give it to me.”

“Sure, but wait, I have to make sure.” To prevent being scammed, Huo Mian dialed the number once again.

“Hello?” This time, someone picked up.

“Your agent came for your wallet, is it okay if I give it to her?”


“Okay,” Huo Mian quickly hung up the phone after she spoke and handed over the wallet…

Ni Yang’s agent checked over the wallet after she took it to make sure there nothing had gone missing. Then, she took out five thousand yuan and handed it to Huo Mian.

“What the meaning of this?” Amused, Huo Mian looked at the agent.




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