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Season 6

Episode 59

(Who’s Secretly Taking Photos (9)

After Qin Chu looked at the photos, he calmly asked, “Mom, where did you get these?”

The photo was of Su Yu and Huo Mian eating together at the cafeteria.

It seemed like they were chatting happily. Su Yu was looking at Huo Mian gently, and Huo Mian was eating with her head down.

Even though it was only the side of her face, because the pixels were quite clear, one could definitely tell that it was Huo Mian.

“Don’t ask where I got this, but don’t you think this woman is promiscuous? She married you but is still flirting around. Our family is so rich that she doesn’t need to worry about money at all, so why does she still have to parade and flirt around? What else is she other than a b*tch?”

“Mom… did you get someone to stalk her and then take these photos?”

Qin Chu’s expressions turned dark, not because of Huo Mian’s photos, but rather because his mother had Huo Mian followed and investigated.

“Why would I? I’m not that despicable! Do you really think that I’ve got all that free time to stalk and take photos of her? Is she worth it? An unknown number sent this to me an hour ago, and I dialed it back, but the call didn’t go through,” Mrs. Qin explained as she raised her voice.

“Let me see.”

Qin Chu took his mother’s phone, looked at it, and it certainly was a multimedia message.

However, this number’s digits were all messed up and couldn’t be dialed back at all. Qin Chu knew it was the hackers on the Internet that operated using these numbers.

It wouldn’t leave any traces…

“Okay, I got it.”

“What do you mean by that? You must immediately divorce her! The Qin family can’t have this woman around.”

After receiving these photos, Mrs. Qin immediately used this opportunity to run to the company to tattletale to his son.

She only wanted to rapidly destroy the relationship between Huo Mian and Qin Chu…

“Mom… you’re thinking too much, this is no more than a normal photo. There are tons of people at her hospital every day and tons of male colleagues. Isn’t it perfectly normal for them to enjoy a meal together?” Qin Chu smiled.

“My gosh… son, are you treating me like an idiot? Would I be this pissed if it was just a normal colleague? The man in this photo doesn’t work at the hospital, he’s Su Yu. Do you know? He’s the precious heir of the Su Family! Don’t pretend you don’t know who he is, because I won’t believe you. Huo Mian is a flirtatious wreck, not only has she trapped you, but she’s also seducing him. How shameless, I’ve never seen a woman like her.”

Mrs. Qin was very agitated right now as if no amount of swearing and cursing were enough.

She always had a strong bias towards Huo Mian, so she was overwhelmingly furious…

“Mom… good job, you know who Su Yu is.” Qin Chu smiled with uncertain depth.

“I… that’s because I occasionally play cards and have tea with Mrs. Su, so of course, I know who Su Yu is… I don’t even know when Su Yu met her. This woman is really restless, so Chu, we can’t have her around. We have to find a girl from a proper family and background to marry you and have children. Okay? You have to listen to me.”

Mrs. Qin saw that being harsh didn’t work, and Qin Chu remained unmoved, so she began to put on a sad show, as she tried to convince her son with tears in her eyes…

“Mom… do you see me as a smart or dumb person?”

Mrs. Qin froze for a bit when she heard Qin Chu’s question, then she replied, “My son is naturally an extremely smart person.”

“Then do you think that I can’t tell black from white? That I only listen to one side of the story?” asked Qin Chu again.

“This isn’t one-sided, this is solid evidence. Chu, please be clear-headed and take a good look at these photos. Even though they weren’t shot in bed, I believe that this is the warning sign of an affair. Su Yu isn’t an average person, and I don’t believe that they met coincidentally. This woman must have planned for them to meet, just like how she intentionally approached you at 2nd High School back then.” Mrs. Qin always thought that Huo Mian planned out her encounter with Qin Chu, just so she could marry into a wealthy family.



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