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Season 6  

Episode 95

(It Was All a Ploy (5)

“Come home with me first.”

Then, Qin Chu grabbed Huo Mian’s hand and left with her, ignoring everyone else in the room…

“Hey, wait, why did she leave? I want to sue her, what the hell are you cops doing?” Department Director Qi’s hand was bandaged; he had rushed over right after being treated at the hospital, just so he could keep an eye on Huo Mian. He didn’t want her to run away.

The truth was, he had been annoyed at Huo Mian for a while now, ever since she refused to let them take money from the Huo Foundation.

He was merely looking for a reason to pick on her; if his brother-in-law hadn’t warned him not to, he would’ve taught Huo Mian a lesson a long time ago.

Today was the perfect opportunity to do that – Huo Mian had messed up his plan to boink that nurse. Therefore, Director Qi decided to strike preemptively so he could teach Huo Mian a lesson.

“Someone bailed her out, so we had to let her go.”

“Someone bailed her out? So what?” Director Qi snorted.

“So nothing. I just know that you’re about to be screwed both literally and figuratively. You should start praying for yourself.” Gao Ran took pity on this man. He could’ve pissed anyone off, but he chose to piss off Qin Chu’s wife. Was he crazy?

However, it really wasn’t Director Qi’s fault this time, he wasn’t the one who stirred up trouble.

Huo Mian was the one who hit him – she was just trying to help someone else.

“I should be praying for myself? Haha, do you know who I am? My brother-in-law is the South Side Recuperation Center’s deputy director.”

“Do you know Huo Mian’s background?” Gao Ran laughed at him.

“Of course I do, it’s the Huo Family. Isn’t she just their bastard child? What’s she being so high and mighty about? The Huo Family never recognized her, and it wasn’t until recently that Huo Siqian decided to make her the chairman of a stupid foundation, making her incredibly arrogant. That b*tch, sooner or later I’m going to teach her a lesson,” Director Qi cursed shamelessly.

“Watch your mouth, or it might be the death of you.”

“I’m not scared. I have my brother-in-law, why would I be scared? The Huo Family isn’t going to protect her.” Director Qin didn’t seem to care about Huo Mian’s background.

“I can promise you that you’re screwed.”

Then, Gao Ran smashed the documents in his hand right onto Director Qi’s head and said impolitely, “You were going to sue, right? Fill out this form…”

“Hey! Sir, be gentle, I’m in pain here.”

Qin Chu didn’t take Huo Mian home. Instead, they headed towards GK Headquarters.

On their way there, Qin Chu focused on driving and didn’t say anything. She could tell that he was pissed.

“Honey, do you want some water?” Huo Mian picked up a bottle and handed it to him.


“Honey, are you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat.”


“Honey, are you tired? Do you want me to drive for a while?” Huo Mian offered her driving skills.

Qin Chu’s expression finally changed. He turned towards Huo Mian and stared at her face. “You want to drive?”

“Yeah.” Huo Mian furiously nodded her head.

“Are you sober? Aren’t you afraid of being pulled over for driving under the influence?”

Huo Mian, “…”

What Qin Chu said left Huo Mian at a loss for words…

That Gao Ran, he really told Qin Chu everything…

– GK Headquarters –

Qin Chu pulled Huo Mian into his office and then pushed her down onto his couch.

Then, he pulled up a chair and sat down across from her.

He looked like someone who was interrogating a criminal…

Then, he began his interrogation.

“Tell me, how much did you drink?” Qin Chu said with an icy expression.

“Two bottles.” Huo Mian stuck out two fingers.

“Tell me the truth.” Qin Chu was  obviously unconvinced.

“Haha, I actually drank three bottles.” Huo Mian stuck out another finger.

“But from what I know, 10 bottles of red wine went missing at the wine cellar. Uncle Li said you’ve been to the castle.”

Huo Mian immediately felt guilty; looks like the old butler was a tattle-tale as well… damn it.



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