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Season 6

Episode 80

(You Want to Play? Game On. (10)

Tang Chuan was an arcade games enthusiast, unlike Wei Liao and Su Yu.

Those two would spend most of their time hanging out at nightclubs and private social clubs.

Tang Chuan was the only one who still had the heart of a child and frequented the venue with a few other friends.

He never thought that he would see Huo Mian here with Qin Chu sitting beside her.

Tang Chuan took out his phone and sneakily recorded a video while standing not far behind the two.

Then, he dastardly sent it to Su Yu…

So… as Qin Chu’s friend, Gao Ran was quite a troll at times, though it was infrequent.

As Su Yu’s friends, Tang Chuan and Wei Liao were extremely trolling and would always dig pits for him to fall in.

Although it was only Huo Mian’s silhouette in the short clip, Su Yu recognized her with one glance.

At that moment, he was in the executive conference room at Imperial Star’s headquarters.

After Su Yu watched the video, he raised his head and looked around.

“Are you all clear about your tasks today?”

“We are, President Su.” A dozen executives all nodded.

The situation had reached a point where the boss was working overtime instead of sleeping, flirting with girls, or going to a nightclub in the middle of the night.

It looked like Su Yu would occasionally treat something seriously…

“You’re free to go now.”

After speaking, Su Yu rose and left the conference room…

Right after he left, he called Tang Chuan.

“Hello? Young Master Su…”

“Where did you see her?” Without holding back, Su Yu went straight to the point.

“Tsk, tsk… Why aren’t you sleeping in the middle of the night?”

“I’ll sleep your sister…”

“Haha, it’d be great if you would sleep with her. She is crazily infatuated with you,” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Stop blabbering and answer my question.” Su Yu couldn’t wait.

“What? If I say a location, are you going to come immediately?” Tang Chuan laughed and kept on trolling Su Yu.

“You little as*face, I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t tell me, I’ll put you in South Side Recuperation Centre again,” Su Yu started to drop threats.

“No, no, no, Young Master Su, I’m scared of you. I don’t want to stay at South Side ever again, the food is horrible and Huo Mian is too scary…” Tang Chuan remembered South Side like it was yesterday.

He was terrorized by Huo Mian and didn’t sleep or eat well. He couldn’t get girls and was always in a horrible mood. All in all, it was a terrible experience.

“Stop blabbering, get to the point.”

Su Yu was losing his patience…

If Tang Chuan was in front of him, Su Yu would’ve busted his head in by now.

“I’m on the seventh floor of Arcade City.”

After speaking and before Su Yu could reply, Tang Chuan continued to say, “However, I don’t think you should come. You probably noticed from the video that she came with her husband, you’re only hurting yourself if you come.”

Su Yu fell silent after hearing that…

“Hello? Young Master Yu, are you still there?” Tang Chuan questioned.

“Turn on your video chat.”

Su Yu swiftly hung up after he finished speaking…

Then, Tang Chuan reinitiated a video call…

When the two connected, Tang Chuan purposefully turned the camera away from Huo Mian.

“Do you want to die?” Su Yu cursed.

“I’ll let you see her for a bottle of Lafite,” Tang Chuan began negotiating.

As a wine enthusiast, Su Yu had a private wine estate in France and good wine in his cellar.

It was said that Su Yu personally visited his winery annually and selected a batch of good wine for his own keeping.

So, those within the circle were extremely honored to be able to drink Su Yu’s wine.

“Stop blabbering, I’ll give you ten bottles of red wine later. Let me see her.” Su Yu’s temper turned violent.

He had no patience…

Seeing that he got his way, Tang Chuan turned the camera with a big douchebag smile on his face…


The atmosphere promptly changed…

“Where’s she?” Su Yu’s face darkened.

“Ahem… I swear, she was just playing Fisherman’s Quest over there, I’m being honest,” Tang Chuan explained at once.

How did he lose her within just a few moments?

“You rascal, if you don’t find her, I’ll come and wreck your cheeks in Arcade City in a bit,” Su Yu threatened.

Tang Chuan laughed until his stomach hurt from seeing Su Yu go crazy…

“Just you wait, Yu, I’ll turn this place upside down looking for your sweetheart.” As he spoke, Tang Chuan turned around to look for her.

At that moment, an exquisite face appeared in the video camera…

“Are you looking for me?”

The sudden change left both Tang Chuan, who was holding the phone and Su Yu, who was in the video dumbfounded…


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