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 Season 6

Episode 86

(She Only Cared About Him (6)

Su Yu slowly put down the cocktail glass. “Intervene? Why would we intervene?”
“Sir, didn’t you plan to let them…”

“My plan never included that woman.” Su Yu softly smiled.
An suddenly realized. “Sir, you mean you want to take this opportunity and abandon her?”

“She’s past her prime here anyways. Also, she never settles and filled the company with smoke with her constant fighting with other celebrities. I’ll let her go with this opportunity, as people like her wreak havoc wherever they go.”

“Sir, you’ve sure thought of everything. What about the others?”
“”How many days until GK Film and Television unveils to the public?”

“There’re two days left.”
“Oh, good, let them carry things out according to plan.”
“Okay.” An nodded and walked out the door.
Su Yu crossed his legs and leaned back onto his luxurious executive’s chair.
He was looking forward to the unveiling of GK Film and Television in two days.
It’ll be bustling with liveliness beyond compare…
As their largest rival company, should he gift them with a funeral wreath, no, a flower basket?

– At GK Corporation Headquarters –

“Sir, Director Jiang signed over Annie Liang this morning. She’s a big star. It’s a good thing for us.”
Yang excitedly reported the progress on their new company…
He thought that his boss would be happy…

However, there was not even a single trace of happiness on Qin Chu’s face…
Looking at the data on his laptop, Qin Chu carelessly asked, “Why would I be happy to sign a star past her prime with ninety million yuan?”

“Uh… didn’t you decide the price?” Yang boldly asked.
Qin Chu let go of his mouse and turned to look at Yang, “My goal isn’t to pull one star to our side, it’s to deprive Imperial Star of their stars.”

“Oh… so that was your intention, but… Imperial Star has so many stars, we won’t be able to poach all of them.” Yang seemed pessimistic, as he believed that his boss’ mission was too difficult.

“That’s why we picked the famous ones to poach.”
“I see.”

After Yang finished speaking, someone knocked on his office door.
“Come in.”

“President Qin, I want to talk to you about Annie Liang’s contract.” Jiang Linyue was wearing a pair of peach-colored legging and a vest, and it made her look much younger. But no matter how beautiful she looked, Qin Chu wouldn’t spare her another glance.
“Yang told me already.”

“President Qin, I signed a real contract, not a letter of intent,” Jiang Linyue anxiously added.
“I know.” Qin Chu’s voice was still indifferent.

“Miss Annie Liang wanted quintuple the price, but I purposefully called you last night and told her that you can only triple the price. I got her down after contending with her for a long time, so at least it wasn’t a waste of time.”

Jiang Linyue was basically asking for a reward, even Assistant Yang could tell what she wanted.
She was just here to show off her accomplishments, so President Qin could compliment her, right?
To her surprise, however, Qin Chu immediately called the Finance Department.
Then, he instructed, “When you’re paying employee salaries this month, triple the salary of Director Jiang of the Design Department as a bonus.”

“Yes, President Qin,” the director of the Finance Department immediately confirmed.
Jiang Linyue opened her mouth to explain, “President Qin, you’re mistaken. I don’t want a bonus.”
“It doesn’t matter, you deserved it.” When Qin Chu spoke, his line of sight remained on his computer.
His gaze never even fell on Jiang Linyue…

“But…” Jiang Linyue seemed like she wanted to say something else.

“There’s nothing else I need, you can leave now. If you have anything to say, say it during the morning meeting in a bit.”

Qin Chu choked Jiang Linyue’s words back with one sentence…

“Yes, President Qin.” Jiang Linyue bleakly turned around and left the president’s office.

Shouldn’t the president be happy that she signed Annie Liang?
Why did he brush her off with a bonus; she didn’t love money anyways.

“Sir, should we leak it to the media that Annie Liang signed with us? It’ll be very beneficial to the trends of our company,” Yang excitedly asked.

“No,” Qin Chu immediately denied him.

“Why shouldn’t we? It’s such a great opportunity, sir.” Yang’s excitement was dampened and killed off by Qin Chu immediately.



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