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Season 9

Episode 25

( Such Simple Tricks Yet You Still Want To Go Up Against Me)

Lin Che checked in to the hotel. The room they had reserved for Yu Minmin was also a suite. Although Yu Minmin was a manager and managers were usually allocated slightly less comfortable rooms than their artists, this manager was different from other managers. It would be a joke to treat her so. She was the first lady, so the production team had also specially made this arrangement for her.

The purpose of a manager accompanying a celebrity was to make arrangements for the celebrity. At the same time, a manager had to speak on the celebritys behalf. There were some things that a celebrity could not conveniently say out of fear of getting criticized for being too difficult. It would affect the celebritys image if word spread. The manager needed to say these things to shield the celebrity.

That was why Yu Minmin had been the one speaking firmly to the production team earlier while Lin Che remained silent in the background.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin had many years of chemistry. Even without developing their chemistry or having a discussion, they each knew what the other was thinking. Naturally, it was much more convenient.

Abby and Xue Yang arrived very soon after. Abby moved into the same room as Yu Minmin. In the afternoon, all of them headed to the filming location for a rehearsal.

Xue Yang said, I heard that Peng Yu is here too. However, shes staying in the Hilton hotel. I reckon she doesnt want to stay with you.

Lin Che said, Since she has money, she can stay elsewhere if she wants to. Ill just comply with the arrangements.

Their company had a tradition. Celebrities from their company were absolutely not picky about these things.

This had improved their companys reputation immensely. In any case, they were being considerate of the production teams budget. They could stay in slightly worse conditions so that more of the budget could be spent on the program. If the program was good, it would be good for their reputation as well.

At night.

Filming for the program began.

Peng Yu had sent someone to investigate. It had been a long time. She was extremely worried while she was in the nanny van. She looked outside and asked the staff, Whats going on? Did you see what Lin Che wore to the venue? Did the production team prepare it for her or did she bring her own outfit?

About that I really dont know. Lin Che was barefaced when she went to the venue in the afternoon. She only went to put on make-up at night. She hasnt arrived yet.

Shit Peng Yu was really dying from anxiousness. She already had the intention of viciously suppressing Lin Che so that there was no way she could win against her again.

Apart from that, what segment is she going to perform for the competition this time? Is she going to act with Xue Yang? Did you see what part she has decided to perform?

We saw it. She will be acting with Xue Yang. Its a romance series. The script is here. As if presenting a treasure, the staff quickly brought the script to her.

The moment she saw the script, she slapped the staff member once again.

The staff wore an aggrieved expression.

Peng Yu asked, Since you saw it a long time ago, why didnt you tell me earlier? Hmph.

The staff was truly speechless. But he looked at Peng Yu and didnt dare to say a word even though he was angry.

Peng Yu was indiscriminately venting her anger outward because she was anxious.

Peng Yu looked at the script and scoffed. Im going to change the script now. I want to play this role.

The staff said in disbelief, My dear Peng Yu, we have rehearsed the other script so many times. Now, you want to change your script to this one. You wont do as well. What are you going to do?

Do you not believe in my acting skills? Peng Yu snorted and asked harshly, Do you also think that I cant compare to her in terms of acting skills?


I want the director to shift my acting slot in front of Lin Ches right now. Otherwise, Ill pull out of the show now. Ill see what other choices the production team has. How are they going to find someone to fill my spot at such late notice?

The staff was truly speechless. They thought of how everyone even criticized them. They would usually say for no reason that Peng Yus team was terrible and dragged her down but the premise was that they were able to control Peng Yu in the first place.

It was all because Peng Yu herself had numerous bad ideas. However, she did not even have to say anything since her staff members always made the necessary arrangements.

They had been cursed out quite terribly but no one knew that they themselves were in a very bad predicament too.

The staff members immediately contacted the production team. Upon hearing the news, the production team nearly exploded from anger.

Peng Yu was known to be troublesome. Now, it seemed that this was definitely true.

One of the directors asked, Why dont we just ignore her? She can back out if she wants to. We cant give her what she wants.

Someone beside him said hastily, We cant do that. Todays episode was supposed to be a showdown between her and Lin Che. If she backs out, well be cursed out for deceiving the audience.

The production team had done nothing wrong either. What did this have to do with them? They did not deceive the audience about anything. They had been stood up all of a sudden. They were definitely not following some script and had not planned this in advance. It was Peng Yu who was creating trouble.

The members of the production team thought about it before sending someone to ask for Lin Ches opinion. If Lin Che was not agreeable, then they would not risk offending Lin Che even if they had to make Peng Yu pull out.

After all, Lin Che was the most important person today.

In the end, the news reached Lin Che while she was doing her make-up. She heard the staff members cursing as they explained it to her with pained expressions on their faces. She smiled and said, Its fine. Just do as Peng Yu says. Why is she pulling out?

She had already encountered such tricks all those years ago. How could she still be afraid?

Lin Che smiled faintly. Tell the director that well cooperate with the team. We are fine with whatever demand Peng Yu has.

Hearing this, the staff member thought, How agreeable Lin Che was. In comparison, Peng Yu was simply trash.

The staff member left in a hurry. When he told the director what Lin Che had said, the director was likewise immensely grateful.

Yu Minmin watched the staff leave and asked Lin Che, Is she trying to play tricks?

Lin Che said, Shes looking for trouble. She better be sure that she wont regret it in the future.

Yu Minmin smiled. Seriously. She thinks we spent all those years in the industry doing nothing. I cant believe she tried this on us. I really look forward to seeing the consequences of what she has done.

Upon receiving the news that the production team had immediately agreed as she had expected, Peng Yu then told the driver to continue driving from where they had stopped by the roadside.

She scoffed and slapped the script. Told you so. The directors dont dare to offend me.

Her staff members still wanted to persuade her, but seeing that Peng Yu had already made her decision, they could only swallow their words and keep their mouths shut.

Lin Che watched from backstage. She heard a staff member call for her, informing her that everything was ready and she could make her appearance very soon.

With her dress in tow, Lin Che calmly walked out. The moment she stepped out, she ran into Peng Yu who had been late for many hours and had just arrived.

Upon seeing Lin Che, Peng Yus gaze first hardened.

However, the beautiful golden silk gown Lin Che was wearing then attracted her gaze immediately.

The golden silk shone under the light, giving her an impressive air all around her.

Peng Yu could tell with one look that the golden silk threads were definitely not cheap goods. Otherwise, they would not look so textured.

This piece of clothing must be extremely expensive.

Her eyes instantly turned vicious again as she watched Lin Che brush past her. Lin Che truly looked very self-important. She immediately walked towards her own dressing room in a fury.

After entering the room, she slammed the door and shouted at her staff members, What clothes did the production team give us? What clothes did they give her? Theyre being way too biased!

Her staff member was on tenterhooks. About that Ill go and find out whats going on now.


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