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Season 6

Episode 91

(It Was All a Ploy (1)

“If you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine. But I believe that if you say it, it will be very helpful for untying the knot in your heart and your recovery,” Huo Mian added.

He was silent for about ten seconds…

Ni Yang turned around, looked Huo Mian in her eyes, and said, “When I was ten, she left me and ran away with another man to pursue what she called happiness. She left me with my drunk of a father, who took out his anger on me because she left. He viciously beat me every day after he got drunk, and later, he chased after me one time, so I ran away. A car appeared and hit him, killing him. I thought it was karma and ended up with my grandparents. They lived in a village and were very old, had bad health, and no source of income. They begged my aunt to take me in, so I spent three years under her roof. I dropped out of school when I was fourteen, and I drifted around and made some crook friends. I lived in internet caf├ęs for a whole year, where my days were filled with disruption and displacement until Sister Yingzi appeared. She was an elite agent and saw my talent. She took me out of that circle and helped me change my name. After some plastic surgery, she sent me to Korea to train for three years. I debuted when I was eighteen and worked until now… If it weren’t for Sister Yingzi, I would probably be rotting in jail or being a crook somewhere. ”

“Your mom, she… how could she be so cold-hearted?” Huo Mian was getting a little emotional.

“She was never my mother, she’s not fit to be… I remembered that when she left, she asked someone to bring me a set of new clothes with a note that asked me to not hate her and that everything she did was for my younger brother. Haha… how funny is that? How could she sacrifice me for a son that she had with someone else? How come nobody cares about the older brother?”

“Then, is she still in contact with you?” Huo Mian felt sorry for Ni Yang after hearing about his tragic life.

She sincerely felt like this man had it hard, becoming a popular idol after being a crook, who was close to perishing.

It was a complete do-over…

“Maybe the gods saw my sorrow, so she didn’t have a happy time. That man cheated on her and abandoned her. She worked many jobs to keep that waste of a son alive. Haha, she came looking for me a few times and asked me for money. I didn’t give her any, and later, she said that she would expose my real identity to the media, expose what I did in my younger years as a crook. She even said that she would go to court to sue me for abandonment, saying that I didn’t care for her.” After saying that, Ni Yang bitterly laughed.

“Is she really your mother? How can she do something like that?” Huo Mian softly said.

“I once doubted that she didn’t give birth to me as well. I even did a parental test, but the results were funny. I really was her son… Haha.”

“Then, she’s too extreme, threatening to expose her biological son. I have absolutely no comment,” Huo Mian exclaimed.

“Do you know what I said to her?” Ni Yang raised his head and asked her.

“You gave her money? You used it to keep her mouth shut?” Huo Mian guessed.

“I didn’t give her a single cent, I told her to expose anything she wanted to expose. Even if I lost everything, I promised that I would use my money to hire someone to kill that trash son of hers. She was scared after hearing that; she thought I could really do it, and blamed me for not having a shred of humanity. Until now, she didn’t expose anything about me, so I guess my threat was extremely effective.”

“If she did, would you really do that?” Huo Mian asked anxiously.

“Sister Mian, what do you think?” Ni Yang asked her back with a smile on his face.





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