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Season 6

Episode 100

(It Was All a Ploy (10) 

Qin Chu didn’t respond and quietly ate his noodles…

Then, her colleague sent her another message, causing Huo Mian to shoot up from her chair.

“What? They were arrested by the police on grounds of corruption and embezzlement?”

Then, Huo Mian quickly reacted as she looked at Qin Chu. “Honey, you did this?”


Qin Chu nodded.

“Haha… good job, you sure helped get rid of evil in the name of the people… Hospital Deputy Director Guo should’ve left a long time ago, he’s a bad apple to begin with. He tried to use the Huo Corporation’s money time and again and tried to borrow money from me. He told me he needed money to decorate his new house, he’s so shameless.”

“Your director was unwilling to clean up his hospital, so I did it for him. This way, your work environment won’t be so messy.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Qin Chu took a tissue and elegantly wiped the corners of his mouth…

“It’s for the best, with these two rotten apples gone, South Side is completely reorganized, and the nurses won’t have to be afraid of being sexually harassed anymore.” Huo Mian was satisfied with the outcome.

After Qin Chu asked his people to investigate into them, he immediately found that they were guilty of countless charges.

Thus, it was quite easy sending them right into jail…

What they didn’t know was that Su Yu also ordered for them to be ‘taken care of’ in prison, so their lives weren’t going to be easy.

After finishing their noodles, they realized that it was still early.

“You still reek of alcohol. Don’t go to South Side, so many things happened today, so you should go home and rest.”


“Today’s Friday, remember to go back to the castle, and we’ll be able to spend a nice weekend together.” Qin Chu lovingly pinched Huo Mian’s face.

“Got it, Mr. Qin. I’ll go right back to our luxurious castle, warm up the bed, and wait for you there.”

“Good girl…”

Then, Qin Chu drove Huo Mian back to South Side to pick up her car before going back to GK.

Huo Mian listened to everything he said because she knew that she made a boo-boo this morning. Therefore, she drove her Audi R8 straight to their castle on South Hill.

– That afternoon –

Qin Chu came out of his meeting looking tired. As he walked out of the conference room, Yang immediately ran up to him with an anxious look on his face.

“Sir, something’s happened.”

“What?” Qin Chu frowned, and had a feeling that something bad had just happened.

“On the possession date of the new building in T City, it collapsed and some of the tenants and construction workers doing renovation were buried under it. They were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but…” Yang refused to say any more.

“Go on.”

“Three died and nine were injured,” Yang said with an extremely grim expression on his face. He had just received a phone call from the person in charge in T City, who was flabbergasted and didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

Qin Chu’s expression changed slightly…

An incident that resulted in three dead and nine injured was a serious one…

“Buy plane tickets right now, I’ll head over.”

“Right now?” Yang was dumbfounded.

“Yes, you’ll come with me,” Qin Chu commanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

Then, the two of them left GK in a rush…

Before he got on the plane, Qin Chu sent Huo Mian a WeChat voice message, “Honey, something happened at a branch company and I’m on my way to T City. Get some rest this weekend, and I’ll be back as soon as I’m done.”

“Okay, remember not to hit on the pretty girls there, haha,” Huo Mian smiled as she replied.

T City was famous for its pretty women; long-legged, model-like women strutted their streets, so Huo Mian purposely joked with him.

She waited and waited, but Qin Chu didn’t reply to her. When she called him back, she realized that his phone was already turned off…

He probably already took off…

“Young Madam, your fruit.” The housemaid knocked on the door and came in with a giant platter of fruit.

Huo Mian leaned on the rocking chair, watching TV. She was bored and sad that Qin Chu wasn’t coming back.

It was going to be super boring, sleeping in a giant mansion like this.

Just then, a piece of breaking news was announced on TV, “According to our reporters, there has been a construction accident in T City. GK Corporation’s branch company had just finished constructing a building when it collapsed and buried renovating tenants and construction workers. Three have died and nine have been injured. The president of the branch company has disappeared, and GK Corporation’s president, Qin Chu, will be arriving in T City in three hours to handle the relevant aftermath. We will provide updates shortly.”

After Huo Mian saw this, she immediately shot up from her chair with a shocked expression on her face.



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