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Season 9

Episode 26

(Im Just A Washed Out Actress)

Her staff member immediately said, Dont be anxious. Well go and ask them right now.

The staff member frantically went out to question the production team. He asked them why they treated Lin Che so well but treated Peng Yu so badly when both were similarly guests.

In the end, the production team said frankly, Lin Che brought that dress herself. It has nothing to do with us.

After being ridiculed, the staff member had no choice but to sneak back into the dressing room with his tail between his legs. He informed Peng Yu of the matter and Peng Yu asked in complete surprise, Did she bring it herself? I searched for the gown online. Its from a luxury brand from England. Its exclusive to royalty and every piece is custom-made. They only have a few pieces of each design and every single piece is ridiculously expensive. Why did she buy such an expensive gown?

Her staff member did not know what to say.

Although Peng Yu was reluctant to admit defeat, she could only clench her teeth and scoff. It looks like Lin Che is serious about competing with me. She spent such a large sum of money on an expensive gown just to oppose me.

She felt that she had miscalculated. She had not expected Lin Che to make such adequate preparations. She even exhausted her abilities in her clothing.

Fortunately, Peng Yu still had the script with her.

She read the script and practiced her lines once in the dressing room. She felt very satisfied with herself. Then, she left the dressing room.


When Lin Che walked out of her dressing room, everyone quickly gathered around her to make subsequent arrangements.

Lin Che looked elegant and noble in her dress. Her slender waist was accentuated by the sash at her waist, which made her waist look as if a hand could wrap around it. As she had not had surgery done on her chest, it was proportionate to the rest of her body and looked extremely natural. Her gown was black and embroidered with gold thread. It looked grand and elegant, natural and unrestrained. Her porcelain-white skin was so white that it seemed translucent. She was like a lotus flower that grew out of the mud unsullied, pure, and natural.

Everyone looked at her and felt that Lin Che had an even more impressive air because of the gown. They could not help but look at her. Initially, they had not wanted the guests to bring their own clothing since they had a brand sponsoring the program. However, after seeing that the clothing Lin Che had brought herself was so expensive, they could only give up on the idea. How could their sponsor brand compare to the exclusive brand of the English royalty?

Besides, she looked beautiful indeed when she was wearing this gown. She was so beautiful that she made them gasp in admiration.

In no time, the countdown to the program started.

Ladies, gentlemen, members of the audience, hello everyone! Welcome to the latest episode of National Acting Festival.

Following the hosts passionate voice, the audience below started clapping as well.

The audience at the venue was huge today.

The director sat in the directors seat while the members of the audience held voting devices in their hands. Everyone watched the host make the introductions. Thereafter, the guests started to enter the stage one after another.

The first to enter was a soft-looking and white-skinned teen idol. He was only eighteen years old and was new to the industry. Everyone liked him the moment they saw him.

After him, several popular actresses of the new generation entered the stage with the music.

Xue Yang then made his appearance. The audience clamored and the fans seated in the back rows who did not have any voting rights started screaming.

Behind him, Peng Yu appeared at this moment as well. She smiled faintly and the way she tilted her head was very adorable as well.

Backstage, the production team felt the instinctive urge to purse their lips. She behaved in such a repulsive manner backstage, but she was so good at putting up a pretense on stage.

Just then, the host started speaking again. Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome our mystery guest today with our warmest applause and cheers

Thereafter, the live music suddenly turned into a warmer chord progression.

On the large screen, the roles that Lin Che had previously played appeared one by one.

The unforgettable roles she had played appeared on the screen in all their glory.

Then, at the back of the stage, the screen suddenly split into two and moved in opposite directions.

In the middle, a pair of gigantic golden wings appeared.

The wings opened and the person behind immediately appeared in front of the audience like an angel of the dark night.

Wow. Lin Che

Good gracious. They made Lin Ches appearance such a grand affair.

Dear me. As expected of Lin Che. Shes probably the main guest for today.

There were so many guests but only Lin Che was given such good treatment.

When the guests who appeared before her saw this, they wanted to be envious. However, they looked at Lin Che and also thought that her appearance would definitely not be ordinary since she had been the topic of discussion for so long. How she appeared was quite good. She had not alighted from a helicopter only because the venue was too small.

Some people simply had such a capability. There was no point in being envious.

They were aware that they were neither as hot a topic as Lin Che was nor were they more popular than her. When they saw Lin Che dressed so beautifully, they felt that she deserved all of this too. Of course, they were sincerely convinced.

But how could Peng Yu admit defeat? When she saw how everyone at the venue was putting Lin Che on such a high pedestal, she once again felt regretful. She felt that she should not have come at all.

She was here for the sole reason of serving as a contrast.

But in reality, it was basically impossible for her not to come. She was indeed a person who cared immensely about her pride. There was no way she would let anyone think that she had escaped at the last minute because she could not beat Lin Che.

She looked in Lin Ches direction and thought, Forget it. So what if Lin Ches appearance was grand? The hype around her was created by hot topics, so the production team had no choice but to value her. However, the audience at the venue was very fair. Only their acting skills would speak for them!

Lin Che stood there. As she looked at the audience down below, she even felt slightly dizzy for a moment.

Seriously, she had left the stage for too long. Now that she was standing here, she actually felt a little unfamiliar with all of this.

Especially when she saw the massive audience down below.

After Lin Che had made her appearance, all the preparations that the production team had made were in place and ready.

The host looked at Lin Che and quickly walked towards her to interview her.

Lin Che. For real, I thought I was dreaming when I saw you. Long time no see, long time no see.

Lin Che smiled and pushed her hair aside. With the microphone in her hand, she looked at the audience and said, Yes. I feel like Im dreaming too. Especially since I knew this opportunity didnt come by easily, I specially prepared a particularly tight outfit. Right now, I feel like Im about to suffocate.

Lin Che said something so relatable upon her appearance. She was not pretentious at all nor did she beat about the bush. While listening, the audience down below could not help but look at her.

It was true that Lin Ches waist was very tightly wound. Her outfit was extraordinarily beautiful and made everyone gasp in admiration at her great figure. Her words made everyone instinctively feel that she was very relatable. She also successfully made everyone notice what was special about her outfit.

The host himself was tickled funny and said, Really? But I heard that our program spent a lot of money to invite you here.

Lin Che said, No way. I didnt ask for money in coming here. Im a washed-out celebrity. I wouldnt dare ask for money from such a well-known program. Its good enough that they gave me a chance.

Everyone at the venue started laughing.

Lin Che could not be considered a washed-out celebrity. She had merely left temporarily. Although everyone initially thought that actors who left for a few years before returning were probably already washed-out, Lin Che caused a stir upon returning and successfully grabbed the headlines. She was not washed-out at all.

However, by mocking herself she had caused everyone to like her immediately. They recalled that Lin Che had always such a carefree personality. The way she spoke was particularly interesting and relatable. Furthermore, she was so beautiful. That was why she became famous so quickly back then.

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