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Season 6

Episode 69

(Qin Chu’s Retaliation (9)

Then, Huo Mian headed up to a VIP reception room on the top floor.

This was South Side’s newly-built reception room, and it wasn’t formally operating yet.

Huo Mian temporarily transformed it into a hypnosis room and hired the most renowned psychiatrist in the city, Jiang Xiaowei.

Apparently, Jiang Xiaowei obtained her PhD overseas, and she opened up her own practice after returning to China. She was the Public Security Bureau’s in-house hypnotist for suspects and witnesses. She published a paper a while back and was highly regarded by top experts in China.

She was an amazing individual who was born into a scholar-gentry family. Her parents were both university professors, and she showed talent at a young age.

Jiang Xiaowei’s parents told her to major in finance, so she was incredibly sensitive towards numbers.

However, at a crucial point in life, she ignored all objections and abruptly switched her major to psychology. She was indeed one brave soul.

Jiang Xiaowei wasn’t someone that anyone could hire, because she rarely interacted with others. If it weren’t for Gao Ran, she wouldn’t have come.

At 7:30 PM, Jiang Xiaowei arrived punctually at the hypnosis room on the top floor.

Just as Huo Mian thought, she was a small woman who had delicate features. She had curly long hair, a beaming smile with cute teeth showing, and was wearing a navy-blue dress.

She looked well-read and elegant…

“Hi, Huo Mian, I’m Jiang Xiaowei,” she elegantly introduced herself.

“Thank you for coming.” Huo Mian shook her hand.

“This is that patient’s chart, I hope you can keep it confidential.” Huo Mian handed her Ni Yang’s chart.

Upon seeing his chart, Jiang Xiaowei’s expression remained very calm…

“Okay, I can give it a shot. When is he coming?” Jiang Xiaowei asked.

As soon as she finished her sentence, the door to the hypnosis room was pushed open, and Ni Yang came in. He came alone, without his manager.

“I’m not late, right? Can we start now?” Ni Yang asked faintly.

Jiang Xiaowei nodded at Huo Mian…

Ni Yang sat down on the hypnosis chair, and Huo Mian adjusted the lights and music in the room.

Then, she saw Jiang Xiaowei take out an old pocket watch and drop it in front of Ni Yang. The watch ticked and tocked…

Ni Yang’s expression became lax…

“Good, look at it, and listen to its voice…” Jiang Xiaowei’s voice sounded like a magic charm.

“What do you see?”

“Flowers, a lot of flowers. Pink flowers.”

“What kind of flowers are they? Peach or cherry blossoms?”

“Cherry blossoms, a lot of cherry blossoms,” Ni Yang answered calmly.

“There’s someone standing at the end all those flowers. Take a look, who is she?”

“I can’t tell…”

“Take your time, walk over slowly, she’s standing right there. You’ll see her once you walk past all the cherry blossoms.”

“She’s…” Just as Ni Yang was about to say who it was, he suddenly became agitated. “Go away, I don’t want to ever see you again. Why did you pick him and not me? Why not me?”

Then, Ni Yang anxiously covered his head with his hands; he seemed to be emotionally agitated…

Huo Mian became nervous along with him. She slowly walked up and whispered, “Dr. Jiang, what happened?”

“We failed, he’s hiding a painful past that no one knows about, and it has something to do with the person deep in his memories. I think it happened a long time ago, things like this don’t get better overnight. He should go back and get some rest, let’s try again another time.”

Then, Jiang Xiaowei stood up, picked up her bag, and left…

It was hard to imagine that a sweet and approachable woman like Jiang Xiaowei would be so ruthless at her job.

After Jiang Xiaowei left, Ni Yang woke up from his hypnosis…

His expression was awful… as if he just had a bad dream….

“Did it fail?” Ni Yang asked with a hoarse voice.

“It’s okay, we can try it again next time. There’s no rush.”

Ni Yang bit down on his lips but didn’t say anything…

“You’ve been really stressed out recently, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m signing with a new company, and there’s a lot to do. The contract and clauses are still being negotiated. So many people are jealous of how bright and shiny celebrities seem to be, but the truth is… our lives suck the most. Every day, we work like robots and don’t get to enjoy the happiness of being human.”

“If you had a chance to do it all over again, would you still pick to go down the same path?” Huo Mian slowly asked.

Surprised, Ni Yang looked up at Huo Mian’s clear eyes… he felt confused and touched at the same time.





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