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Season 9

Episode 24

(For Some Reason She Was Very Confident)

The production team froze. Thereafter, they understood what Yu Minmin meant.

They thought to themselves that Lin Che was really quite confident. Peng Yu had been one of the more popular actresses in recent years. Furthermore, she had gained sufficient recognition for her acting skills as well. Lin Che had not acted in many years. If she was placed in the same group as Peng Yu but did not win, then her comeback this time would definitely be in slight jeopardy. If she won this time, it would be a product of her courage. However, if she lost the moment she made her comeback, she would really be on the road to ruin.

However, they did not know that Lin Che had taken up the offer precisely to show Peng Yu who was the boss. Their target was Peng Yu, so of course, they started taking aim at Peng Yu now that they were here.

The production team said, Alright. As long as Sister Che wants that, our team will definitely do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, Sure. In that case, Ill thank you on Lin Ches behalf. Dont worry. We will definitely have a powerful ability to create hype with Peng Yu. You wont regret the arrangement youve made.

The production team froze. They looked at Yu Minmins confident manner and wondered in slight astonishment why she was so sure that Lin Che could defeat Peng Yu.

Was she underestimating the enemy too much?

No matter what, Peng Yu was at least an A-list celebrity.

Nevertheless, they were, of course, not afraid of being hotly discussed. Initially, they had even worried that Lin Che would not want too much comparison with Peng Yu. Now, it seemed that Lin Che had no concerns at all in this respect. As for the aftermath, whether it was Lin Che or Peng Yu who lost would not affect the production team at all. When the episode aired and the viewer ratings and number of streams rose, their program would be a success. That was the most important thing.

They were completely unconcerned with the effect that this competition would have on Lin Ches comeback.

Lin Che returned to her room and started to watch the days news carefully.

Sure enough, the production team had already found Internet ghostwriters to post comments and create hype. The most popular bloggers on Weibo began to speculate whether the production team had arranged for Lin Che to compete with Peng Yu. As Lin Che had not made an appearance for many years, no one knew if her acting skills had regressed or improved. Thus, no one knew exactly how things would turn out either.

The program was suddenly shrouded in a lot of suspense and it became a hot topic of discussion once again.

Meanwhile, back at home.

After Lin Che had left for S City, Gu Shinian felt that it was necessary to test Niannian. While Lin Che had been around, he had worried that Lin Che would be unhappy that he was pressuring Gu Shinian. However, Gu Jingze still needed to know how smart Gu Shinian was and his abilities right now so that he could arrange for training programs.

Gu Jingze took Gu Shinian to Chen Yuchengs place for a test.

Chen Yucheng looked at Gu Shinian and said, Hey, kid. Both of my children are going to the same kindergarten as you in the latter half of the year. You cant bully the two younguns, alright?

Gu Shinian asked, Will I feel some sense of accomplishment in bullying them?

Tsk. In that case, Ill make them gang up against you. Chen Yucheng frowned upon the haughty manner of this little imp.

He was seriously just as unreasonable as his father.

As he looked at the father and son, he really found them extremely annoying.

Gu Shinian looked up. Parents these days tend to think that they can control their children.

The expression on Chen Yuchengs face turned foul at being criticized.

It seemed that he was not really able to control the two kids at home.

They did not listen to him at all

Before having children, he had never expected that he would have such troublesome children.

Of course, kids these days were taken care of and protected by their mothers, nannies, and their grandparents. Thus, they were undisciplined and out of control. They were afraid of nothing. Why would they be afraid of him?

He looked at Gu Shinian and said, Im their father. Just you wait and see if they will end up obeying me, hmph.

Gu Jingze looked at him with a poker face. Are you done or not? Quick, run the tests!

Yes, yes, yes, boss. Ill do it immediately!

He muttered, I would only personally run such an easy test at your request. If someone else asked me to do it, I would have instructed my subordinate to do it yet youre still rushing me.

Gu Jingze looked at him. Do you not want your research funds anymore?

Hey. I didnt say anything.

Chen Yucheng conducted some tests and found out that Gu Shinians body did not have the same abnormality that Gu Jingzes did for the time being. He had no reaction to a womans blood. Thereafter, Chen Yucheng started testing his intelligence.

After first giving him the test questions, Gu Shinian looked up skeptically and asked, Are there any other novel questions? Ive done IQ test questions like these over and over again online.

Chen Yucheng had initially used test questions for children. He had no choice but to increase the level of difficulty. In the end, after a few rounds of testing, Chen Yucheng took the results of the tests out of the room and said to Gu Jingze, I didnt expect your son to score so high on the tests.

His IQ score was above 140 because whether it was in terms of speed or accuracy, he was much more intelligent than average people. He was literally a genius.

No wonder he was so impressive from a young age.

Gu Jingze looked at the questions and the answers before nodding his head.

Thereafter, he returned to the room and said to Gu Shinian, I may take you to a training institute in the future. However, dont tell your mother about this for the time being.

Gu Shinian said, Oh. Thats great. Will it be more fun than kindergarten?

Of course. But it will also be more brutal and arduous. Youll have to prepare yourself. I will give you a choice. You dont have to go if you dont want to. But if you go, you absolutely cannot give up halfway.

Gu Shinian sat there thinking, his little brain running nonstop.

Of course, he knew that the brutality his father spoke of was definitely extraordinary. Still, he wanted to become brilliant. If he was more capable, his mother would no longer be bullied. His mother would not need to hide from anyone anymore. She would be able to live the life she wanted without worry. If so, he felt that he was willing to tolerate such suffering.

He looked at Gu Jingze and nodded vigorously. Im not afraid of difficulties.

Gu Jingze said, If you can still say this once youre there, then youre really courageous.

Gu Shinian said, I definitely will.

After returning home, Gu Jingze made some arrangements about his bodyguards. He also allocated more bodyguards to protect and follow Gu Shinian in secret. Although he loved his own child immensely, his love was different from maternal love. He had to understand rationally that more capability came with more responsibility. Since he was capable, he had to have the skills to support this capability. Only then would he not suffer at the hands of others in the future.

While he would suffer temporarily, he would later understand that all this hard work would not go to waste.

Hard work would never be put to waste. Some people may think at the start that it was futile, but one day, the things that they had learned would help them in unexpected ways.

He had attained what he had today precisely because he had been fully prepared. It seemed that many things needed no learning, but when the time came for them to be put to use later, the person who was prepared would be the true winner.

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