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Season 6

Episode 92

(It Was All a Ploy (2)  

“I don’t think you would’ve done something like that,” Huo Mian answered in a serious tone.


“It’s because… I see the good in you, you were just bluffing.”

“Ha… I didn’t think that you’d see this side of me so thoroughly since even my biological mother didn’t see it. It’s true, I was only scaring her; I would never do that. Even if she exposed me, it’s just my public image that’s destroyed. I have enough money now to go wherever I want to go. It’s just that I haven’t repaid Sister Yingzi’s kindness yet. I promised her to be an idol for ten years,” Ni Yang softly said.

“So your mother was the one who has been stressing you out?” Huo Mian asked heartbreakingly.


“I think you can let it go now, she already got what was coming to her after abandoning you. As for you… you’ve achieved brilliance and glory. It’s all in the past now, so you don’t have to beat yourself up over it.”

“It’s not fair, Sister Mian, I can’t settle with a dark and unbearable past like that. Thinking back on it now, it hurts so much that I want to die. To be frank, I don’t want to be a star, I just want to be a normal person. If she didn’t abandon me back then, I could have gone to high school and university just like any other kid. I might’ve graduated uni by now and found a stable job and a girl I liked. Now, I have nothing. Nothing, do you understand? I don’t even have the desire to keep living… I don’t know if there’s anything left for me in this world.”

Ni Yang painfully held his head with his hands, beginning to feel emotional and agitated…

Huo Mian immediately patted his hand and comforted, “Ni Yang, if you trust me, listen to me. God kept you alive because he has a plan for you. Even if you don’t have anything now, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be the same in the future. They’re just on the way here. I’ve suffered too, but I got past it. I posted a status like this on my WeChat friend circle once: God closed a door on me once, so I told him to close the window too because I’m turning on the AC”

After Ni Yang heard that, he immediately laughed…

“Sister Mian, you’re so domineering.”

“Of course, if you can’t control life, it’ll control you. Then, you’ll be like a trashcan, getting negative emotions thrown at you one after another. Before long, the trash will rot in your stomach, rotting you with it.”

“That’s right, I feel like I’m starting to grow mold.”

“So, you have to open your heart and clear up your emotions.”

“I want to, but I don’t know how. I even have trouble sleeping now,” lowering his eyelashes, Ni Yang softly said.

“I prepared a sleeping plan for you, here you go. Go home and try it, let’s fix your insomnia first before any other treatments.”

As she spoke, she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it over…

Ni Yang took it and his mood seemed to lighten as he looked at it. The corners of his mouth slightly lifted.

“Sister Mian… why does this plan include watching anime? Why do I have to watch two episodes of Naruto every day, isn’t that too childish?” Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian with an amused expression.

“Japanese anime is very good, it’s not childish like cartoons. The main character has a lot of positive energy. Go watch it first, I promise that you’ll love it. When we have time, we’ll discuss the plot.”

“Mhm, okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Then, Ni Yang carefully put the plan into his pocket.

The two had a great time conversing and added each other’s WeChat accounts. Huo Mian suddenly wondered what would happen if his fans knew that she had Ni Yang’s WeChat.

They would probably explode from envy…

“We have two bottles left, should we finish it?” Ni Yang glanced at the two bottles of red wine.

“Uh… if you want to, I’ll entertain you.” Huo Mian was a little dizzy already. It would probably be too much if she kept drinking.

However, it was rare for Ni Yang to be in the mood to drink, and she didn’t want to dampen the fun…

After finishing the last two bottles, Yingzi opened the door and saw the two drunkards swaying.

“My god, you let Ni Yang drink. You’re crazy, I’m reporting you!” the agent pointed at Huo Mian and began yelling at her.  



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