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Season 6

Episode 98  

(It Was All a Ploy (8)

“I really can’t deal with you,” Qin Chu sighed, finally admitting defeat.

“Haha…” Huo Mian immediately laughed out loud when she saw that Qin Chu’s anger had dissipated.

“Does your stomach still hurt?” Qin Chu asked heartachingly.

“I think I’m just too hungry, let’s go get something to eat.”

“Okay.” Qin Chu nodded. Then, he began walking out of the office while still carrying Huo Mian in his arms.

“Put me down, your employees will go crazy when they see this.” Huo Mian knew that if Qin Chu continued carrying her downstairs like this, GK will be on the entertainment headlines tomorrow…

“Then let them go crazy.”

Qin Chu stubbornly insisted on carrying Huo Mian downstairs. After they got onto his car, he took out a first-aid kit, sterilized Huo Mian’s palm, and placed a Band-Aid on her injury.

Then, the two of them drove off to Ah-Xin’s Ramen for some food.

There was a small episode before that…

When Qin Chu carried Huo Mian out of his elevator, Jiang Linyue was just coming back from lunch.

Upon seeing them in front of her, she first stood there, startled…

Then, she greeted him, “Good afternoon, President Qin.”

Qin Chu only nodded at her. He didn’t even look at Jiang Linyue and carried Huo Mian out of the building.

Her colleagues secretly discussed amongst themselves how badly their president spoiled his girlfriend…

Jiang Linyue’s insides were bubbling…

No one knew that she was jealous to the point of going crazy…

If one day, the president could carry her like that under the eyes of GK’s employees, she would have no regrets, even if she dropped dead at the next instance…

She was so jealous of Huo Mian. That woman was no match for her in every single aspect. But, she had the opportunity just because she met Qin Chu before Jiang Linyue did.

So what if they were high school sweethearts? What was the big deal?

She believed that there was no such thing as unbreakable love on this earth. She was going to tear them apart.

She vowed to squeeze Huo Mian out of Qin Chu’s life…

– Imperial Star Entertainment –

The initiation for GK Film and Television was in two days, the day after tomorrow.

Su Yu didn’t dare to show any neglect. He had shown up at work on time all these days to direct all operations.

The movies Imperial Star produced all had really good box offices, and they made a lot of money from them.

Everyone’s attention was on the battle between GK and Imperial Star.

Su Yu ate delivery from an expensive restaurant while he observed company stocks.

Then, his phone suddenly rang…

The doucheface Tang Chuan was speaking in their group.

Their group consisted of only Su Yu, Tang Chuan, and Wei Liao. The three of them were best buds.

“Young Master Su~ Come out, come out~” Tang Chuan was in a hurry.

“What?” Su Yu only replied with a single word.

Wei Liao, on the other hand, didn’t respond. Perhaps he didn’t have his phone with him…

“According to a reliable source, Miss Huo Mian did something earth-shattering at South Side today.”

“What did she do?” Su Yu stopped eating upon seeing that he was talking about Huo Mian.

He put down his chopsticks and picked up his phone…

“What did she do, what did she do, tell me.” It turned out Wei Liao was only pretending to be away from his phone.

Tang Chuan, “This morning, Huo Mian threw an ashtray at the head of a department director at South Side, causing him to bleed. This director is the brother-in-law of South Side’s deputy director. Apparently, the scene was really bloody.”

Wei Liao, “Wow, that’s scary. Seems like Huo Mian is recklessly impulsive. I can confidently conclude that she is an iron-lady.”

Su Yu, “Why did she hurt him?”

Tang Chuan, “See, no wonder you’re Young Master Su. You know how to get straight to the point.”

Su Yu, “Stop with the nonsense and shoot.”

Tang Chuan, “That director was going to rape a nurse in his brother-in-law’s office. You know that the nurses there push and pull about stuff like this all the time, but they all end up compromising in the face of money and power. But, he was trying to fool around with a new nurse with a bad temper. She tried to resist, and when Huo Mian heard what was happening outside the door, she rushed in to save the nurse. That’s how she ended up smashing that man’s head.”

Wei Liao, “Huo Mian sounds like a heroine.”

Su Yu, “Where is she now? Is she hurt?”

Su Yu sounded worried; like Qin Chu, the first thing he wanted to know was if Huo Mian was okay.





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