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Season 9

Episode 29

(This Man Was Definitely Very Rich)

Gu Jingze merely stood outside waiting.

He was leaning against the car and looking inside.

He usually did not like smoking but he did not mind it either. However, he had never been addicted to smoking. He also didnt like playing with his phone. Thus, he just stood there ramrod straight at this moment. He looked like the scenery as he stood in the deep night.

People were not usually allowed into this place but Gu Jingze had special privileges wherever he went.

When they saw Lin Che leave the building, the staff members of the television station hastily walked towards Lin Che and said, Miss Lin, youre here. That man has been waiting for you for a very long time.

Hearing this, Lin Che quickly thanked the staff and ran in Gu Jingzes direction.

Gu Jingze, how did you get in? She looked at the staff behind them who did not seem to know who Gu Jingze was either.

Gu Jingze said, I asked someone for this special pass. Gu Jingze took out a pass from his pocket and showed it to Lin Che.

Lin Che let out a sound of affirmation. In any case, she knew that he would always find a way. She was just curious about what method he had used this time to get in.

Gu Jingze asked, How did it go? Has the live broadcast ended?

Yes. It just ended. Abby and the rest are over there.

Gu Jingze looked up and nodded at Abby by way of greeting.

Over here, Abby mumbled to Yu Minmin, He follows her so closely.

Yu Minmin said, Its fine once you get used to it.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. However, they saw Peng Yu who had disappeared earlier come out of the room opposite them.

Earlier, Peng Yu was so angry that she immediately locked herself in her dressing room and refused to come out.

No matter how much her staff members knocked on the door, she simply refused to come out.

Regardless of how much hard work she put into her performance, she did not manage to beat Lin Che because Lin Che played a trick on her and changed her performance to a musical performance at the last minute. Her performance was a breath of fresh air and at the same time, she showed off her dancing skills and her acting skills too. The audience at the venue was completely entranced. The directors on the judging panel were staring straight at her. No matter how her score turned out the next day, she was already the winner today.

Outside, the staff members were unbearably angry. They had already told her from the start to stay in her lane but she refused to. Now, she had instead given Lin Che the chance to shine. Peng Yu did not reflect on herself properly but instead hid herself inside and refused to come out.

When Peng Yu came out, her staff member said, Lin Che filmed an interview outside just now. It was really great. Everyone was very lively during the live broadcast.

Peng Yu was even angrier. She pushed her staff member aside immediately and walked out with a foul expression on her face.

She did not expect to see Lin Che and her entourage still outside the moment she went out.

Peng Yu was about to walk over there and vent her anger when she saw that Lin Che was unexpectedly standing beside a man.

The man was like a piece of cold jade buried deep under the ground. He emitted a cold and noble aura from head to toe. His pretty and attractive face and his perfect figure were truly unforgettable with one glance.

Peng Yu froze instantly.

Her eyes moved and she was already unknowingly making heart-eyes.

What an enchanting man.

There were plenty of handsome men in the entertainment industry but it was her first time seeing a man who had everything aura, appearance, and presence. He was perfect.

It immediately occurred to Peng Yu that this person was probably the man who had appeared with Lin Che back then.

Although he appeared very blurry in the photos and people could not see him clearly, it was possible to recognize him immediately when she compared the photo to the actual person.

How could it be possible to find a second person with such a perfect side profile?

Her eyes lit up more and more. She was basically staring straight at the man.

Gu Jingze held Lin Che by her shoulders. Come on. Ill take you back to the hotel.

Oh, alright. If youre here, what about Niannian?

Someone is looking after him. Dont worry.

In reality, Niannian was very busy. He had to attend kindergarten in the day and still had to attend other training sessions at night.

Lin Che let out a sound of affirmation and nodded her head.

Behind them, Peng Yu quickly walked a few steps forward.

Upon hearing the noise, Gu Jingze turned his head and looked coldly in Peng Yus direction.

In the split second that his ice-cold gaze landed on her, the soles of Peng Yus feet seemed to involuntarily root themselves onto the ground. She looked in his direction without moving at all.

Gu Jingze glanced at her without a word and immediately got into the car with Lin Che.

The two of them stayed in the car for a long time. Peng Yu stood there while regaining her bearings. She looked in the direction that Gu Jingze had left, her brain spinning quickly.

Behind her, her staff members had caught up with her

Are we leaving? They asked Peng Yu.

Peng Yu asked, What are you rushing me for? She turned around and pulled someone to her. Who was that man who just left with Lin Che?

Huh? We dont know

Peng Yu said, That man must be very rich.

Huh? The staff member looked at Peng Yus sparkling eyes and felt a little confused.

No matter how rich he is, it has nothing to do with you. Abby scoffed and floated past her with her arms across her chest.

What did you say?! Peng Yu lifted her face and shouted.

However, she saw Xue Yang carrying his own rucksack behind Abby. He floated towards her with an air of warning.

Peng Yu scoffed and said, Seriously. You dont seem like a manager at all. Xue Yang, youre such a wimp. A famous star like you even has to carry his own bag. What does your manager do? Hmph. She seems just as arrogant as your boss.

Xue Yang glanced at her. My manager is my closest companion. Its not a must for us to do certain things for each other. The person who can do it will do it. Im a man. I would just be a laughingstock if I let my manager carry my bag for me. Besides, Ive always believed that relationships are reciprocal. She will only treat you well if you treat her well. If you dont treat your manager like a human, then your future, huh

Peng Yus expression changed again.

Behind her, Abby was immensely satisfied. She looked at Xue Yang. Lets go. Dont reason with people like these.

Xue Yang nodded and followed Abby out.

Peng Yu spat, Who does she think she is?

Of course, she did not know that a rich young heiress like Abby was a manager for sincere reasons. She was Xue Yangs manager because she wanted to be friends with him. She treated Xue Yang with sincerity and did not want to earn money off of Xue Yang. Xue Yang himself knew this, so he naturally treated Abby as a true friend as well. After being together for so long, a few words from someone else was definitely not enough to sow discord between them.

Peng Yu even thought that Abby was just a simple young female manager; she did not know Abbys true identity. She snorted and continued to think about how cowardly Xue Yang was.

Peng Yu said to the person beside her, Go and find out who the man with Lin Che is.

Oh yes yes.

Peng Yu said, Hes definitely not an ordinary person. He must be a major sponsor. I didnt expect Lin Che to actually have such backing. No wonder she behaves so arrogantly all the time.

Everyone seemed to have guessed Peng Yus intentions. Someone said to her, Lin Che will still be around today. Lets not make things worse. Well find out when we go back.

Peng Yu turned around and shouted, Go and find out now! What is there to be afraid of?!

Yes yes

The staff member dared not say more and quickly left.

Peng Yu lifted her dress and asked, Which hotel did the television station book for us? Lets move there right now!

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