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Season 6

Episode 26

(The Truth About Dong Tao Town (6)

It was a black ace of spades, which meant that it was the biggest, representing fifteen points.

“Young Master Su is probably doomed now…”

“Yea, Mr. Su really is in a bad place, and it’s the last round.”

“I don’t know if Mr. Su could still pick an ace, it seems impossible.”

Everyone discussed like so, and the atmosphere grew very tense…

“Your turn, President Su,” the dealer reminded.

Su Yu walked over in no rush and looked over and over again at the cards.

He picked one up, and then put it down again, then he did the same thing again, and changed the cards several times, making it nerve-wracking for everyone watching.

Finally, he somewhat impatiently held up a card, and then forcefully slapped it onto the table.

“This card then.”

Then he flipped over the card, and everyone was shocked…

It was also an ace, a red ace of spades, which meant that the third round was a tie…

“Then… I would like to announce that both players tied the third round,” the dealer looked it over and announced the results.

“Why don’t each of you take 90 million dollars as a reward, is that okay?” the foreign executive tried to mediate.

“No offense, but I don’t like to tie with others. I want to compete until I either win or lose, and the winner takes all. I’m quite determined with this,” Su Yu said very arrogantly.

However, it wasn’t strange at all for him to say this. After all, he was Su Yu.

He was born to be very arrogant…

“I feel the same.” Qin Chu lightly glanced at Su Yu’s arrogant expression.

“Since you both agree, then let’s play another round, could you please pick your cards again,” the executive suggested.

Qin Chu walked over, and without looking, he picked one out. He flipped it over, and it was an ace again, the ace of diamonds.

Su Yu didn’t show any fear at all, as he walked over, took out a card, and flipped it on the table. It was an ace as well, the ace of clubs.

The four aces had all been picked out by these two…

However, the game still remained a tie, and no one else could be trapped in such a rare scene other than those two.

All those below were rattled up at this turn of event.

It was definitely not by chance or coincidence that they picked out an ace every time…

“Who knew Su Yu would be this good?” Zhu Lingling sighed.

“Did you think the big boss of Imperial Star had an empty brain? Qin Chu finally met his match,” Gao Ran blabbed on.

Huo Mian still didn’t say anything, she only quietly watched them…

“What will happen now? We keep picking out cards with the same points.”

“I don’t care, I’ll play until the end with you.” Qin Chu looked at Su Yu and smiled profoundly.

“Since that’s how it is, why not… let Huo Mian pick the cards for us, what do you think?” Once again, Su Yu’s suggestion raised quite a commotion in the crowd.

Never had there been an occasion where a non-dealer like Huo Mian dealt cards…

“I’m fine with that,” Qin Chu agreed since that was his own wife.

The foreign executive also nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as both sides agree to it.”

“Huo Mian, is that okay?” Su Yu tilted his head to look at Huo Mian, who was standing below the stage, and asked in all seriousness.

Huo Mian’s hands fell to the side as she slowly walked up to the stage…

When she passed by Su Yu, she heard Su Yu whisper to her in a very quiet voice, “Please, all I want is the chance to dance with you, that’s all.”

Huo Mian sighed because Su Yu already got a taste of her skills.

It wouldn’t be difficult for her to control which card the person received…

So it all depended on who Huo Mian wanted to win…

Su Yu didn’t care about that 180 million rewards, he only cared about the dance with Huo Mian.

However, she…

Qin Chu gave Huo Mian a look, which meant ‘don’t pressure yourself, do whatever you like’.

With one glance, Huo Mian knew exactly what his caring look meant.

“Okay, let’s begin.” After the dealer shuffled the deck, he placed the cards in Huo Mian’s hands.

Everyone beneath the stage held their breaths, all waiting for the most exciting moment to happen…





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