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Season 6

Episode 79

(You Want to Play? Game On. (9)

She didn’t ask Qin Chu where he was taking her, because there was no point.

From her past experience, she was almost certain that his answer would be, “Guess.”

Huo Mian didn’t want to tire out her brain by guessing around…

After all, she had been working her ass off at South Side every day and wanted to shut her brain off at home.

Therefore, she quietly waited for Mr. Qin to make the arrangements…

She didn’t care where she went, as long as she was with Qin Chu.

She was down for anything, whether it was having street food, enjoying the night scene by the beach, watching a movie downtown, shopping at a local night market, or even wandering the streets.

– Twenty minutes later –

Qin Chu parked his flashy Maybach outside a 7-story building located downtown.

Huo Mian got off the car and looked up.

She recognized this place; they were in front of the biggest arcade games center in the city. It was always filled with people, all year round.

Apparently, money rolled in like water…

This was because nowadays, aside from children, grown-ups were becoming addicted to arcade games as well.

This place had a dizzying array of arcade games, from the first floor to the seventh. The owners really did invest a lot in building it.

“Shall we go play some arcade games?” Qin Chu turned his head to ask Huo Mian.

“Why not? We’re already here. Plus, I’m not sleepy at all.” Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu held onto her hand as the two of them walked in and took the elevator right up to the 7th floor.

There weren’t a lot of people on the 7th floor, because the machines were higher-end and the tokens were much more expensive than that on the other floors.

Consider it as a VIP floor. In this world, you would be able to receive the best services as long as you were rich.

As soon as they walked in, Qin Chu bought 3000 yuan worth of tokens.

Then, he held the little basket of tokens in one hand, and Huo Mian’s hand in the other, traveling among the abundant variety of games.

The good thing was that not a lot of people knew what Qin Chu looked like because he hadn’t exposed himself much to the public. Or else… everyone would go crazy.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian played on a crane machine for a while. She tried multiple times but failed to get the toy she wanted, which was a stuffed toy in the shape of a black coal ball.

After she caught a couple of stuffed bunnies, she gave up and went up to the Fisherman’s Quest machine with Qin Chu.

There were only two seats on this machine.

One of the seats had already been taken by a girl. Behind that girl stood a guy, who appeared to be her boyfriend.

Huo Mian sat down on the machine across from that girl, and Qin Chu sat down beside Huo Mian and thoughtfully inserted the tokens for her.

Then, Huo Mian proceeded to reach a 100% catch rate. She quickly elevated to a high score.

“Holy sh*t, she’s good, that’s an expert right there.” The young girl sitting across from her had on heavy makeup. She exclaimed admirably as she watched Huo Mian play.

Huo Mian smiled but didn’t say anything…

“Honey, that’s the jellyfish, catch it.” Qin Chu reached out to grab Huo Mian’s waist, while his other hand pointed at the machine.

The jellyfish was the ‘boss’ you had to catch before the game ended. It always appeared along with a bunch of other fish.

It wasn’t easy to catch, and it was incredibly difficult to find the right angle…

The girl across from her spent a lot of time trying to catch the jellyfish but failed…

When the jellyfish appeared, the player only had one minute to catch it…

Huo Mian took her time as she quietly looked at the fish swimming around the jellyfish, looking for the angle she should attack from.

Finally, when there were only 10 seconds left to the game…

The girl’s boyfriend became anxious and kept saying, “Hurry up, there are only ten seconds left, hurry up.”

“Don’t nag me, I’m trying.” The girl kept shooting out harpoons, but they all missed.

Huo Mian didn’t do anything until the very end. She pressed a button and the harpoon pierced right through the jellyfish…

The machine lit up with a really high score…

“Woah, she caught it, she’s so good!” the couple across from them kept exclaiming.

“Good job, give me a kiss.” Qin Chu smiled.

Happy, Huo Mian turned around and pecked the corner of Qin Chu’s mouth…

Who knew that the two of them, as old as they were, could still find the feeling they felt back in high school? At an arcade game center of all places.

Not far from them, a man squinted his eyes and glanced over. “Is that… Huo Mian?



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