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Season 6

Episode 45

(I’m Your Little Brother As Well (5)

“Mom… I only want to help dad with some work.”

Huo Siqian and Jiang Hong worked together cooperating perfectly.

Huo Zhenghai only nodded. “Siqian has always been very great with work, and now that Mian has returned, I’ve gained another helper. As siblings, you must work together, so Siyi… you should learn from Mian as well.”

“Dad, what can I learn from her? She’s not as educated as I am, and her salary isn’t as high as mine either. She didn’t even major in management and is only a nurse, so I’m confused, why would you want me to learn from her?”

Both Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan looked down upon the outsider, Huo Mian…

It was because there was a massive difference between the three of them, so the two siblings were born with a sense of superiority…

Huo Mian didn’t want to talk back to him, because… Huo Siyi was a brainless guy.

Fighting with him was like fighting with a dog, there was absolutely no point.

However, Huo Siqian didn’t seem to appreciate what Siyi said, so he questioned, “Siyi… even so, Mian has kept herself busy after she took over the foundation and didn’t make any mistakes. Meanwhile, the project you managed in the Philippines had less than half of the foundation’s funding, but you still messed it up gloriously. Not only did you fail to bond with the local government, but you’ve also caused troubles with a lot of the local gangs… We’re businessmen, and we don’t care about diplomas or profession. We value profit and ability, which is exactly what you lack. Dad definitely has a reason for why you should learn from Mian, is it really appropriate for you to decline like that?”

“I…” After Huo Siyi came back, he kept going against Huo Siqian and had quite the temper.

Shen Jiani immediately stopped her son when she saw what was happening. “Siyi, your older brother is right. You’re the youngest in our family, so you have to learn from your older siblings in the future.”

“Fine, Mom, I got it.” Huo Siyi didn’t seem pleased, but he didn’t dare to talk back to his own mom.

They sat through an awkward and tasteless breakfast…

Huo Mian knew that everyone wore a mask and had another face when they took their masks off…

Huo Zhenghai didn’t look sick either; he only called Huo Mian back to show Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian.

He used Huo Mian like a shield and wanted Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian to attack her instead. That way they wouldn’t have time to bother with Huo Yanyan and Huo Siyi.

That was Huo Zhenghai and Shen Jiani’s ultimate goal…

Just as she was about to leave, Huo Zhenghai deliberately took out a small box. “Mian, I heard that you just turned 24, so I bought you a present.”

“No, thank you. My birthday already passed.” Huo Mian declined.

Huo Zhenghai opened the box and found a pearl necklace inside. It looked quite nice, but it wasn’t very expensive as well. It was no more than ten or twenty thousand, and it couldn’t be compared with what Huo Siqian and Su Yu got for her. More so, it was nothing compared to Qin Chu’s four hundred million yuan mansion.

“Mian, Dad got this for you, so take it.” Huo Siqian placed the box in Huo Mian’s hand after he spoke.

He was implying, ‘Why not accept free gifts?’…

Huo Mian was very indecisive, but she still took it, because if she kept refusing, then it would seem like she was keeping her distance, so it would be hard to continue with her revenge later on.

“Siyi, drive your sister home.”

“Me?” Huo Siyi seemed very displeased.

“It’s fine, I could just get a cab.” She didn’t want to show her wealth too much, so she didn’t even drive her Audi sports car here.

“Siyi, what are you waiting for? Dad ordered you to go. Just go, she’s your… older sister,” Shen Jiani emphasized that last word.

Huo Siyi reluctantly followed Huo Mian out the door…

In the top floor study of the Huo mansion.

“Zhenghai, did you ask her to help us partner up with GK?” Shen Jiani asked impatiently as soon as Huo Mian left.



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