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Season 6

Episode 85

(She Only Cared About Him (5)

“No, no. I’m just an employee who sincerely wants to help my company sign a big star like you.” Jiang Linyue smiled.

“Okay, I’ll go home and consider it. I’ll let you know later.”
“Okay, I look forward to working with you.” Jiang Linyue elegantly shook Annie Liang’s hand.

Their negotiation went pretty smoothly…
When the two left, they walked in separate directions, and Annie Liang tightly wrapped herself in clothes, afraid that the media or Imperial Star employees might see her.
After all, if she left Imperial Star because of money, she would be selling her honor…
She actually really liked Su Yu, but Su Yu never saw her that way, so it was a good opportunity for her to hop over to GK.

She saw Qin Chu’s photo on a magazine once; he was an extraordinarily handsome man.
Although he always seemed cold and distant, her interest was still piqued by him…
So, in her heart, she was already leaning towards GK.

She only wanted to use the opportunity to get some quick cash, but it was pushed down by a few words and a phone call from Jiang Linyue.

On her way back, Jiang Linyue was in a great mood. She listened to English songs while driving and singing along.

Her good friend Liao Huanhuan sent her a WeChat asking, “Yue, what happened? What did my cousin say?”

“She’ll probably sign with us, she said that she’ll give me an answer later tonight,” Jiang Linyue replied.

“What an idiot, why does she even have to think about it? It would’ve been great if she signed then and there. Imperial Star honestly isn’t right for her. Young Master Su stopped liking her long ago. Wait, let me call her, I’ll try to convince her for you.”

Jiang Linyue put down her phone, smiling. She was sure that she could win over Annie Liang.
She was going to win Qin Chu’s approval bit by bit, make use of every opportunity, and then climb onto her boss’s bed when the opportunity arises.

That was her ultimate goal; she already no longer cared about her status or reputation.
She no longer cared who Qin Chu’s wife was; either way, she was going to sleep with the boss.
Otherwise, she would have wasted her years at a boring corporation like GK.
Of course, she wasn’t someone who settled so easily.

– 1:00 AM –

After Jiang Linyue returned to her home and showered, she got a call from Annie Liang.
She told her that she’ll immediately sign tomorrow.
Jiang Linyue was in a great mood, as she knew that other stars under the company only signed letters of Intent.

Letters of intent were not final contracts, because there was the possibility of it being breached at any time.

However, if they signed a real contract, upon breach of contract, they had to pay ten times in penalty fees.

She knew that Annie Liang wasn’t that stupid…
Su Yu wouldn’t burn that much money to pay her to breach the contract, so after tomorrow morning, things would be a done deal.
She was a little excited now, thinking about how in the future, at the company’s thirtieth-anniversary reception, she could be standing by her boss’s side.
So, she was going to try even harder to get closer to Qin Chu…

– The next morning –

At around nine in the morning, Su Yu drove his dust-covered orange Bugatti Veyron from his garage to the carwash. After washing his beloved car, he arrived at Imperial Star headquarters.
“Morning, President Su.”
“Good morning, President Su.”

In the company’s lobby, employees approached him and flattered their boss as if they were on steroids.
Looking at the million-dollar Patek Philippe watch on his wrist, Su Yu’s face darkened. “It’s almost ten o’clock, it’s not morning anymore, is it?”
Suddenly, the lobby went dead silent…

“The boss is in a bad mood, is it because his celebrities were stolen recently?”
“I have no idea, the president usually isn’t this petty. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t been dating recently and has nowhere to release his urge?”

A few male employees secretly whispered…
– Inside the office of the president –
“Sir,” Assistant An stood broadly at the door and called him quietly.
“What’s going on at GK?” walking in his door, Su Yu took a cocktail bottle from his rack and asked while drinking it like a beverage.
“Five artists signed letters of intent, but…”
“Tell me,” seeing An holding back his words, Su Yu commanded.
“But that woman, Annie Liang, signed the real contract with them this morning. Should we intervene?” An asked.




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