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Season 6

Episode 41

(I’m Your Little Brother As Well (1)

“Why are you here?” Huo Mian asked Su Yu; the truth was, she wasn’t surprised, because Tang Chuan was hospitalized here.

So, she was certain that Su Yu would come…

“My buddy is living here now, and he’s even staying in your department.”

“I know, Tang Chuan, right?” Huo Main took a sip of milk tea.

“Yes, him.”

“He doesn’t have to stay here, you forced him to come, didn’t you?” Huo Mian asked up front.

“Would you believe it if I said that it wasn’t my idea?” Su Yu looked at Huo Mian in all seriousness.

Actually, it really wasn’t his idea. With Su Yu’s temperament, if he wanted to see Huo Mian, he would’ve twisted his own ankle.

Tang Chuan was here because while playing basketball with Wei Liao, he accidentally twisted his ankle. He was going to go find a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner when Wei Liao suddenly came up with the idea that he should just go with the flow and stay at South Side. This way, Su Yu would have the chance to see Huo Mian.

That’s how that young heir ended up in South Side and was forced to suffer…

Huo Mian didn’t answer him; she didn’t see the point in discussing something like this with Su Yu…

Therefore, she purposely changed the subject. “This milk tea tastes good, it’s really authentic.”

“If you like it, I’ll bring you some every day.” Su Yu stared at her face.

For some reason, Huo Mian didn’t have the courage to look into Su Yu’s eyes…

She didn’t know how to face a serious Su Yu.

On the Gamble God’s cruise, she broke his heart by not even sharing a dance with him.

She thought that he would give up on her. Yet, for some reason, he seemed to forget about all that and was still courting her.

This made Huo Mian feel perplexed and awkward…

“Su Yu… you don’t have to do that, we…”

“We what? I know what we are, don’t worry, I won’t burden you. Courting you is my business, not accepting me is yours. The two don’t conflict.”

“But… Su Yu, you need to know that I’m already married,” Huo Mian held the warm milk tea in her hands and reminded him again.

“I know…” Su Yu smiled bitterly.

“So… you need to know that some things are…”

“Huo Mian… you don’t have to keep reminding me, I know my position, and I know how you feel about me. I just want to do things for you; I never wanted anything in return and didn’t fantasize about a future with you. I’m a free spirit who follows his heart, and I just want to do things that make me happy. Right now, I get happy buying milk tea for you. That’s how I feel, and I treasure it. In the last twenty or so years of my life, no one has ever made me this happy… therefore, just humor me, will you?”

Su Yu was actually a man with high IQ and EQ. He used to be childish only because he never met anyone he liked as much as Huo Mian and therefore didn’t know what to do about it.

After spending some time together, Huo Mian realized that Su Yu was aware of everything.

Including how he felt about Huo Mian and Huo Mian’s attitude towards himself…

What Su Yu said left Huo Mian at a loss for words…

For the first time, Huo Mian lost a verbal confrontation against Su Yu…

You can reject a man who loves you, but you couldn’t step all over his heart…

She made things really clear to Su Yu already, but he still said what he said; it was obvious that he knew better than anyone how she felt.

“But why would you…” Huo Mian turned her head. She felt sad and didn’t want to look into his eyes.

“I think… it might be a debt I owed you from our past life.” The corners of Su Yu’s mouth curled into a smile, and his tall figure stood before the on-call booth.

Just then, Huo Mian’s phone began to ring. It was a video call from Qin Chu.

Feeling guilty, Huo Mian glanced over at Su Yu…





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