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Season 6

Episode 88

(She Only Cared About Him (8)

“Yes, we’re not talking about your disease today. We’re just drinking.”
“Why?” Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian defensively.

“It’s because getting drunk helps deal with your worries… Ha, rest assured, I won’t take private photos when you’re drunk, I am very professional.”

“I know,” Ni Yang softly spoke.

“So are we drinking or not? I respect your decisions, and if you trust me, sit down and drink away. If you’re worried, I understand, as you’re a public figure. If your agent, Yingzi finds out, she’ll curse me into oblivion, I suppose.” Huo Mian laughed her heart out. She knew that she might be lectured and reported, but she still wanted to test her luck and go down a riskier path.

After about 5 seconds of silence…
Ni Yang slowly raised his head, showing her his clear eyes.
“Then… let’s drink.”

It was true that he had been too depressed lately, Yingzi was very strict with him and didn’t let him drink any alcohol.

It was because she was afraid that he would lose his composure and damage his reputation as an idol. He also knew that what Yingzi did was for his own benefit.

So, he did not argue over it. Today, Huo Mian brought over wine and allowed him to drink as much as he wanted to.
He was still young and ready to go…

His innocent hormones were jumping around…

Just like that, the two began drinking while facing each other.
Huo Mian was a bold northern girl and had a slight case of alcoholism.

If Qin Chu caught her, it was the end for her, but to breakthrough the bottleneck and treat Ni Yang’s illness, she really put herself out there.
She was giving up her life to entertain others…

“This wine is pretty good, where did you get it from?” Ni Yang held up the orange flavored red wine and asked.

“Uh… from my house,” Huo Mian awkwardly replied; she didn’t dare to say that she stole it from Mr. Qin.

“Your wine is not bad. Yingzi forbids me from drinking; I rarely drink cocktails besides when I’m at business functions, where I have to drink with my bosses. Honestly, I’m tired of business dinners, but I can’t do anything about it. Don’t you think I’m screwed in the head?”
Ni Yang bitterly smiled…

“If you can’t change life, then change yourself first,” Huo Mian calmly said.
“Change myself?” Ni Yang looked at her with confusion.

“Mhm, your attitude towards life is very important. If you let your heart become narrow, your problems will become bigger. When your heart becomes bigger, your problems will become smaller. In the end, everything will come to pass. In other words, you’re a star and a public figure. There’ll be people who praise you and those who shun you. Don’t take compliments or criticism to heart. They’re all illusions, and your personal comfort is what really matters.”

“You’re right, I just always miss the big picture. I thought that I couldn’t change the situation and complained everyday. Look where that got me. Haha… I guess I’m just not suited for the entertainment industry.”

“Then leave…”

“Leave? Impossible, I currently have twenty contracts on my back. If I leave, I’ll have to jump off a building to pay my debts back.”

“So… If you can’t do it, don’t complain.”
Huo Mian then continued, “Maybe you think that I’m being too harsh, but… I am speaking the truth.”

“I know.” Ni Yang nodded.

“I can see that you have an unpleasant past. In fact, we all do. Nobody is as happy as they seem on the outside. There’s an internet phrase that I really like.”

“What is it?” Huo Mian’s words seemed to pique Ni Yang’s interest.

“Treasure your past, but never look back,” Huo Mian said, word by word.

“Treasure it, haha, what’s true is that… that I’ll never look back. Yes, I’ll never look back onto that time again.” Ni Yang’s heart seemed to be moved as he took a huge swig from the bottle.

Huo Mian raised her own. “Cheers.”

At that moment, Huo Mian’s phone rang. It was Qin Chu…

“Ahem… shh, I need to take a call. Don’t speak a word. I’m dead for sure if my Mr. Qin finds out that I’m drinking behind his back.” After making a shushing gesture at Ni Yang, Huo Mian rose and uneasily picked up the phone.

“Hey, Mr. Qin.”



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