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Season 6

Episode 78

(You Want to Play? Game On. (8)

“I don’t like Su Yu.”

Qin Chu replied, enunciating each word.

“Pffff…” Huo Mian almost spat out the soup in her mouth upon hearing his answer.

She thought that Qin Chu would say how this industry was lucrative and had bright prospects or something along those lines.

To her surprise, however, Mr. Qin revealed his stubborn side.

He doesn’t like Su Yu? Could that constitute as a reason?

If Qin Chu’s father wasn’t in the room, Huo Mian would have burst into laughter…

She wondered how Su Yu would react if he heard Qin Chu say this.

Huo Mian sucked in her urge to laugh and looked down, pretending to eat…

Qin Yumin froze for a second before laughing. “I’m surprised to see you so stubborn.”

“Your son is an ordinary man who needs to eat and sleep like everyone else. Don’t put me on a pedestal,” Qin Chu said in all seriousness.

“You’re right. It’s good for young people like you to compete, you’ll be able to learn from each other along the way. The entertainment industry is lucrative, but aside from that, it’s good to give Imperial Star a competitor. We’re basically contributing to this industry. After all… if one company monopolizes the entire industry, then actresses and actors will have no choice but to sign with them. You’re giving young potential rising stars an opportunity to reach fame.”

“Dad… I think you’re overthinking it.”

Qin Chu never thought of all that when he decided to invest in the film and television industry.

Giving young people an opportunity? He wasn’t Robin Hood, why would he help others?

He just didn’t like Su Yu…

Su Yu had too much free time on his hands; he was so free that he constantly went to South Side to hit on his wife.

Qin Chu couldn’t stand it any longer…

For Qin Chu, Huo Mian was his one and only bottom line…

Those who dared to touch her had to die.

It was as simple as that… Qin Chu’s actions were on par with his usual arrogance.

After dinner, Qin Chu had some tea with his father in the living room while they talked about the company.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, sat beside them, playing with her phone and messaging Zhixin and Lingling.

They never saw Mrs. Qin, not even when they left…

Huo Mian thought that it turned out for the best, since they were always so unhappy when they saw each other anyway.

On their way home, Qin Chu held onto Huo Mian’s hand and wouldn’t let go.

“Why are you holding onto me so tightly? Are you afraid that I’ll run away?”

“No matter where you run off to, you’ll still be my wife.” Qin Chu put her hand on his lips and kissed it.

“Thanks for buying my dad those cigarettes, I think he has accepted you. I’m relieved that he apologized for what happened in the past.”

“Actually… if I tell you the truth, you can’t get mad, okay?” Huo Mian smiled.

“I won’t.”

“Your dad… is so much better than your mom.” Huo Mian spoke the truth.

Qin Chu immediately burst into laughter…

“What are you laughing at?”

“You expressed my dad’s and my heartfelt thoughts. It’s not just you, everyone who meets them say that my dad is ten times better than my mom. My dad is an entrepreneur with broad horizons, and my mom is a short-sighted housewife who also happens to be a control freak. How did you think they got together?”

“I really don’t understand why your dad married your mom. They all say that if your dad marries the wrong person, you’ll live your childhood in pain. If you marry the wrong woman, you’ll live your adulthood in pain. If your son marries the wrong woman, you’ll live your retirement days in pain.” Huo Mian took delight in what she said.

Qin Chu smiled, “I’m glad that I only spent my childhood in pain. I’m sure that my adulthood will be as happy as can be. In the future, I’ll get our son to marry a woman as good as you. Then, we’ll be able to happily live out the rest of our lives. It’s better late than never.”

“Shame on you! Who said that I was going to have a son with you?” Huo Mian smiled and teased.

“I’d be equally happy with a daughter.”

The duo flirted on their way back. Just as they were about to reach Imperial Park, Qin Chu suddenly asked, “Honey, are you sleepy?”


“Should I take you somewhere cool?” Qin Chu smiled mysteriously. Then, he made a quick U-turn and steered his car towards a different direction.

Huo Mian had a feeling that tonight would be a fun night…



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