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Season 9

Episode 27

(She Was Too Smart For Her Own Good)

The host asked, What have you been up to recently?

Lin Che took the microphone, looked at the host, and replied, Ive been studying abroad and taking a break to recuperate my health. Ive also been watching the news about the domestic entertainment industry overseas. I read gossip news sometimes. When I look at the entertainment industry from the point of view of an audience, I really think that its a very interesting industry indeed.

She smiled and looked at Peng Yu at the other end.

In actual fact, these words were aimed at Peng Yu. However, several people onstage did not register this.

On the other hand, many people online were praising Lin Che. They commented that Lin Che had successfully managed to calmly satirize all the insults Peng Yu had hurled at her in the past, one by one.

The host felt that Lin Che was easy to converse with and spoke in a very interesting manner. Unknowingly, he chatted with her a fair bit. Only after a few questions and answers was it time for another guests turn.

When Peng Yu and Lin Che appeared in the same frame for the first time and stood closer to one another, the difference between the two became even more apparent.

Lin Che was so natural and unrestrained whereas Peng Yu seemed so pretentious.

People online had subconsciously started to compare the two. From the live stream, they felt that Lin Che had really triumphed based on her strong presence.

However, the real program had only just begun

There were two parts to the acting competition a script of their own choice and a script allocated to them by the production team.

During the first part where they acted out a script of their choice, everyone could choose which segment they wanted to perform.

As for the selected script in the second half, the production team would decide which script they were to act out.

On stage, the host was cheerfully reciting his advertising lines. At the same time, he repeated the rules once again and then began introducing the contestants.

The directors on the judging panel looked at the contestants on stage from below. The score they gave would take up sixty percent of the total score while the audience votes would take up the forty percent. The directors scores were given heavier weight because they were ultimately much more professional and could tell whether the actors were good or not.

As for the audience, they voted as they liked. They could vote just based on who they liked, so even though the weight given to their votes was not insignificant, it was still lower than that given to the directors on the judging panel.

Ultimately, the sum of the two scores would be each contestants final score.

The directors looked at the contestants in front of them before glancing at the documents in their hands.

In actual fact, they obviously knew about these celebrities as well.

They knew that all of them, especially the ones who were still active in the industry and those who had uncommon acting skills.

Although Peng Yu did not have a particularly good reputation, her acting skills were actually quite good.

But Lin Che

At present, they did not know exactly how good Lin Che was. Although everyone used to praise Lin Che for her good acting skills, the roles she played, though very naturally acted, did not show how good she was at acting.

Also, she had not acted at all for the past few years. They felt that she would definitely pale in comparison to Peng Yu who had always been active and thriving in the industry.

As a result, they did not actually have very high expectations for Lin Che in terms of professionalism.

It was not long before the competition finally began

The first few performances were worthy of praise. Nowadays, the new actors and actresses had studied acting in some depth, especially those who dared to participate in the National Acting Festival.

It was Xue Yangs turn. Before going up on stage, he first greeted Lin Che.

Lin Che gave him an encouraging smile and watched him go up.

The person acting alongside him was a new actor from their company. The two of them were going to act out a classic scene from a television series.

While watching Xue Yangs performance, Lin Che could not help but think of his youthful face and rebellious manner the first time she saw him.

To be honest, he had been just like a hooligan.

But now, he became a dazzling star.

Lin Che instinctively thought with pride that she seemed to have quite a good eye too.

Furthermore, Xue Yangs acting skills were really quite good now. He had probably worked very hard.

The end of his performance was met with so much applause.

The directors also felt that he was not bad. They looked at each other and could not stop praising him.

Meanwhile, offstage

Peng Yu had been looking in Lin Ches direction from the start.

However, Lin Che did not even glance at her and acted as if she did not exist at all.

The way she behaved made Peng Yu want to throw a fit even if she couldnt.

Now that it was finally her turn, she stood up and looked in Lin Ches direction.

She lifted her sharp chin and smiled faintly. Then, she looked directly at Lin Che and said, Senior Lin Che, its going to my turn soon. You probably havent seen my work yet since youve been away for so long. Ill have to trouble you to give me some pointers this time.

Lin Che smiled slightly. Is that so? In that case, do your best.

Peng Yu scoffed and headed straight onto the stage haughtily. She thought maliciously to herself, Lin Che, just you wait and see, Ill see what happens to you later.

Thereafter, Peng Yu immediately tossed all thoughts aside and exhausted all her strength to perform the scene that Lin Che had initially wanted to perform.

Down below, the directors froze and flipped through the original script. They realized that Peng Yu had not initially intended to perform this scene. Why had she suddenly changed her mind?

The production team looked on gloomily as well. They had been worried from early on that Peng Yu would get into trouble at this juncture. They did not expect her to actually get into trouble.

Lin Che was the only one with an unwaveringly calm expression on her face as she watched Peng Yu perform with all her effort.

Since the production team had obtained the scripts beforehand and had also given the same to the directors on the judging panel, all of them could instantly tell that Peng Yu had taken Lin Ches script for her own performance.

It was such a mean trick.

The members of the production team were hitting their heads and thinking to themselves, No wonder Peng Yu had insisted on performing before Lin Che. It was all because of this plan.

Now that she had done this, what would happen to Lin Che later, what would happen to their program later

Two of the same performances there would be so much discussion about this

However, when the production team looked at Lin Che on stage, they noticed in surprise that she was looking down completely unperturbed while watching Peng Yu perform. She did not seem anxious at all. Her calm manner made the production team calm down as well.

Lin Ches expression seemed to have given them great motivation to quiet down as well and think of a plan to deal with the imminent situation.

However, at this moment, Yu Minmin had suddenly come forth with a USB drive and a script in hand. She smiled and said to the production team, Lin Che will perform this scene later.


The production team flipped open the script.

Yu Minmin said, To prevent any unforeseen incidents from happening, we prepared two proposals. This is Lin Ches second proposal.

The production team flipped open the script only to see

A musical

Was Lin Che going to act out a musical?

No way this

Yu Minmin said, The USB drive I just gave you has the edited music. You can just play it. Weve prepared everything.

A mysterious smile appeared on Yu Minmins face

Those in the production team who had experience immediately understood that Lin Che had prepared the script for the musical long ago. The previous script had been a deliberate smokescreen for Peng Yu.

Furthermore, Peng Yu fell for it so easily. She had immediately given up the scene she had originally intended to snatch and perform Lin Ches script.

Fantastic. This was all Peng Yu amounted to but she still wanted to go up against Lin Che. Lin Che was no doubt a senior in the industry who had gone through arduous training. She had definitely never paid any attention to someone like Peng Yu!

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