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Season 6

Episode 29

(The Truth About Dong Tao Town (9)

“I sent someone to look into that health center you were born in, and apparently there was an old man who used to work as a guard there. He was a very honest person who was said to have worked at the health center for ten years; he later retired and went to the south with his niece, but he just returned to Dong Tao Town a few days ago. I’ve already checked the address and details, so he might be of help to us,” Qin Chu said slowly.

Huo Mian’s spirits lightened up as she immediately grabbed Qin Chu’s hand and walked out…

“We shouldn’t dawdle, let’s hurry up and go.”

“We’re not driving the Maybach?” Downstairs, Huo Mian was confused when she saw Qin Chu getting into the Volkswagen CC.

Wouldn’t the Maybach be faster?

“I’ll explain to you once you get in.” Qin Chu looked at her.

Huo Mian knew what he meant, so she got into the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt, as the car slowly drove out of Imperial Park.

“It’s because I feel a bit weird about the whole situation of yours, maybe someone is pulling some strings on purpose. So I thought we should remain low-key, just in case. Dong Tao Town has no more than fifty thousand residents, and it isn’t very developed, so they rarely even get to see a Mercedes Benz or BMW. That’s why I thought the Maybach would be too flashy and draw in too much attention.”

“You’ve really thought it through, I must have been too impatient…” Huo Mian felt a cold breeze creep up her back after she heard what Qin Chu said.

Maybe she wanted to see her family so badly that she ignored a lot of the other things.

Qin Chu already told her last time that a lot of the useful information and key witnesses strangely vanished or died.

Even the archives room where the hospital files were kept had completely burned up in a fire, and thus she didn’t think it was just a coincidence.

It was very likely that there was a mysterious person who orchestrated all of this, so they shouldn’t be so pronounced when investigating Dong Tao Town.

They had to remain low-key before anything else…

The Volkswagen CC wasn’t slow either, even though the two didn’t take the highway, they arrived in Dong Tao Town in no more than two hours.

It was already dark when they arrived…

The town wasn’t like the city and didn’t have lights everywhere when night fell.

Due to the low population, the few businesses in town all turned off their lights very early.

“Are we going directly to that grandpa’s home?” asked Huo Mian somewhat nervously.


They drove around a corner after another before Qin Chu finally parked outside a cluster of single-storey houses on the edge of Dong Tao Town.

“We’re here.”

“Which one is it?” Huo Mian asked as she looked at the pitch-dark houses.

“The second last home on the very last row.”

Huo Mian looked over to where Qin Chu said it was and saw a very old and well-worn house. It was made of sun-dried mud bricks; not many people lived in houses like this anymore.

The two walked past a muddy road and finally arrived in front of that house.

It was already 7 PM or so, and since it was already autumn, it was considered nighttime in Northern China.

All of the other homes around were lit up with lights, except this one. It was pretty much all dark inside and looked a bit scary.

“We should be careful, it looks a bit off.” Huo Mian had a bad feeling about the place, so she quietly warned Qin Chu.

“Yes, wait here. I’ll go knock on the door.”

“No, I want to come with you.” Huo Mian was worried and didn’t want to stand there waiting. Instead, she tightly held onto Qin Chu’s hand.

She wasn’t a cowardly person since back in medical school, she could dissect a corpse by herself without a change in expression.

At the hospital, she was even okay with pushing corpses into the morgue by herself. Yet, this time she had a chilling feeling, it was as if something bad was about to happen.

Seeing that Huo Mian wanted to come with, Qin Chu led her towards the broken-down door.

Bang, bang, bang… Qin Chu knocked three times quite forcefully, so if anyone was inside, they must’ve heard him.

“Purr…” A black cat suddenly ran out from nowhere.

Huo Mian was frightened, and she immediately hugged Qin Chu tightly…

“Don’t be scared…”

“Are you home, Mr. Yang?” Qin Chu knocked on the door again as he shouted.





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