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Season 6

Episode 64

Qin Chu’s Retaliation (4)

Qin Chu looked at him and said, word for word, into the night sky, “I know Mian will never fall for you, but it does annoy me that you keep showing up at South Side. You really have nothing to do, don’t you? But it’s okay, I know that beginning tomorrow, you’ll become a busy bee. Tomorrow… will be a good day.”

Then, with a mysterious smile, Qin Chu turned around, got onto his Maybach, and left…

His driving skills seemed good; Su Yu really wanted to drive up to race him, but now wasn’t the right time.

Plus, Qin Chu wasn’t driving a sports car, but he was, so it seemed unfair…

He didn’t want to seem like a bully. Plus, Qin Chu was right, Huo Mian didn’t like him at all. She already made it clear to him that they weren’t even friends. At most, he was carrying a torch for someone who didn’t like him back. Therefore, under those circumstances, it didn’t matter if he defeated Qin Chu in a car race or not.

“Tomorrow… haha, is something going to happen tomorrow? Then let it come! If I back down, I will spell my name backward.”

After mumbling to himself, he got onto this sportscar and left. This was his last night at South Side because Tang Chuan was being discharged tomorrow, so he won’t have an excuse to keep coming back.

Technically, he could injure himself and come here for rehab, but it felt meaningless.

If he liked someone, he wanted to show her how genuine he felt towards her, so she would realize that his feelings were real.

He didn’t want to cling onto her like old tape; that wasn’t Su Yu’s style…

After Qin Chu left South Side, he didn’t go home. Without Huo Mian there, their condo felt empty, and he didn’t see the point of going back.

Therefore, he headed back to GK headquarters again.

When Yang received a phone call from the president, he thought it was a prank call. If he hadn’t sleepily looked at the caller ID, he would’ve cursed at whoever called him.

So his boss called him at 2 AM in the morning to tell him to go to the office? Had he gone crazy?

After Yang arrived, he noticed that he wasn’t the only one called into this emergency meeting. Many of the executives were there as well.

Qin Chu stood there, wearing a grey shirt and silently holding a thick stack of documents…

The dozen or so executives didn’t dare to say anything either, because they were well aware of their president’s capricious temper.

Finally, it was Yang who couldn’t contain himself. He asked, “Sir, did you ask us to come here to work on an emergency project?”

Qin Chu slowly put down the documents in his hands, scanned the room, and said with authority, “Starting tomorrow, GK will be venturing into the entertainment industry.”

Everyone in the room was shocked upon hearing what he said…

Before anyone had the time to react, Qin Chu added, “The first item on the docket is to poach the A-list celebrities who have signed with Imperial Star Entertainment. The more, the better. Money isn’t a problem. In a week, I will be announcing the establishment of GK Film and Television and will be expecting those celebrities to come to our red-carpet event. You guys are all long-time employees and should have some tricks up your sleeves. Once I give you your tasks, you can each decide how you want to go about it. Of course, it will be difficult, but I will be distributing massive bonuses according to productivity. Whoever signs an A-list celebrity will be awarded 5 million yuan. I will not accept any B-list celebrities. That’s it, the meeting’s over.”

Qin Chu quickly finished the meeting by listing down all the important points. Then, he turned around to leave.

The high-level executives in the room were all flabbergasted…

Did the president say that he wanted to venture into film and television?

Their first task was to poach Imperial Star’s celebrities?

Within a week?

A 5-million-yuan award for each A-list celebrity they sign with, and he doesn’t want B-list celebrities?

Was… their boss going crazy?

“Assistant Yang… this is really sudden; did you know about this in advance?” Everyone knew that Yang was Qin Chu’s personal assistant.

Therefore, they wanted to see if they could get any information from him.

Yang was also confused. In the end, all he could say was, “Our president has always been stubborn, ha.”

Yang did know a little about Qin Chu’s intent to invest in the entertainment industry, but he didn’t think that his boss would act so fast.

The award was hefty, but would it be easy to poach celebrities from Imperial Star?

– The next morning –

Su Yu was still deep in dreamland at his mansion when Wei Liao called him.

“What’s up?” Su Yu woke up and asked in a daze.

“Wake up now, did you see the news?”

“No, why?” Su Yu asked, slurring his words.

“This morning GK announced that it will be venturing into the entertainment industry and declared that it will be hosting a red-carpet initiation in a week. It’s obvious that Qin Chu is targeting you.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes with a chilling light flashing past them.




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