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Season 6

Episode 28

(The Truth About Dong Tao Town (8)

“Let go? That’s impossible,” Su Yu said as he took a big sip of the alcohol.

“Why would you put yourself through this? Haha.”

“I, Su Yu, will never give up on anything once I know it’s what I want. I won’t use cheap tricks; I want to win Huo Mian over fair and square. It’s fine if she doesn’t like me, I can wait until she gets a divorce, until she leaves Qin Chu. I can wait until she slowly falls for me. I’ve got plenty of time anyway, it’s really fine…” Su Yu took another big sip after he spoke.

Huo Siqian could tell that he really was in a terrible mood…

“My little sister Mian is really a little devil… she doesn’t have strikingly beautiful looks, or a powerful family or high status, but she could always trap anyone that approaches her…” Huo Siqian sighed.

“I still want to marry her, even if she’s a devil… I swear that I won’t back down until I marry Huo Mian.”

With a ‘splash’, Su Yu tossed an empty bottle into the open sea…

This man seemed to have really committed to Huo Mian. He still didn’t give up after being hurt again and again. Instead, he felt braver than ever.

“I truly admire your spirit, haha.” Huo Siqian roared with laughter.

“Don’t talk about me, don’t you feel the same for her?” Su Yu changed the subject.

“Yes, I really do like her.” Huo Siqian didn’t try to hide it.

“But she’s your little sister. Even if you’re not biologically related to her, technically, you guys are still siblings. Don’t cause more trouble, just leave stealing her to me.”

“Haha… then I wish that you would succeed soon,” Huo Siqian no longer said anything, and only laughed somewhat mockingly.

He just happened to see Huo Mian passing out the cards when he stepped onto the cruise.

It was already quite clear that Su Yu would lose…

However, he didn’t think that Su Yu would be so madly in love with her. He clearly knew how strong Huo Mian’s relationship with Qin Chu was, but he still didn’t plan to let go.

Su Yu and Huo Siqian proceeded to get stupid drunk, so Wei Liao had to carry his homeboy off the deck.

This was how troubling it was to be friends with this Young Master Su…

It was because he would cause trouble whenever and wherever and leave you to clean up after him…

“Huo Mian… dance… show the cards…” Su Yu spoke erratically in his dreams.

“You asshole… just calm down for me. Being friends with you for a year made me feel like I’ve aged 10 years, with all the trouble I have to deal with,” Wei Liao cursed as he carried Su Yu.

To his surprise, however, they bumped into Huo Mian outside the door…

“You…?” Wei Liao didn’t know what to say upon suddenly seeing Huo Mian.

“Is he okay?”

“He’s fine… he’s just drunk…”

“Is he still seasick?”

“Maybe… not, anymore?”

“This is some medicine for seasickness. I asked for it at the front desk, remember to feed him some, and… it’s not good for him to go straight to bed after he drinks too much alcohol, it’d be better if you had him take a shower before going to sleep.”

“You… why do you care about him so much?” Wei Liao was confused.

“Just pretend that I’m Robin Hood.” After Huo Mian spoke; she stuffed the medicine into Wei Liao’s bathrobe, and turned around to leave.

Wei Liao, “…”

Huo Mian was overwhelmed with adrenaline and anxiety throughout the three days on the boat, and as soon as she disembarked, she suddenly felt relaxed.

Afraid to miss any more work, she went back to South Side, bright and early.

The local media recklessly reported about the cruise, but it only mentioned that GK’s president won the ‘Gamble God’ title, and the prize.

It didn’t mention anything else…

Qin Chu deposited all the prize money into Huo Mian’s account and then activated a supreme black credit card for her.

On that day, the GK Corporation’s stocks soared eight points.

That night, just as Huo Mian went into the condo after work, Qin Chu pulled on her hand and led her outside.

“Honey, where are we going?”

“Come with me to Dong Tao, there’s news over there.”

“What news?” Huo Mian filled with great excitement when she heard that it was about Dong Tao, and asked as she held onto Qin Chu’s hand.



  1. I have a feeling that Huo Main and Su Yu are related. They might be brother and sister. Thanks author. I so much love this story. Its very interesting.

  2. I feel they are related as well



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