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Season 9

Episode 28

(An Exciting Turn Of Events)

Offstage, the directors paid almost no attention to Peng Yu’s performance. All of their thoughts were still on the script. They looked at the script and wondered what Lin Che would do later and what exactly was going on as well.

In actual fact, Peng Yu’s performance was truly worthy of praise too. Her performance was very precise. The fact that she could reach such a standard in a short time showed that she was a person with real capability.

Down below, the audience was unaware of the actual situation and watching her performance with immense satisfaction. They felt that Peng Yu had indeed proved herself to be Peng Yu; her acting skills remained great as expected.

After watching Peng Yu’s performance, the audience instinctively began to worry for Lin Che who was to perform after her.

Most people had no confidence in Lin Che.

Their reasons were mostly the same. They had no confidence in Lin Che all because she had left for too long and they were worried that her acting skills could not keep up.

At the end of Peng Yu’s performance, there was thunderous applause.

When she walked off the stage and saw the directors on the judging panel and the other staff members all discussing among themselves, she knew that she had successfully upset the program schedule.

However, she was totally unconcerned about this. In any event, her performance had already ended. Lin Che was the one who had been thrown off. Lin Che would be the one to decide how she should deal with it.

To be honest, the more trouble it gave Lin Che, the better it was for her. Peng Yu was already eagerly waiting to see the consequences of the disruption.

After leaving the stage, Peng Yu immediately snorted at her own staff members. She haughtily shrugged off her stage outfit, sat down, and demanded some water.

“I told you so. You guys shouldn’t worry about my acting skills. How was it? How was my performance just now?”

A staff member hastily brought her some tea to soothe her throat while saying respectfully, “It was great. You were really brilliant. Of course, we know how good we are but safety comes first. It was definitely not because we didn’t trust you.”

Peng Yu had exceeded expectations in completing the script earlier. Her performance was precise; whether it was her detailed expressions or her larger actions and more impactful lines, all of it was extremely touching. The audience below even started crying while watching her performance.

The scene that Lin Che had chosen to perform was not bad as well. As long as one was even slightly good at acting, the impact of the performance would be good.

If Lin Che had performed the same scene before Peng Yu, then it will really be a little difficult to determine who was the better of the two.

Everyone was even feeling glad for Peng Yu. They thought that she had had good luck this time and ended up acting pretty well. Now, they were going to wait and see how Lin Che would deal with this.

Peng Yu crossed her legs and looked at the stage in front of her. Things were happening much slower onstage now. The corners of Peng Yu’s lips turned up.


Just then, the music suddenly started playing.

The lively melody that played out of the blue surprised everyone a little.

What was Lin Che doing? Had she changed her script? What script had she changed to?

Before everyone could register what was happening, Lin Che suddenly descended from above and appeared on stage on hanging wire.

She was wearing a white midi dress with a very long train. She held one side of the dress in her hand and flew past them like a butterfly fluttering in the sky.

When she landed on stage amidst the music, she swiftly turned full-circle before suddenly lifting her leg immediately to her head. As the music played, she did not stop and started dancing with the male actors who appeared after her one by one

The directors on the judging panel finally understood the situation. She had chosen to act out a scene from a musical!

No one had ever known that Lin Che could dance.

In the past, Lin Che had never really danced.

This refreshing scene really shocked everyone. What was more amazing was that every one of Lin Che’s nimble movements reached a professional level. All her facial expressions and movements were extremely precise.

Although some people may think that a musical does not require acting skills, the truth was actually different.

Musicals were extremely challenging in terms of acting skills.

The actors had to dance and remember the movements to keep up with the song. They also needed to have appropriate emotions and expressions.

Because the song and dance were dazzling, people would only notice her if her expressions were completely on point.

Furthermore, if she could fully show her acting prowess, the musical would be more moving and more exciting compared to a script without song and dance.

Once the lively music ended, the sad part began. Lin Che’s movements slowed. She had initially been a lively butterfly but her dance became a silent and slow one. However, every movement, accompanied by her pained expression, made the audience feel as if they were in the same situation and personally experiencing it.

Subsequently, her movements proceeded to gradually speed up as if she was depicting how a person eventually walked out of despair and accepted reality, gradually finding his own hope.

Although it was painful, time still had to go on.

Although it was painful, life could not end here.

She stood up bit by bit. The surge in her emotions immediately made her performance even more moving.

Everyone’s hearts were full of hope as if they were looking at a female warrior.

Finally, the music ended at its climax.

Lin Che struck her final pose.

The entire audience was cheering. The camera lens swept across the audience. Everyone was applauding and looked completely emotional. They were crying and laughing and were extremely touched.

Lin Che’s musical performance was a bolt out of the blue. It seemed to make the atmosphere at the venue turn very active. Furthermore, it was the only musical performance over the past few days and immediately stirred up the audience very much as well.

At the end of the performance, even the directors stood up. They looked at Lin Che and thought that this was what an actor was. She resembled whichever role she played. Furthermore, she was always able to absorb herself in her role at any time.

They felt ashamed for having doubted Lin Che’s acting skills earlier. When they looked at Lin Che, they felt that she deserved a high score.

After the performance ended, the host quickly began his next round of interviews before the scores were revealed.

At this moment, the production team realized that Peng Yu had disappeared.

She had escaped the interview this time and no one knew where she had gone.

However, it no longer mattered now. The host did not bother with Peng Yu and started off by saying to Lin Che while she was sitting there, “I’ve never seen you dance.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “I think that a person must constantly improve. It’s also because the competition is so tough these days. There are so many new young talents. If I don’t work hard, I’ll be buried in the sand. That’s why I quickly developed my abilities. I developed all the potential abilities I still had.”

The host smiled and asked, “Then, how did you think of performing a musical?”

Lin Che replied, “I wanted to sing but I was afraid that your ears wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Everyone immediately remembered that Lin Che was tone-deaf and had even been mocked for it in the past.

The audience started laughing as well.

The host smiled and asked Xue Yang, “Since you two are from the same company, don’t you sing karaoke together when you go out?”

Xue Yang said, “Actually, Sister Che hogs the microphone when we sing karaoke. We are always being tormented. We’ve already gotten used to it.”

Everyone started chatting happily, bringing up some incidents involving Lin Che and Xue Yang who were from the same company. They brought a lot of conversation and laughter.

This went on until the program ended for the day. The scores would be revealed during the program the next day. After filming ended, everyone left one by one.

Lin Che was thoroughly exhausted after dancing. However, when she left, she saw that someone had unexpectedly come to pick her up at the entrance.

Gu Jingze actually came here without any warning.

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