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Season 6

Episode 65

(Qin Chu’s Retaliation (5)

“That’s a good thing… I finally have competition.” Su Yu was somewhat excited.

“Sh*t… have you gone crazy? How’s that a good thing? Rumors have it that they’re planning to poach people from your company, and Qin Chu is planning a red-carpet initiation next week. One week! He’s doing everything in one week! That’s like slapping you on the face. How can you be so calm? You need to get the fuck up and go to work, right now! Imperial Star is going to be all over the place.”

“Tsk Tsk… the emperor isn’t even worried, why is the eunuch panicking?”

“Screw you, you’re the eunuch.”

Wei Liao was furious at Su Yu this morning; Su Yu was good in this business, and the Su Family was powerful, but so was GK, okay?

Plus, if in a week, all of Imperial Star’s celebrities were poached, what was an entertainment company supposed to do?

Was Su Yu going to eat dirt? Be laughed at by others?

Of course not.

Su Yu got up slowly and picked out a lowkey white leather jacket. Compared with Qin Chu’s usual business attire, Su Yu was more into casual wear.

Then, he drove his black Sesto Elemento Lamborghini to Imperial Star.

That morning, radios, newspapers, and TVs all reported on one thing and one thing only:

GK’s venture into the entertainment industry and its declaration to become the biggest domestic entertainment label within one year.

After their announcement, GK’s stocks shot up 7 or 8 points.

Imperial Star’s stocks, on the other hand, reached its all-time low, at 30 yuan per stock, with its market cap dropping below even some of the tobacco and wine companies.

– Imperial Star Headquarters –

“Sir, did you see the news?”

“Sir, what should we do about this?”

“Sir, did you offend President Qin of GK?”

As soon as Su Yu got in, high-level executives all swarmed at him with countless questions, giving him a headache.

He waved his hand, gesturing for them to all leave…

“Sir, our regularly scheduled morning meeting is in 5 minutes,” Su Yu’s assistant, An, reminded him.

“Tell them to cancel it.”


Once An spread the news, everyone lost their cool. Was President Su giving up?

He went as far as canceling their morning meeting; weren’t they supposed to brainstorm countermeasures? GK basically declared war on them.

– Five minutes later –

“Sir, a bunch of media outlets and reporters are outside the company, should we host a press conference?”

“A press conference? Do you want to host it?” Su Yu looked up and asked rhetorically.

An was immediately at a loss for words…

“I haven’t had breakfast yet, I should probably leave from the back door then.” Then, Su Yu got up to leave.

An had worked for Su Yu for years and was long used to his boss’s weird actions.

Therefore, he just followed Su Yu quietly…

As he left his office, Su Yu saw the company’s new celebrity, Mian Mian, walking up to him.

Recently, she took part in a couple 1960s dramas, and her popularity skyrocketed. She made quite some money for the company.

“President Su…”

“What do you want?” Su Yu looked at Mian Mian’s silica-gel-packed face impatiently.

“President Su, don’t worry, you helped me get to where I am, and I will never betray you. Even if GK offers me 10 times more money, I still won’t leave. I will stand by your side forever and support you no matter what.”

Su Yu laughed slightly at Mian Mian’s remarks. Was she here to announce her loyalty?

She was smart and knew to steer into the wind’s direction…

“It’s okay, if GK offers you more, then you can all leave. I won’t mind.”

Mian Mian was immediately dumbfounded…

Then, Su Yu turned on his heel and left… He strode out to have breakfast, completely ignoring the overwhelming news everywhere.

– GK Headquarters –

“Have Imperial Star and Su Yu responded?” Qin Chu sat in his office and asked Yang while watching the news on his computer.





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